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Critical Thinking Training for Police Recruits, Officers, & Leaders

Custom Training to Meet the Needs of Your
Academy, Precinct, or Station

It is time to incorporate robust critical thinking into your police department at this revolutionary time in our history, in which a more humane approach to policing will be increasingly required. We are aware of the various discussions focused on de-escalating violent situations involving police interactions. However, revolutionizing how police departments operate is not simple, since changing the way police officers think is not simple.  It is only by incorporating mandatory fairminded critical thinking courses/programs into police training across the board that we can bring about the long-term permanent change needed to deal with the crisis at hand, and to move into a more compassionate and charitable future.

Our fellows and facilitators can lead onsite workshops for your police department, and we are happy to put together a proposal for online short courses on critical thinking for your police officers and leaders (based on your circumstances and setting).  Your police department, using training in explicit fairminded critical thinking, can become a model for police departments and police academies across the nation.

Equip Your Recruits and Officers with the Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking

The Only Critical Thinking Approach Explicitly Used in the U.S. Military and Intelligence Communities

A Robust Conception of Critical Thinking Developed Over Decades

Accounts for Emotions, Desires, and Ethics

Universally Applicable

We applaud the police leadership we are seeing at this time, as some step forward to advance improvement in police departments. However, unless and until fairminded explicit critical thinking is placed at the center of this discussion, we cannot expect long-term or significant change.

One of our fellows can discuss the possibilities for training your police force and leaders, either on-site or  online, depending on what seems best to address immediate needs and given current resources. We have worked with many police officers through our 40-year history, at our conferences and academies, from the US and abroad.

At this unprecedented time in history, let your department take the lead in advancing fairminded, disciplined reasoning in the police force.

Recruits, Officers, and Leaders in Our Online Courses and On-Site Training Programs Will:

1. Learn to think within multiple viewpoints to fully understand those viewpoints; to change their thinking when someone else's reasoning is better, and when new information and the situation require it.

2. Improve their ability to reason fairmindedly through the many complex problems they face as police officers.

3. Be introduced to the importance of cultivating ethical virtues in their own minds - virtues such as empathy, integrity, honesty, forthrightness, intellectual autonomy, and confidence in reason.

4. Learn to take their thinking apart so they can routinely identify faulty assumptions and ideas in their thinking that lead to poor judgments.

5. Learn the criteria by which they should make judgments in all police encounters and situations. This includes objectivity, impartiality, and fairness.

6. Learn the barriers to critical thinking all police officers face, as do all humans – namely, egocentric and sociocentric thinking.

7. Learn to think through implications and consequences of their actions before acting.

To Discuss with One of Our Fellows or Scholars,
Email Lisa Sabend at Lisa@CriticalThinking.Org!