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July 2009

Critical thinking through learner-centred teaching

Joy Online
How is critical thinking incorporated in some of the methods you use? ED: Well, learners are always the ones who produce the ideas and the teacher has the ... Read the Full Article

Public education lacks critical thinking
I primary problem in our public school system is that critical thinking skills are not taught. Rather, what is considered learning today is actually ... Read the Full Article

Let's teach critical thinking

Milwaukee Small Business Times
Critical thinking is not a skill we teach with any formality. Yet it is a characteristic of leaders that we expect. It's time to examine both the ... Read the Full Article

Catherine LeMar: Observation, writing nurture critical thinking

El Paso Times
Students will be able to move beyond general ideas and improve their critical thinking skills in the long run. As a science teacher, I know that students ... Read the Full Article

Does Social Media Produce Groupthink?

According to Adrian Gaskell, Content Manager at CMI, Adrian Gaskellhe thinks that "encouraging critical thinking is not easy, but it is possible" And he ... Read the Full Article

Online youth need critical thinking skills

Today's media environment provides an opportunity--and responsibility--for parents and schools to teach critical thinking. Not only must young people learn ... Read the Full Article

Notes from the VisCom Classroom: What Makes a Great Teacher?

Black Star Rising
In this model, the emphasis is more on the development of critical thinking, rather than on the transfer of specific knowledge or the attainment of ... Read the Full Article

Teaching for critical thinking

Active involvement of students in the learning process not only helps them to develop critical thinking skills, it also makes schooling a lot more pleasant ... Read the Full Article

Florida educators thinking out of the box

Tampa Tribune
This loving gesture will better prepare them for our new welfare state than the learning of the 3 Rs, critical thinking, civics, science or higher math. ... Read the Full Article

Classrooms Go High-Tech to Engage Students

U.S. News & World Report
For example, Platt spends class time focusing on critical thinking, problem solving and team-based learning. He puts together mini-podcasts to explain ... Read the Full Article

40 Years After Moon Landing: Why Aren't People Smarter?
(The emphasis on "teaching to the test" also undermines critical thinking, favoring compartmentalized factual memorization over in-depth understanding. ... Read the Full Article

Going to school with critical thinking

Trinidad & Tobago Express
The initiative to inject critical thinking into 11 CXC subjects could, in theory, transform Caribbean society. Last Monday, the Caribbean Examinations ... Read the Full Article

Questions That Critical Thinking Will Help You Answer

Earlier today we introduced you to Critical Thinking for Helping Professionals: A Skills-Based Workshop, 3rd edition, which is designed to engage readers as ... Read the Full Article

The problem with main-stream media

Wilson County News
Instead of critical thinking, Americans have been taught to be politically correct. Don't ask questions; just accept the government pablum. ... Read the Full Article

California Higher Education: Dying

Daily Kos
This would be too big a diary if I were to consider the impact it will have on knowledge, research, critical thinking, etc., so for now I'll limit the diary ... Read the Full Article

Pre-service education

Manila Times
... rather than understanding; learning environment that elicits passive pupil behavior; underdevelopment of critical thinking and problem solving skills; ... Read the Full Article

Why a Federal Interagency History Office Is Needed
History is a key component of building common knowledge and is America's laboratory for developing critical-thinking skills and understanding the ... Read the Full Article

Retiring educator says students need more than facts

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"New students have to be equipped with critical thinking skills, the ability to use technology and the ability to work collaboratively" to compete in a ... Read the Full Article

Education NEW

Gotham Gazette
... critical to scholastic and future workforce success: self-discipline, cross-cultural understanding, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. ... Read the Full Article

Our Future Thinkers

The Monthly (subscription)
If we lived in a culture which valued the life of the mind and critical thinking, would I need to ask? Would we even use the term? ... Read the Full Article

Philosopher king

Manila Times
He had pioneered the “thinking” talk show, one that inveigled his audience to employ critical thinking, whether they knew it or not. ... Read the Full Article

Troubles ahead

Times Educational Supplement
Now in its second year, this skills-based curriculum has been welcomed by teachers, who say it brings critical thinking to the fore by encouraging children ... Read the Full Article

Harsh lessons from the past hold key to healing

Phnom Penh Post
A new official history textbook which outlines atrocities committed under the Khmer Rouge is designed to help open up conversations and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Learn together: It's time to collaborate

... are encouraging students to work closely with others because teamwork improves an individual's communication, critical thinking and problem-solving ... Read the Full Article