Why Intellectual Standards? Why Teach for Them?

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Video Series: How to Teach Video Series
Author: Richard W. Paul
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Length of tape: 58 minutes
Format: VHS or DVD

Price: $29.95 for this 1 hour tape/dvd or
$169.95 for the How to Teach Video Series of 9 tapes/dvds


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Why Intellectual Standards? Why Teach for Them? (Prove DVD)

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Why Intellectual Standards? Why Teach for Them?

Although we may study many subjects, we don’t study them in a way that makes the criteria for assessing our thinking explicit. And though we express our thinking in what we say and do, we don’t reflect much on how we come to our beliefs and conclusions, or on the criteria we use in that process. In this tape, Richard Paul demonstrates the importance of making intellectual criteria and standards explicit in instruction. He provides examples of poor reasoning by both students and teachers in the absence of clarity in assessment.