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August 2008

Thompson School District’s Bankes honored for promotion of ..., CO

By Anya Semenoff The Fellows of the Center and Foundation for Critical Thinking honored Paul Bankes last month for his dedication to promoting critical ... Read the Full Article

The Cognitive and Attitudinal Effects of a Conservation ...

RedOrbit, TX
The effects of environment-based education on students' critical thinking skills and disposition toward critical thinking. Environmental Education Research ... Read the Full Article

Are Advanced Placement Courses Diminishing Liberal Arts Education?

Education Week News, MD
But while students graduate with high honors, they come away with little feel for authentic learning and few critical-thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Opinions of Prospective Social Studies Teachers on the Use of ...

RedOrbit, TX
Among the objectives of the geographical subjects in the social studies program is to develop the critical thinking. Sharma and Elbow (2000) point out that ... Read the Full Article

Innovative thinking

CEO Forum Group, Australia
Then you want a smooth transition into logical, critical thinking to evaluate the designs before involving the more convergent, focused minds you’ve got, ... Read the Full Article

Distinguishing between correct and incorrect

Business Day, South Africa
From How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age by Theodore Schick Jnr and Lewis Vaughn. It seems that we would be obliged to search ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking can improve quality of life

Pacific Daily News, GU
My focus on critical thinking relies on the Foundation for Critical Thinking as a primary source. The foundation describes critical thinking as "a core ... Read the Full Article

A New Curriculum for a for a NEW ERA of Nursing Education

RedOrbit, TX
The teaching strategies used also foster active learning and critical thinking skills. Two general groups - health and illness concepts and professional ... Read the Full Article

Millsaps, Parkway Properties Partner on Successful Projects

RedOrbit, TX
That education is strengthened by the critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, ethical awareness and communication skills that the liberal arts college ... Read the Full Article

Why is philosophy as a subject such a fizzer in schools, asks ...

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
A former physics teacher, Mr Ellerton introduced the philosophy and critical thinking program to Calamvale after joining a network of Queensland teachers ... Read the Full Article

Middle ground, MA
"We are asking people who maybe didn't like math themselves to give more students critical thinking in mathematics." Under the federal No Child Left Behind ... Read the Full Article

Early years: eight principles for observational assessment

Teaching Expertise, UK
Practitioners tune in to the different skills children are developing – linguistic, interpersonal, creative, mathematical, scientific, critical thinking and ... Read the Full Article

On ‘Real Education’ — II

Inside Higher Ed, DC
Higher education allows people of all backgrounds to hone their writing, reading, cognitive and critical thinking skills that enable them to actively ... Read the Full Article

Another Cohort of Kids Failed by Government Schools

American Thinker, WA
It was that over 80 years ago John Dewey, the father of progressive education, proposed a system to teach children problem solving and critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Bus Stop: ; Arts Education

RedOrbit, TX
The arts increase test scores and develop creative problem- solving, critical thinking, team building and communication. Wohl, who is also director of the ... Read the Full Article

Teaching critical thinking: A necessity born of diversity

Jakarta Post, Indonesia
Relating new material to existing ideas, knowledge and experiences is perhaps the most essential in the teaching of critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Nine habits of good students

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
If you don’t get enough sleep, it affects your mood, your alertness, your creativity, your critical thinking, your athletic skills, your reaction time, ... Read the Full Article

Add emotional awareness to critical thinking

Times-Standard, CA
The process of integrating critical thinking with emotional awareness involves several steps. * Be mindful and aware. Attend to emotions without judgment or ... Read the Full Article

It’s Academic: California University Can Reject Inadequate ...

Americans United, DC
The class, the judge said, “failed to adequately teach critical thinking and modern historical analytic methods.” Experts said the text instructs that the ... Read the Full Article

Learning to Think

Ithaca Times, NY
In the research leading up to and including his PhD, Cabrera used this process as the foundation of a critical thinking education product that was launched ... Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking, MA
Critical thinking is one of the "soft" skills that procurement pros typically have or develop in their work. And once you develop it, it usually translates ... Read the Full Article

The Thinking Behind Critical Thinking Courses

Washington Post, United States
Check out the latest "critical thinking" courses. Many come up on a Google search. Many promise better grades and higher test scores. ... Read the Full Article

Media literacy and the democratic dividend

The Punch, Nigeria
Using newspapers, for example, teachers can teach young people about human rights, diversity, the democratic process and institutions and critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Change To Survive, Malays Told

Bernama, Malaysia
"Critical thinking is able to differentiate the good from the bad, the repugnant from the pleasant as well as the nonsense from the truth. ... Read the Full Article

Your child's new world of reading, NC
Reading books not only requires discipline but sparks critical thinking as well as imagination and creativity. Young Web readers, according to at least ... Read the Full Article

Formal Knowledge vs. Starbucks

Voice of San Diego, CA
In diminishing formal knowledge in favor of critical thinking, Spathas is setting up a false dichotomy. One cannot exercise critical judgment without a wide ... Read the Full Article

Private Colleges, Serious About Assessment

Inside Higher Ed, DC
... designed to measure how institutions “add value” to their students on traditional liberal education skills such as critical thinking and problem solving ... Read the Full Article

Books for Dessert: club for intellectually disabled

Newsday, NY
As Comer, who has Down syndrome, began to gradually lose critical thinking skills without the aid of vigorous schoolwork, his mother struggled to find ... Read the Full Article

Let’s all do the right thing (8/3)

The Commercial Dispatch, MS
And through the use of the critical thinking and logical principles I learned at the W, I believe the most expedient way to ensure that is to accept a name ... Read the Full Article

Middle schools stand out

St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States
All year, they encourage students to use critical thinking skills, and have students reflect and write in every subject, even gym class. ... Read the Full Article