Mahatma Gandhi Distinguished Thinkers Shopper - Cultivate the Mind

12"x16"x6.75" (width x height x depth)
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Cultivate the Mind (, an organization which donates some of its proceeds to advancing the work and mission of the Foundation for Critical Thinking, is developing its first line of heavy-duty multilayered shopping bags which highlight the thinking of distinguished thinkers. Its first product is the Mahatma Gandhi Distinguished Thinkers Shopper.

  • Highly durable heavy plastic.

  • Easy to sanitize with soap and water.

  • Made to last, so sustainable.

  • Introduces distinguished thinkers.

  • Encourages everyone to think the deepest thoughts.

  • Perfect gift for anyone.

  • Shopper that is perfect for heavy groceries, books, and anything you want to carry in one bag.

  • The image of Mahatma Gandhi on this shopper was drawn by Dr. Linda Elder using graphite on acid free paper, and was used with kind permission of the Gandhi Foundation ( The back of the shopper highlights important quotes by Gandhi.


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Mahatma Gandhi Distinguished Thinkers Shopper - Cultivate the Mind

Cultivate the Mind ( is an organization which adds to the beauty and joy of life by integrating fine art and powerful ideas into eco-friendly everyday products. It is committed to highlighting beauty, artistic refinement, and fairminded critical thinking through its work.

Its 'Distinguished Thinkers' bag series highlights the thinking and ideas of some of the most prominent people and intellectual activists in human history.

By purchasing these shoppers, you advance the work of the Foundation for Critical Thinking while cultivating your own mind by placing before it compelling ideas. Perhaps one of these shoppers will lead you to further readings by the distinguished thinkers highlighted on them. As the world moves further away from the readings of eminent thinkers, it becomes increasingly important for each of us to reach back in history for these ideas ourselves, and then apply them in good faith to our lives.