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The Critical Thinking Community

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For more than a quarter century, the Center and Foundation for Critical Thinking have been fostering fairminded critical thinking through books, thinker's guides, videos, events, professional development programs and our website.  In the past few months, we have been building a members section of our website, in part due to the growing number of people and institutions requesting affiliation with us.

One unique strength of our community is that we are inclusive, inviting anyone interested in learning, developing, and fostering critical thinking, from every subject and discipline, from every grade level, from every sector in private life, from every country throughout the world to join us in creating more fairminded critical societies.

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New Resources Available Only to Community Members

  • Online Critical Thinking Test and Learning Tools
    Members may now take the Critical Thinking online Sample Test for Free.  This demonstration version of our online Critical Thinking Basic Concepts and Understandings Test has been made available to members of the Critical Thinking Community.  We are engaged in several ongoing development concerned with new ways to teach critical thinking using interactive media.  Explore our interactive graphical models for teaching and learning the concepts of critical thinking. Learn the Elements of Thought as well as how Intellectual Standards are applied to them. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic concepts, you can apply them to the advanced model Analyzing the Logic of a Problem where you can enter in a sample problem and work through the logic of that problem using the Paulian model of critical thinking. You can then view the results of your analysis in a printable report.
  • My Home Page
    Your own personalized member home page provides links to all your account settings, password and profile.  Your Critical Thinking Home Page keeps you up to date on our most recent updates. Your Bookstore and Registration Desk account information is also available from your home page, giving you the ability to:
    • View your order history and order payment status.
    • Track the shipping progress on orders (if a trackable shipping method was selected for an order),
    • View your event registrations and select or modify your event session selections (where applicable).
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