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February 2009

Reject student evaluation of faculty

Houston Chronicle
If one of the class’s “deliverables” is an emphasis on critical thinking, what do we do with those students who, at semester’s end, still confuse opinion ... Read the Full Article

The volatility of politics, religion and education

Jakarta Post
These benefits stem from its relevance for children's own interests and development thought process, its unique relation to critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Best Ways for Professors to Use Student Response Systems

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
You can ask some high-level critical-thinking questions where students are asked to look at a particular quality of a peer’s presentation and say, ... Read the Full Article

“Poets the Pulse of Society”

Barbados Advocate
... not enough children are developing their critical thinking skills, a position she felt rested a great deal with the manner in which children are taught. ... Read the Full Article

A Penny (Or More) for Your Notes

Georgetown Independent (subscription)
He added that "higher education should encourage critical thinking, the kind that comes from engaging in a classroom setting and interpreting the knowledge ... Read the Full Article

The close-minded free-thinkers

Vermont Cynic (subscription)
Besides safe sex, there's nothing the University loves more than critical-thinking and open-mindedness. That is, of course, if you're ready to do it on ... Read the Full Article

Major museums launch campaign for critical thinking

PR Urgent
Nine of the UK’s leading museums and galleries are helping teachers to develop their pupils’ critical thinking skills and encouraging the use of original ... Read the Full Article

Would-be teachers need training to be effective

Salt Lake Tribune
... plan curriculum, prepare engaging lessons, construct valid tests, teach reading and writing and critical thinking skills, give helpful feedback, ... Read the Full Article

Struggling Together: Exhibit Looks at Blacks and Whites Fighting ...

The Sag Harbor Express
... has been made in terms of racial equality, Mr. Zellner stresses that younger generations still need to be taught the importance of critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Feature: Tips for teaching critical thinking skills

Joy Online, Ghana
It is possible, from my experiences in designing and conducting workshops in Critical Thinking Skills, that some teachers may not have ready access to it. ... Read the Full Article

Parents put children on spot over grades

The National

The Ministry of Education last year changed the exams to place more emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking, rather than simply requiring students ... Read the Full Article

Future of learning : Wagner touts critical thinking as key element

Northwest Arkansas Times

Wagner said schools have so much pressure to teach to state assessments, they haven't been able to focus on teaching the critical-thinking skills students ... Read the Full Article

Effective Tools in Education

Canada Free Press, Canada
And when dealing with the tasks of teaching critical thinking skills, emotion can’t be the catalyst for judgment. This emotion in judgment is becoming more ... Read the Full Article

The Liberal Arts, Abroad

Inside Higher Ed, DC
Because it teaches tolerance, because it teaches critical thinking, which is nothing other than an ability… to understand diverse points of view. ... Read the Full Article

A repackaged education proposal

Boston Globe, United States
Leaders in Hartford chose to focus on "how to" skills like critical thinking and problem-solving over academic content; Massachusetts chose rich content and ... Read the Full Article

The problem of Colombia's intellectuals

Colombia Reports, Colombia
Colombian secondary education hampers the capacity for critical thinking and limits the acquisition of intellectual tools for analyzing economic and ... Read the Full Article

Stimulate the arts

The Oregonian -, OR
... for workers with problem-solving ability, critical thinking skills, flexibility, and the ability to communicate as well as to work collaboratively. ... Read the Full Article

Can the arts and humanities 'save us'?

Stanford Report
The arts and the humanities encourage critical thinking, self-awareness, sensitivity to cultures different from our own. The problem with Stanley Fish's ... Read the Full Article

The Advanced Placement solution — part I

Washington Examiner, DC
But either one will provide the rigor and critical thinking students need to develop if they are to handle a college curriculum. Washington DC’s schools are ... Read the Full Article

Minority GPAs reflect lack of preparation

Daily Kent Stater, OH
Butler said inner city high school graduates are not prepared for the critical thinking skills that college requires. "College is not about learning the ... Read the Full Article

Parents, kids learn new math strategies

Gallup Independent, NM
The new approach utilizes a lot of critical thinking skills, she said, which has helped make word problems “a little less intimidating” to students. ... Read the Full Article

Our view: Thought control

Anchorage Daily News, AK
Universities are supposed to develop students' critical thinking skills. Students should challenge the status quo. They should test out all sorts of ideas. ... Read the Full Article

“Exposing & Combating Liberal Media Bias”

Polls show the American public is continuing to apply critical thinking when it comes to the question of human-caused global warming. ... Read the Full Article

Why Our Children Need National Multiple Choice Tests

OpEdNews, PA
Memorization is not inimical to either learning or critical thinking but is often the touchstone for those higher-order skills. way to assess what our kids ... Read the Full Article

Educating for creativity

Vancouver Sun,  Canada
Problem-solving, development of self-esteem, critical thinking, dialogue, teamwork, compassion and innovation can be part of any curriculum, whether it's ... Read the Full Article

The Assessment Impasse

Inside Higher Ed, DC
There is widespread agreement that “critical thinking,” for example, is terribly important to teach: the term pops up in nearly every curriculum guide and ... Read the Full Article

Forget smart cars. How about smart kids?

Grand Junction Free Press, CO
In the wake of one of the most anti-intellectual presidential administrations, we’ve created a culture that devalues critical thinking and intelligence. ... Read the Full Article

Teaching that Works the Imagination

Game Forward, Canada
Putting students in front of educational games creates a hands-on experience, which for many helps develop critical-thinking skills and enhances their ... Read the Full Article

One of life's great wonders: The 'bond' that comes with teaching ..., TX
The teacher teaches problem-solving and, by example, critical-thinking and how to reason and to think and to develop a healthy skepticism and to doubt and ... Read the Full Article

An underappreciated major

UND The Dakota Student, ND
... that will help them succeed in writing, communication, and critical thinking throughout the remainder of their college career and on to their professions. Read the Full Article

Joshua Hock: University writing off students as unprepared

The George Washington University The GW Hatchet, DC
The program's Web site explains that it "is designed to promote scholarship and critical thinking." The UW Program was likely created in response to several ... Read the Full Article