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February 2011

Limited learning

Independent Collegian

... arts fields see "significantly higher gains in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing skills over time than students in other fields of study. ...Read the Full Article

Sanford-Brown College - Dallas Receives ACICS and American Dental Association Approval for its Dental Programs

dBusinessNews Dallas

... to reach underserved and other special populations, and a research component that instills in students critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ...Read the Full Article

PSU Probing Question: Why is Teaching Evolution Still Controversial?

Gant Daily - 2 days ago

Advocates of the latter approach say it promotes critical thinking skills and allows students to make up their own minds. Not so, says Berkman, ...Read the Full Article

Conference aims to change the mentality

Myrtle Beach Sun News

Those critical areas, Bradford said, are "conflict resolution, goal setting and critical thinking." Molley's story, Bradford believes, illustrates their ...Read the Full Article

Diet and exercise restore immune function in obesity


... developing and using innovative technologies and educational methodologies, and by promoting critical thinking and lifelong learning. ...Read the Full Article


Virginia Law Weekly

While the critical thinking and writing skills I developed in law school help me communicate professionally and formulate logical opinions, I think the most ...Read the Full Article

Center wants new dispatcher tests

Fort Morgan Times

One test she has looked at tests for critical thinking and shows how a candidate would prioritize calls and issues, Monsees said. That same test gives some ...Read the Full Article

Assessing the Sublime

Inside Higher Ed

... such as writing, critical thinking, and problem solving; they also point to the benefit to students of providing faculty with stable, secure working ...Read the Full Article

Embracing ‘vital need’ for arts, humanities - Dr. Robert Derrenbacker


She maintains that an education that includes the arts and humanities creates empathy, imagination, openness, and fosters dialogue and critical thinking ...Read the Full Article

Education: Focus more on student development

New Straits Times

Holistic here refers to the acknowledgement that a student has achieved the standard attributes which comprise critical thinking, leadership skills, ...Read the Full Article

Focus on science a good move

Ruston Daily Leader

The basics of science education teach students critical thinking by teaching them ways to logically order their ideas and then search to find if their ...Read the Full Article

What do we know about the student brain?

Herald Times Reporter

become more proficient visual thinkers but are less able to engage in critical thinking and other forms of abstract analysis. ...Read the Full Article

Study examines what employers are really looking for in candidates


They found that the top three qualities employers value in the agribusiness industry are communication skills, critical thinking skills, and writing skills. ...Read the Full Article

Does higher education cause atheism?


Certainly, higher education since the days of the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment has encouraged critical thinking, skepticism, empiricism, ...Read the Full Article

Technology in the classroom: Grant allows Ashland Middle School students to get creative

Ashland Times Gazette

... said grant administrator Neil Gupta, is to help teachers integrate available technologies and 21st-century skills -- collaboration, critical thinking, ...Read the Full Article

Athletes United for Social Justice: Using Sports to Change the ...


... AIDS testing, myths about people with AIDS, as well as life skills like critical thinking, decision-making, communication and resiliency. ...Read the Full Article

Changes final for GE Pattern

Sonoma State Star - 2 days ago

... and the classes in that category will now be distributed into category A2: fundamentals of communication and A3: critical thinking. ...Read the Full Article

'Hometown university': Mountain State to graduate its first class here

Mooresville Tribune

Students at MSU are learning critical thinking skills and soft skills, communication building coalition, and leading with character, Bragg said. ...Read the Full Article

Measured Progress receives grant for research: To develop next step in student testing, evaluating teachers

Foster's Daily Democrat

In addition to content knowledge, Kahl said students will be able to capture problem solving and critical thinking capabilities and a variety of ...Read the Full Article

KURDISTAN: A higher education revolution that cannot fail

University World News

We are developing the curriculum to promote skills like critical thinking and learning a second language. We have introduced performance indicators for ...Read the Full Article

Springs students learn history by living in the past

Colorado Springs Gazette

... were the culmination of a middle school class in which students combined research, performance and critical thinking to make history come alive. ...Read the Full Article

Gang validation: The new inquisition

San Francisco Bay View

One prisoner's fears can potentially infect many, and the fear becomes a deadly pathogen that kills self-determination, resistance and critical thinking. ...Read the Full Article

Flood: People need to think more and argue less

Morganton News Herald

A recent article I read cited a statistic that more than 40 percent of college graduates have not improved their critical-thinking ...Read the Full Article

The Critical Thinking Training of the Future? The Thinking Cap

Pearson's Critical Thinking

... know how often we provide tools and activities to improve critical thinking, but we also acknowledge that improving this skill takes a lot of effort. ...Read the Full Article

Research gets in the way of professors' teaching?

Daily Bruin

Arum has found that there is limited learning in the first two years of college, resulting in decreased critical thinking and reasoning skills. ...Read the Full Article

Liberal arts degrees becoming more practical?

Oklahoma Daily
“It is not the job of the Classics and Letters Department to make you a good citizen, but critical thinking does make you a better citizen. ...Read the Full Article

New US Forest Service book calls for new era of parks and ...?

