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June 2008

New Speak Up Report Shows Hands-on Activities Integral to Science ...

RedOrbit, TX
40% say that it helps develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. -- 46% acknowledge that they may want a job someday in science and learning ... Read the Full Article


Beacon, Canada
Can we apply critical thinking to the process, in spite of our ingrained tendency to sweep everything but our own opinion under the carpet, because it's the ... Read the Full Article

Education Policy Should Have Long-term Vision

Gorkhapatra, Nepal
... the main aim of education should be the rational and cognitive development of a child that will help him to develop the capacity of critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Liberal Arts Education Prepares Us for Inevitable Change

State Journal, WV
A strong liberal arts education centered upon effective analytical, communications and critical thinking skills is the best background for a solid and ... Read the Full Article

Enhancing Cultural Competence Among Teachers of African American ...

RedOrbit, TX
The results of this study are relevant to teacher educators who seek to enhance candidates' critical thinking skills, understanding of multiple realities, ... Read the Full Article

A Terrible Thing to Waste, OK
Critical thinking is a lost art. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with talking on a cell phone, texting or listening to music. ... Read the Full Article

Sausages, enlightenment, and “critical thinking”

Pajamas Media, CA
I was very interested to read Elizabeth Scalia’s piece about truth, relativism, and critical thinking. And I see from the lively responses to the post that ... Read the Full Article

Leaning on Others so Others Can Lean on Her

RedOrbit, TX
A: Critical thinking and problem solving are the greatest things students can take away from their years at public school. The ability to operate with high ... Read the Full Article

Clickers, Pedagogy and Edtechtainment

Inside Higher Ed, DC
Critical thinking demands methodical and careful reasoning. Can clickers, often used with the goal of responding in a multiple choice format, ... Read the Full Article

Commentary:School Testing and the Achievement Gap

Berkeley Daily Planet, CA
A mania for testing drives staff to drill and kill, to boring review of factoids, and to the abandonment of deep projects, critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

How Can We Do This Better?'

RedOrbit, TX
In short, we in higher education are looking to develop broad- based critical-thinking skills. These are not well assessed by the standardized tests used to ... Read the Full Article

Is the internet making us stupid?

E-consultancy, UK
... individuals have access to large amounts of information through the internet but lack the critical thinking skills needed to analyze that information. ... Read the Full Article

analysis: Poverty of public education —Rasul Bakhsh Rais

Daily Times, Pakistan
... public intellectuals and educationists that public schools are not delivering what they are supposed to — critical thinking, intellectual development, ... Read the Full Article

From comics to the Classics

Baltimore Sun, United States
They used critical-thinking skills to understand the story and what goes on between one panel to the next, she said. By the end of the school year, ... Read the Full Article

Bill Berlow: Innovate or die

Tallahassee Democrat, FL
Educational institutions, where innovation and critical thinking should reign supreme, have too often valued conformity over creativity. ... Read the Full Article

Schools Struggle With Assessing 'Essential Skills'

OPB News, OR
But the more complicated task has been figuring out how to assess so-called ‘essential skills’, like math, and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Numbers Warfare: Reform Vs. Basics

RedOrbit, TX
She doesn't want to see the program's critical-thinking aspect eliminated, but says, "We need to make sure we get back to basics, and we need to make sure ... Read the Full Article

Sharpening thinking skills

Times of India, India
Critical thinking is hard, feels Vaishali Shah, communication manager, Educational Initiatives. "Although it can seem quite basic, it is actually a ... Read the Full Article

Using truncated lectures, conceptual exercises, and manipulatives ...

Adv Physiology Education
In an effort to improve learning and promote critical thinking in this course, the instructor revised the curriculum to include 1) shorter, less detailed ... Read the Full Article

Memorize this

International Herald Tribune, France
Memorizing the alphabet is a step toward the critical thinking that comes with reading; multiplication tables help you to someday solve mathematical ... Read the Full Article

Destroying the Greatest Gift Ever Given, OK
Critical thinking has become a lost art. Activities once used as opportunities for contemplation and self-analysis—walking alone to school, ... Read the Full Article

What’s wrong with it

Livemint, India
Competition has killed critical thinking, so, dear editors, do something about it. For instance, 24-hour news places immense pressure on reporters and ... Read the Full Article

Professional learning: Making meetings better

Teaching Expertise, UK
He simply wanted us to do some critical thinking about what we do. One chapter in Parkinson’s book is about meetings. He examines the reasons for them often ... Read the Full Article

Identifying Indicators of Student Development in College

RedOrbit, TX
In addition, in 1992, the National Educational Goals Panel declared student developmental outcomes such as critical thinking, problem solving, ... Read the Full Article

Newark High School Students and Research Scientists Discuss ...

Business Wire (press release), CA
In the process, students develop skills in problem solving, decision making and critical thinking while also learning about the broad range of possible ... Read the Full Article

Department of Education Asks Kids to Critique Schools

RedOrbit, TX
The 21st century learning initiative integrates problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills and new technology into basic subjects already ... Read the Full Article

When the real world and school worlds collide, it's a good thing

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
... and the students were given the opportunity to express their feelings -- while also exercising critical thinking and writing skills -- in essays titled ... Read the Full Article