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March 2011

Embracing Our Rich Ethnic Diversity (Thoughts Stemming from ...?

Tucson Citizen

... students passionately engaged in creative critical thinking activities with teachers who treat them respectfully as the brilliant human beings they are. ...Read the Full Article

Groups look to use EHR data to help docs identify 'quality gaps'?

"The reports and technology are tools to aid critical thinking and assist you in the study of your own practices in comparison with others,” the item stated ...Read the Full Article

Friends of Augusta Library receive FoKL Challenge Grant?

This may not seem like a traditional library program, but studies have found that gaming develops 21st Century skills, including critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Editorial: Science legislation makes monkeys of all of us?

The Tennessean

HB 368 expounds on the need "to help students develop critical-thinking skills necessary to becoming intelligent, productive and scientifically informed ...Read the Full Article

University president says students should 'venture outside comfort...

Central Michigan Life

“You need to have critical thinking skills to analyze theorists and determine for ... He said SUSO forums help students develop critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Learning reconsidered

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Students are encouraged to collaborate and use creativity and critical thinking in presenting their work. In problem-solving as a team, listening to others, ...Read the Full Article

Let's look at all the evidence from top educators abroad

The Guardian

This is about learning how to learn, and new ways of thinking that involve creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. ...Read the Full Article

Keeping universities accessible

UI The Daily Iowan

At their best, they provide an edifying environment for students to question societal orthodoxies and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for ...Read the Full Article

Students Opt Out of Hilltop Education, Graduation?

Georgetown University The Hoya

"I felt like the academics at Georgetown were focused on learning skills and information, rather than an emphasis on critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Learning Assessment for Seniors?

The Daily Titan

The CLA is an online measurement of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving and written abilities. It is administered by the Academics ...Read the Full Article

Nursing simulator enhances learning?

Delta County Independent

The simulator allows them to use their critical thinking skills, and if they make a mistake, it's just an opportunity for them to learn how to better handle ...Read the Full Article

Globalization turns schools' mission upside-down

Marion Star

Schools are now being challenged to support the new world order by teachingcritical thinking and problem solving to all students. ...Read the Full Article

Edman selected for endowed professorship

Northwestern College - 5 hours ago

He has published articles and book chapters on college teaching and assessment ofcritical thinking and made more than 50 presentations at conferences, ...Read the Full Article

Commentary: Truth is futile when people refuse to listen to it?

Kansas City Star

But then, that's the state of critical thinking these days: Ignore any inconvenient truth, any unsettling information that might force you to think or even ...Read the Full Article

A Heavier Load in Ohio

Inside Higher Ed

I am hoping mine are more ethical and use more critical thinking than what there is in the US... and such is venomous and lacks critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Danville Regional Foundation awards $822,500 to Averett University to expand health sciences

Chatham Star Tribune

University leaders believe that graduating more health care professionals with strong practical knowledge and the critical-thinking skills that are the ...Read the Full Article

Education Is Key to Winning the Future

Huffington Post

... placing greater emphasis on critical thinking and collaborative problem solving -- critical skills for tomorrow's workforce; and most important, ...Read the Full Article

Researcher Hopes to Protect Kids from Deceptive Ads

University of Texas at Dallas

“By examining these issues, we can gain important insight into how to nurture the development of critical-thinking skills as children grow into adults,” ...Read the Full Article

HiveMind Marketing Punches Ticket for Bauer's Intelligent Transportation Website

San Francisco Chronicle

We marry innate intellectual curiosity, helpless creativity, and practiced critical thinking with broad industry experience and knowledge of best practices ...Read the Full Article

Reactions to the antievolution bill in Florida

National Center for Science Education - 3 days ago

Wise further explained, "I think it's a way in which people can have critical thinking ... what we're saying is here's a theory, a theory of evolution, ...Read the Full Article

Perfecting the art of communication


"The good news is that presentation skills are learnable, so if you can find a person with strong critical thinking skills and abilities, you can usually ...Read the Full Article

Nursing students learn through use of high-fidelity patient simulators

Western Star
She said it helps improve the students' confidence and critical thinking. “We can set up a scenario so that based on what actions the students take, ...Read the Full Article

Roosevelt speaks on schools crisis

Yellow Springs News

... students don't learn the level of educational content — facts and figures — needed for them to engage in creative or critical thinking, Roosevelt said, ...Read the Full Article

Two Mansfield Senior students act well their part

Mansfield News Journal

... curriculum-based program designed to help high school students develop their speaking andcritical thinking skills and their appreciation of literature. ...Read the Full Article

Without Sesame Stree

Laurinburg Exchange

Critical thinking is at the heart of Art Eduction. Art teachers are always on the looked out for the gifted, but more importantly the gift of creativity. ...Read the Full Article

Critical thinking research shows the path forward for local schools

The Olympian

The recent book "Academically Adrift" documented a widespread lack of improvement ofcritical thinking in many college students. Of the 2300 plus students ...Read the Full Article

Rehab clinic helps athletes, others

Indiana State University

"We work on critical thinking skills and critical application skills so they're getting the direction and the guidance that they need to succeed ...Read the Full Article

Teachers Say Art, Music Benefit Students

WJXT Jacksonville

"It's critical thinking, thinking outside the box," Woodlief said. Teachers like Woodlief are defending the positive effect of arts in education amid ...Read the Full Article

Los Angeles students fight for quality education

Los Angeles Times

... nonprofit to raise money that supports the many programs they offer, including student travel to concert competitions and seminars on critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Law School Partners With Universities to Offer Joint Degree Program

U.S. News University

... students a year to develop the critical thinking skills that John Marshall provides before graduating with their bachelor's degree," said Ralph Ruebner, ...Read the Full Article

