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January 2010

You can lecture, but can you teach?

The Times Higher Education

Protests against the idea that academics be given teacher-training are misguided, argues Eric Sotto... Read the Full Article

Think for Yourself

Psychology Today (blog)
Rather, it's time to do some critical thinking of your own! Socrates, the teacher of Plato, is well known for having said, “The unexamined life is not worth ... Read the Full Article

Undergraduates take traditional college courses but also get degree in ...
Students who have a liberal arts degree bring creativity, critical thinking and communication skills that supplement the technical skills they gain in an ... Read the Full Article

Academic Independence

The Collegian
“[The students have] done a level of research, writing and thinking that I would like to get my students to do in my critical thinking classes,” Swearingen ... Read the Full Article

Prof's Innovative Approach Earns Him USDA Teaching Award

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
Although Levitsky focuses on offering an informative class to his students, he said his ultimate goal is to foster critical thinking in students. ... Read the Full Article

Physics and Stuff

ScienceBlogs (blog)
If they shared their findings and debated them, it would also help in many other areas (like communication and critical thinking). Well, why don't students ... Read the Full Article

Let's not criticize critical thinking

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Critical thinking is not synonymous with dithering. If anything, the practice of challenging one's views eventually strengthens them, and not just in a ... Read the Full Article

It may be difficult or uncomfortable, but leaders must be critical thinkers
Leadership Tallahassee has identified 10 leadership principles to guide our programs and activities, one of which is "critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking, respectful engagement

Amherst Bulletin
But let's make sure that "rigorous questioning and criticism" of the schools includes nuanced, critical thinking and respectful engagement of the people who ... Read the Full Article

Room for Improvement

Inside Higher Ed
... to use "critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills" (81 percent) and to have "the ability to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings ... Read the Full Article

Professors prepare for First Year Seminar, will learn how to enhance instruction

MU The Parthenon
The First Year Seminar is designed to help improve students' critical thinking skills. The seminar is designed to give students an overview of the core ... Read the Full Article

First we must improve ourselves

Pacific Daily News
I saw critical thinking take root. I was captivated by their discussion on an old Khmer saying, "Ngeuy skawk, Aown dak Kroab," or, "Vertical rice plants ... Read the Full Article

It's simple: No failure, no learning

Winnipeg Free Press
The unassailable doctrine that everyone's a winner and everyone is the same is anathema to critical thinking. Ask any eight-year-old with a closet full of ... Read the Full Article

The challenges to improving public education

Napa Valley Register
I also cringe as I hear phrases such as “critical thinking” so casually thrown around. Anyone who has taught knows how difficult it is to teach critical ... Read the Full Article

Is that a fact?

Houma Courier
And then add some critical thinking to the mix. Does it sound plausible or preposterous? Would it sound plausible if you didn't know and trust the person ... Read the Full Article

School district aims to avoid classroom controversies

Kingston Daily Freeman
“The district has a serious commitment to diversity, tolerance and critical thinking especially on complex topics like global warming,” Board of Education ... Read the Full Article

School dilemma: Chance for more federal money raises 'red flags'

Vineland Daily Journal
... to spend far too much time on test preparation, robbing them of opportunities to focus on critical thinking skills and non-tested subjects," she said. Read the Full Article

Education must be about more than achieving the right grades

Scotsman - Fiona MacLeod
Youngsters should be allowed to develop their creativity and their critical thinking, he says, citing other countries, particularly in Scandinavia, ... Read the Full Article

More 'Food for Thought' at common reading events

WSU Today
... “The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals,” by author Michael Pollan, to stimulate curiosity, critical thinking and communication among ... Read the Full Article

Major project to move past rote learning, boost teaching

The Nation
As part of these ongoing reforms, the Education Ministry is pushing teachers to make sure their students learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ... Read the Full Article

General education undergoes review

Valley Vanguard
Boye-Beaman says that each general education course teaches three overriding skills to students: critical thinking, communication and reasoning skills. ... Read the Full Article

Education Matters: Deep probing of schools needed

Amherst Bulletin
This hostility to dissent seems entirely out of place in an academic community in which critical thinking should be particularly valued. ... Read the Full Article

Holding Colleges Accountable: Is Success Measurable?

The Collegiate Learning Assessment is a test of critical thinking, analytic reasoning and communication skills that is content nonspecific. ... Read the Full Article

In the Classroom of the Critical Mind

GC Advocate
by LDesilva-Johnson “Only dialogue, which requires critical thinking, is capable of generating critical thinking. Without dialogue, there is no ... Read the Full Article

Editorial: Education means more than just getting a job

The Stanford Daily
In such an ever-changing, globalized world, one cannot forget that communication and critical thinking are what break down cultural barriers and launch new ... Read the Full Article

Teach students to compute for good

Atlanta Journal Constitution
We as scientists and educators should promote an educational system that values the computing discipline and provides students with critical thinking skills ... Read the Full Article

Report Shows Teachers Not Adequately Prepared for Education Reform

T.H.E. Journal
... believe the majority of their respective faculties have the skills necessary both to promote critical thinking and to engage and connect with students. ... Read the Full Article

Some Cincinnati schools use rare teaching method that focuses on debate ...

Fox 59
The paideia teaching method focuses on classical educational techniques such as debate, the Socratic method and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom: Paulo Freire and the Promise ...

truthout - Henry A. Giroux
Too many classrooms at all levels of schooling now resemble a "dead zone," where any vestige of critical thinking, self-reflection and imagination quickly ... Read the Full Article

State's School Tests To Be Reviewed

Jamestown Post Journal
Among other concerns, Eggert said state testing is not always consistent and does not evaluate student skills including critical thinking, creativity and ... Read the Full Article