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April 2009

More school spaces, now higher standards

The National
That the test required some degree of critical thinking is no excuse. Schools and teachers must understand what is expected of them and adjust accordingly. ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Science, With Faith in Mind

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
Such an approach engages students in challenging, critical thinking. The consequences of failing are disconnection and dissonance in the minds of many ... Read the Full Article

Penn State students honored for 'standing up' as ethical leaders

Penn State Live
... his classes and worked with faculty to form an Honor Code for the College and to develop workshops to promote critical thinking for business students. ... Read the Full Article

Fostering the Growth Of Problem Solvers

Jakarta Globe
We need to foster creative skills and critical thinking in our youth. We need problem solvers, not passive receivers of facts and figures. ... Read the Full Article

Technology, teachers go together
The second is a cautionary tale from those who have witnessed a decline in spelling, grammar and critical thinking skills. Students schooled in advanced ... Read the Full Article

How to Wake Up Slumbering Minds

Wall Street Journal
He advocates teaching old-fashioned content as the best path to improving a student's reading comprehension and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Real learning demands the long road

Albany Times Union
... can navigate their way around the screen, many lack the critical thinking and sequential processing skills to manage and measure what's on the screen. ... Read the Full Article

Freedom of expression takes interesting turn at Notre Dame

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Having the universities here allows us to host speakers who touch on issues that encourage critical thinking." Nani said one of the chapter's members heard ... Read the Full Article

Defining modern intellectualism

Bowdoin Orient
Because we invest so much in learning, our professors demand of us critical thinking at the highest level. Those who suppose that Bowdoin students float ... Read the Full Article

We've bred a generation unable to think

TES Connect

No such A-level exists, but I was surprised to learn that one called critical thinking does. Read the Full Article

Infusing education and imagination

You can have memorization, you can have training, but you can't have the kind of deep learning that involves critical thinking, that involves letting things ... Read the Full Article

Scholar Urges Teaching Kids the Benefit of Doubt

University of Texas at Dallas (press release)
“We want children and teens to use critical thinking to recognize when a source may be inaccurate, misleading or biased,” Mills said. ... Read the Full Article

The Corporate Media and Critical Thinking in Education

Dissident Voice
6 First, I questioned whether Kay was implying that high school learners lacked sufficient critical thinking ability, and I asked what evidence she had that ... Read the Full Article

Yemeni schools praised for successful partnerships with UK schools

Yemen Observer
... communication skills, motivation, English skills, critical thinking, and risk-taking were identified as important areas for focus in schools. ... Read the Full Article

Eye on Education: World Digital Library Launches

... is being designed particularly with children in mind in order to share stories of other cultures, as well as teach them critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Effective decision makers must be critical thinkers

Business Lexington
No person is naturally a critical thinker because, according to the Foundation for Critical Thinking Web site, "... everyone is subject to episodes of ... Read the Full Article

People, civilizations learn from others

Pacific Daily News
Last month, Linda Elder, president of the Foundation for Critical Thinking, an organization concerned with fostering fair-minded critical societies, ... Read the Full Article

The examined life, public service, and philosophy in the community ...
This is code for conceiving of education in exclusively computational terms — critical thinking and real intellectual transformation are not part of the ... Read the Full Article

‘Then I Said, What If I Invent...’

... a nonprofit educational organization with the goal of promoting creative problem solving and enhancing critical thinking skills in young people. ... Read the Full Article

Small Schools Represent Hope for Berkeley Students

Berkeley Daily Planet
Small schools foster critical thinking—encouraging students to take on complex projects, to think outside the box, to work in groups and to value the ... Read the Full Article

Spotlight on Education : Preparing our students for the 21st century

Rogers Hometown News
Learning and innovation skills are comprised of creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; and communication and collaboration. ... Read the Full Article

Four Educational Myths
Some young people need to go through some kind of apprenticeship -- which ties critical thinking to actual problems that must be worked through in reality, ... Read the Full Article

First-year students getting lazier, profs say

Waterloo Record
The most common problems cited in the survey were lower maturity, poor research skills, a lack of required writing, math and critical thinking skills, ... Read the Full Article

CWA panel: The value of teaching critical thinking

Daily Camera
"Now more than ever, critical thinking is needed to sort out the bombardment of information coming at us: much of it biased, opinionated, and partisan," she ... Read the Full Article

Don't Just Rebuild Schools—Reinvent Them

Education Week News (subscription)
... service learning, independent research, design and creativity, and, more than anything else, critical thinking and challenges to old assumptions. ... Read the Full Article

Education as Ritual

Education Week News (subscription)
... armed with more research than ever promoting the importance of critical thinking, yet ignorantly content to wallow in a basal-reader mentality. ... Read the Full Article

Profs blast lazy first-year students

Toronto Star
As for first-year students, Brown said professors don't think they have the needed critical thinking or math skills, and they lack the ability to learn ... Read the Full Article

The other kind of smart

Boston Globe
... suggesting that "softer" knowledge like social and emotional skills can be analyzed and taught in the same way that math and critical thinking can be. ... Read the Full Article

YouTube video brings open-mindedness concepts to mainstream
If your claim requires suspension of critical thinking, it is not the person asking for evidence who must demand less evidence, but you who should demand ... Read the Full Article

Liberal education serves as strong learning foundation

Virginia Tech Collegiate Times Online Edition
"Ideally, they promote creative and intellectual engagement, critical thinking and appreciation for diversity and multiple perspectives. ... Read the Full Article

‘Creative, critical thinking should go hand-in-hand’

Ludhiana Newsline
This was stated by Prof BK Passi, creative and critical thinking development expert and on former consultant to UNESCO on education. ... Read the Full Article

We can't handle the truth

You Don't Say
It would probably help for the schools to teach critical thinking — or, for that matter, thinking — but that is visionary talk. Be careful out there. ... Read the Full Article

Ideas to Action awards first project grants

U Of L News
Community engagement, collaboration, applying critical-thinking skills in practical ways to coursework and to the process of selecting majors and careers ... Read the Full Article

Federal grant to fund evaluation of groundbreaking online teaching ...

Indiana University
"Developing critical thinking skills in students is one of the foremost tasks for any educator," said Bennett I. Bertenthal, dean of the Indiana University ... Read the Full Article