Clark Fork Chronicle

The basic premise of Beyond Naturalness, and the very reason why it will spark critical thinking and thought-provoking debates across the nation, ...Read the Full Article

Ashoka awards fellowship to three social entrepreneurs?

India Infoline

A former Maharashtra state representative for CARE, Sunanda started Lend-A-Hand India (LAHI) in 2003 to help students develop skills of critical thinking, ...Read the Full Article

Moon Hoax +10?

Discover Magazine

That dumb TV show did a lot of damage to the American level of critical thinking, but I am where I am because of it. I think in the end, and all things ...Read the Full Article

How the tests work?

Chicago Tribune

Parents often find it more difficult understanding abstract concepts like critical thinking and wonder how to prepare their kids. ...Read the Full Article

Economic illiteracy slows U.S. progress?

Atlanta Journal Constitution

I see an increased level of excitement and engagement by young people to obtain this crucial set of critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Senior Architects/Architects?


... and cultural projects, our Beijing office seeks talented individuals who share an enthusiasm and commitment to critical thinking, outstanding design, ...Read the Full Article

Holliston science teacher to speak at national conference?

MetroWest Daily News

More crucially, sixth-graders learn the basics of science and critical thinking by gathering, analyzing and interpreting information, she said. ...Read the Full Article

How Financial Literacy Can Transform Women’s Lives


“Finance is the lens,” says Mandy, “but the competencies are critical thinking and consciousness.” When women like Tina and Mandy have personal ...Read the Full Article

Last Chance for Accompanists

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
How better to learn to emphasize a point or elicit critical thinking and emotion in a presentation than by taking a film or sound design course? ...Read the Full Article

Bring math to the Core

CU Columbia Spectator

Because of math's universal importance and the critical thinking skills it fosters, mathematics courses should be given a special place in Columbia's Core ...Read the Full Article

Robotics teams to showcase creations?

Colfax Record

FIRST LEGO League teams design, build and program robots, apply real-world math and science concepts and learn critical thinking, team-building and ...Read the Full Article

A Lack Of Rigor Leaves Students 'Adrift' In College


The study measured both the amount that students improved in terms of critical thinkingand writing skills, in addition to how much they studied and how ...Read the Full Article

Passive Agents Of Disinformation?


This lack of critical thinking isn't due to their inability to do so, but rather their unwillingness , typically due to group pressures. ...Read the Full Article

Flexible Learning more than early school start

Spring Grove Herald

Students need higher level, critical thinking skills, a different set of skills and knowledge than when most adults were in school. ...Read the Full Article

Purdue University study confronts edu-babble

Vancouver Sun

One of the arguments commonly used against this approach is that it encourages rote learning instead of critical thinking. The problem with this argument is ...Read the Full Article

Sceptic offers $1 million to anyone who can prove homeopathy works

He established the James Randi Educational Foundation in 1996, with a view to promoting “critical thinking” and demonstrating to the public and the media ...Read the Full Article

Who Is Really Adrift?

Inside Higher Ed

The CLA is intended to measure critical-thinking skills. ... The tests measure reasonably well analytical (or critical) thinking, somewhat narrowly defined. ...Read the Full Article

Our Market Regime and Public Education


Critical thinking, on the contrary, may create problems for an organization because ... Critical thinking or any interpretation of the event in the hope of...Read the Full Article

Making their way in the digital world?

Tahlequah Daily Press

Students also need to learn innovation and critical thinking. Self-direction, adaptability and accountability are also key. “Those are specifically 21st ...Read the Full Article

Nurses adapt to changes in medical field

New Philadelphia Times Reporter

They perform analysis and critical thinking. • An advanced practice nurse (APN) is a nurse with advanced didactic and clinical education, knowledge, ...Read the Full Article

Liberal arts education is undervalued

MU The Parthenon

The value of critical thinking skills has diminished. The ability to operate the latest computer software is often seen as more important than the ability ...Read the Full Article

KDE Receives Grant to Fund Literacy and Mathematics Strategies


“These strategies will provide immense benefits for teachers and promote students' critical thinking skills within and across the content areas. ...Read the Full Article

Education: Yes, but why?

UC Berkeley 

Voters who have been exposed to critical thinking, especially in the areas of the social sciences, including of course political science, history and civics ...Read the Full Article

Standardized admissions test receives major shake-up

Oregon Daily Emerald

... administered by Educational Testing Services in the areas of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Five indicators of broken industry business models?

WTN News

I've seen enormous progress in my daughter's writing and critical thinking skills since her arrival at Bates College in Maine where she is a Junior. ...Read the Full Article

Higher education demands assessment and rewards?

The Olympian

... half showed “no significant improvement in the key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by the end of their sophomore year. ...Read the Full Article

Why are you an atheist?


Probably because they learned some critical thinking skills from their parents. They carry positive values that make them resistant to the cheap promises of ...Read the Full Article

Honeywell expands student competition

SA Instrumentation and Control

... the goal of this programme is to give students a taste of some of those real-world problems that require critical thinking and cutting-edge technology. ...Read the Full Article