School 'challenges' students with geographic bee

Roseville Press Tribune

The Challenge 21 program cultivates “21st century learners” by developing lifelong skills in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, technology and ...Read the Full Article

ALCOA : Foundation Joins with Institute for Civic Leadership to Establish Alcoa Global Service Leaders Scholarship Program


At ICL, we teach our students leadership skills that include critical thinking, teamwork, communication, reflection and self-awareness. ...Read the Full Article

Humanities lecture series commences

BYU Daily Universeo

Not only does a degree in the humanities offer critical thinking, but Lyon said it can also increase marketability in the current job market. ...Read the Full Article

Excerpted Sting Videos of NPR Leave Out Important Context

NBC Miami

Wilkins said the agency will also recruit 80 child protective investigators to lower caseloads and new hires will be tested on their critical thinking ...Read the Full Article

World-class education New outcomes for a new day

Highlands Ranch Herald

We have intentionally taught communication skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinkingskills. Historically, we have not focused on teaching or ...Read the Full Article

ASU faculty member plants dreams in younger kids

Arizona Republic

"They're working in a lab, it's hands-on, and they're learning critical thinking." "It gets them thinking about attending university," said Conner, ...Read the Full Article

Training Tomorrow’s Health Care Professionals

Flathead Beacon

Students are also tested on their writing, speaking and critical-thinking skills. “There's a ton of different options and our students have been practicing ...Read the Full Article

Police investigator presents insider's perspective on criminal justice

Quad-Cities Online

Critical thinking skills and a multi-disciplinary perspective are as crucial to an investigator's success as formal training, argues Davis. ...Read the Full Article

The Importance of Logic and Critical Thinking


Critical thinking is a desire to seek, patience to doubt, fondness to meditate, slowness to assert, readiness to consider, carefulness to ...Read the Full Article

Yes Men to instruct on social value of pranks

UT Daily Beacon

"The pranks class is an effort to give freshman students an opportunity to encourage both creative and critical thinking," Lyons said. ...Read the Full Article

The $50,000 brain drain?

The Stanford Daily

Stephen Dobyns, this year's Mohr Visiting Poet, is no stranger to the classroom and spoke vehemently about the decline in critical thinking due to class ...Read the Full Article

College of Coastal Georgia offering bachelor's degrees in ...?

Florida Times-Union

The undergraduate degree that Coastal Georgia would offer would help students develop the analytical and critical thinking skills that are highly desirable ...Read the Full Article

Board game exercises students' minds?

Charlotte Observer

Few would disagree with chess's ability to strengthen critical thinking skills. Countless studies over the years show the rise in kids' test scores after ...Read the Full Article

Delivering Innovation Economy Skills While Wisely Using Public Funds?

Center For American Progress

Recent surveys of senior human resource managers indicate that adaptability and applied skills such as critical thinking, IT application, teamwork, ...Read the Full Article

WCES students work on roller-coaster projects

Savannah Morning News

While that statement may not excite elementary-age school children, what if those critical-thinking, problem-solving STEM skills were a component in a ...Read the Full Article

Chengdu AVT College Selects PTC for Mold Design Project?

Ten Links

PTC's education program is a part of a technological literacy movement that seeks to improve critical thinking and multidimensional problem-solving skills ...Read the Full Article

Adelphi Offers High School Summer Nursing Program - 11 hours ago

College of nursing faculty will help students develop their decision making, professional behavior and critical-thinking skills and understand requirements ...Read the Full Article

Go Green: E-readers not always the environmentally friendly choice

Lawrence Journal World

A world of electronic communication has shortened our attention spans and dulled our critical thinking skills. That is indeed worrisome. ...Read the Full Article

Innovation in Our Cities is Easier Said Than Done

Blogging Innovation

But the tough part of innovation is taking the myriad ideas that come from these budding entrepreneurs and applying the critical thinking and execution ...Read the Full Article

Measure would allow alternative testing

San Antonio Express

... fill-in-the-bubble tests, we want to create a new generation of tests that empower educators to teach high-level creative and critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Keats and Gray’s: Unusual Premeds

Harvard Crimson

And students and professors alike say that the critical thinking and analytical skills fostered in the humanities and social sciences departments go a long ...Read the Full Article

Study Provides a 'Reality Check' of Midwest Auto Industry; Notes ... ?

To help meet these challenges, auto workers will increasingly need to emphasize integrative systems approaches, critical thinking, problem-solving and ...Read the Full Article

Library discussion group delves into current affairs


The program melds critical thinking and honest discussion with a venue in which people can gather, meet and spend a bit of the afternoon in community ...Read the Full Article

Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around ...?

Scientific American

... science-based groups that back ID to try to introduce alternative viewpoints of life's origin—in the name of critical thinking and classroom analysis. ...Read the Full Article

Spinelli the one?

Foxboro Reporter

... superintendent Debra Spinelli said creativity, critical thinking and collaborative learning are essential skills for work and life in the 21st century. ...Read the Full Article

New Mexico High School Juniors Prep for New Exam

ABQ Journal

School counselors tell the Clovis News Journal that the new test requires students to do more critical thinking. Education officials say students will take ...Read the Full Article

3 essential skills for IT professionals

O'Reilly Radar

To acquire these skills includes training in critical thinking, analysis tools, presenting quality communications through writing and visualization, ...Read the Full Article

CSUN’s Oviatt Library gets new dean from SDSU

Daily Sundial

He has also taught workshops at SDSU about student library resources and critical thinking. Stover has written a book and several articles throughout his ...Read the Full Article

UM official evaluates GRE edits

Daily Helmsman

"There are things in the (new) exam which really measure critical thinking skills over rote memory," said Moira Logan, associate dean of the College of ...Read the Full Article