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December 2009

Teachers hit the books to implement reform strategies

Stockton Record
... of their teachers have the "skills to promote critical thinking and problem solving, or the interpersonal skills needed to connect with students. ... Read the Full Article

Pendulum swings over best approach to teaching

Akron Beacon Journal
The latest iteration promotes the teaching of '21st-century skills' such as critical thinking, problem solving and communicating with multimedia computer ... Read the Full Article

Why Americans Can't Learn from History

Huffington Post
It is as if we have colluded in agreeing that religion shall pass through the gates to critical thinking without being stopped for questioning. ... Read the Full Article

Education transformation

St. Albans Messenger
In the area of critical thinking, for example, a novice learner would be able to ask questions, suspend judgment, and categorize basic information. ... Read the Full Article

Bridging the knowledge divide: Poverty

Zim Online
This is complex question that requires critical thinking. For people who focus on the past, it is easy to blame colonialism and imperialism as the root ... Read the Full Article

Studying Young Minds, and How to Teach Them

The Ledger
When engaged in a lesson or exercise, these regions actively communicate with areas of the frontal lobe, where planning and critical thinking are centered. ... Read the Full Article

Nelson: Writing as clear thinking

... he taught the study of clear thinking meant to enable clear writing, his textbook being Ruggiero's “Beyond Feelings: A Guide to Critical Thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Protect, support public education

Santa Maria Times
Will our population learn the value of critical thinking if they have no opportunity to challenge the intellect in a university setting? ... Read the Full Article

Baccalaureate program broadens teen minds

Agoura Hills Acorn
The international curriculum of classes focuses on intercultural understanding, critical thinking and real-world applications. Andrew Staiano, an IB teacher ... Read the Full Article

In my opinion: Developing 'soft' skills will help during hard times

Irish Independent
In March 2009, the National Competitiveness Council called for similarly generic skills: critical thinking, self-management and self-directed learning, ... Read the Full Article

Stephen Toulmin, Critical Thinking, and Child Development

Psychology Today
Be sure to examine the warrant, and you will have a much better chance of using your capacity for critical thinking. Read the Full Article

Ed Commissioner Steiner: more charters, teacher testing

Albany Times Union
... through performance-based assessments the higher-order critical thinking skills they will need for success in higher education and the world of work. ... Read the Full Article

Campaigning for evidence-based education

Times Online
For this reason, he would like to see critical thinking and research skills form a basic part of teacher training, although he admits the training programme ... Read the Full Article

Students Should Be Learning More, Not Less

SE Calgary News
In short, deep and critical thinking is most likely to be done by those students who possess the most extensive knowledge base about the subject in question ... Read the Full Article

Time to transform school into a place where kids go to learn, not to power down

Irish Independent
The kids who will be tomorrow's workforce are expected to be digitally literate, adept at sciences and maths, equipped with critical-thinking skills and ... Read the Full Article

Writing program rewritten

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Adams said the goal of the foundations English courses is to give students “the critical thinking and critical writing skills that will translate across all ... Read the Full Article

Widening the path to intellectual discovery

Sacramento Bee
Kids can learn from popular media that cooking is science and banking is math, but the critical thinking and investigating skills they need can best be ... Read the Full Article

Nontraditional students key to campus diversity

Daily Cardinal
I don't gain perspective or develop critical thinking skills by talking with others who have similar experiences and opinions to my own. ... Read the Full Article

Team aims to reform liberal education

Advance Titan
Examples of skills that will be included are critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving. ... Read the Full Article

Program works to curb number of high school dropouts

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
... the two through their business Foundation for Educational Success, is geared toward keeping at-risk students in school through critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Special Report: International Education

New York Times
This takes both time and critical thinking, said Professor Michael P. Vandenbergh, director of an interdisciplinary climate change research network at ... Read the Full Article

In the new year, 'think better to do better'

Pacific Daily News
This careful, reasoned thought can be characterized as critical thinking. The Foundation of Critical Thinking posits, "all thinking is not of the same ... Read the Full Article