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June 2009

It's crucial to avoid the tyranny of dead ideas

Times and Transcript - Mary Laltoo
The skill of critical thinking includes truly listening to another's point of view and thoughtfully laying counter arguments on the table for discussion. ... Read the Full Article

Research and Markets: A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking ...

A practical introduction to critical thinking across various disciplines Knowing how to think critically about what to believe and what to do is essential ... Read the Full Article


Santa Ynez Valley Journal - Diane Siegal
This is because reading comprehension and writing are complex skills that require critical thinking, maturity, confidence, and technical proficiency. ... Read the Full Article

In Defense of Slow Reading - Paul M. Davis
It's as if I have not only forgotten an important mode of critical thinking, but basic reading comprehension. The state of concentration required to truly ... Read the Full Article

The value of higher education in the arts and humanities - David Lammy

eGov monitor
For example, it's been said that the arts are good for democracy in so far as they foster critical thinking and ability to debate. There's truth in that too ... Read the Full Article

Are Schools Cheating Kids?

CBS News
... of my Japanese colleagues was the concern that their system concentrated too much on rote memory and not enough on creativity and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Chew, don't swallow, media's presentation of the news
If times ever called for critical thinking, these do. Fox news, for all its glitz and despite the fact that it is anything BUT "Fair and Balanced", ... Read the Full Article

Europe's education systems 'stifling creative thinking'

... remove barriers to mobility of students and teachers, focuses on results instead of encouraging in-depth study and critical thinking, Spiekermann said. ... Read the Full Article

Testing Science and Scientific Inquiry

Education Week News (subscription)
... as building an electromagnet or going for a bike ride, and go beyond multiple choice to ask students to apply higher-order critical-thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Summer reading goal: Develop critical thinking skills through ...
In other words, getting the information from the outside world into one's brain is the basis for critical thinking and analytical skills development. ... Read the Full Article

Will state budget cuts force higher ed reform?

... began at Chico State, I was concerned about the students' low level of basic skills, particularly reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Transition can be difficult for young people

Northfield News (subscription)
Young people participate in learning strategies which are active and experiential and which help them to develop a range of transferable critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Who Graduates At-Risk Students?

Inside Higher Ed
... who "feel" that they have graduated with honors who suffer when they get out in the market with elementary critical thinking and subject skills. ... Read the Full Article

Dissent in the classroom

Socialist Worker Online
... is not acceptable to research, to teach, to question and to debate, and precisely because academic freedom thrives on controversy and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

A change in educational approach needed

Times and Transcript
... setting curriculum for our students understand the global realities and the importance of developing graduates who all possess critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Don't let the recession grind you down - students shout about ...

Media Newswire (press release)
This strengthens critical thinking and self evaluation skills, as well as developing a better sense of focus — all of which are valued by employers and ... Read the Full Article

Average citizen critical but not a critical thinker
The first is critical thinking. The kind that asks, like Captain Kirk did near the end of the Star Trek movie where they journeyed to the center of the ... Read the Full Article

Get a group thing going

Guardian Weekly
Kormos intends to start developing students' critical thinking and research skills early on. “We will ask them to reflect on the methods we are teaching ... Read the Full Article

The Underestimation of Cultural Literacy

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
... or when they object to recommended reading lists in state content standards, or when they emphasize skills and critical thinking while saying nothing ... Read the Full Article

Patriotism and Education

Dissident Voice
In the United States, a supposed champion of freedom and critical thinking, children routinely recite, “”I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United ... Read the Full Article

National education standards debated

Toledo Free Press
The goal would be for students to focus on a deeper understanding of concepts and critical thinking skills rather than rote memorization of facts. ... Read the Full Article

City schools want to bridge race gap in advanced classes

Charlottesville Daily Progress
... careers that do not yet exist, he said. “They would have to be kind of highest level courses that promote critical thinking, and that's all,” Ackerman said. Read the Full Article

Dave Curbow earns honors with National Citizenship Education Award

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune
... He uses controversial topics to enhance the students' critical thinking skills, requiring them to consider the affect of the past on the present. ... Read the Full Article

Creativity best way to stop plagiarism

But I share the view of a few bloggers that the core problem is a lack of emphasis on creative and critical thinking throughout our children's education. ... Read the Full Article

So... is it all about race - or class?

Dick, a question, meant somewhat critically(hopefully in the sense of critical thinking). Insofar as police recruitment/staffing is concerned - which do you ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking will set you free!

Malaysia Today
We can free ourselves from such external or self-enslavement only through critical thinking. “Critical thinking is purposeful and reflective judgment about ... Read the Full Article

Sculpting New Language : The Work of Claire Jeanine Satin

The Open Press (press release)
"We (the viewers) would like to think that we make these discriminations on our own (with autonomous and critical thinking). ... Read the Full Article