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May 2010

The Animal Protection Movement Should Embrace Science and Critical Thinking

Opposing Views
Novella and others in the science-based medicine and skeptic communities apply critical thinking to issues like homeopathy, acupuncture, ... Read the Full Article

3 Ways Critical Thinking Differs From Strategic Thinking

By lizziepauker
Here are some ways critical thinking differs from strategic thinking. ...Read the Full Article

Local congregation uses ‘Star Wars' to spark critical thinking in Sunday school
Rev. Cheryl M.Walker (front), Education Director Sue Graffus and Teacher Robert Kienitz at the Wilmington Unitarian Fellowship. The Fellowship has drawn ... Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking Is Essential in Every College Class

Huffington Post
I inject the concept of critical thinking: the idea that any claim we are presented with, whether it be the whitening capability of a certain toothpaste or ... Read the Full Article

New program boosts student learning at OA

Santa Rosa Press Democrat
His focus was on how to use the arts to bridge the curriculum to achieve deep critical thinking in elementary school classes. ... Read the Full Article

Gulf Oil Spill Puts Critical Spotlight on Industry

Voice of America
"It is interesting how quiet the industry has been in terms of any critical thinking on the issue, not just with regard to the blowout itself, but also with ...Read the Full Article

Art program strives to boost critical thinking

Metro Canada - Vancouver
Its aim is to strengthen critical thinking skills, boost social collaboration and to encourage curiosity about the world by inspiring artistic creativity in ... Read the Full Article


New York Times
Among the newest efforts to promote critical thinking is a project to be launched this summer at Bard College, where all incoming freshmen will have to ... Read the Full Article

Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains

Wired News
Hypertext would strengthen critical thinking, the argument went, by enabling students to switch easily between different viewpoints. ... Read the Full Article

Defining Critical Thinking

American Chronicle
It is this combination of genetic and cultural forces that can create a barrier to a person´s critical thinking. Being attuned to these potential barriers ... Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking 101

But are you really doing yourself a service by not using critical thinking? Below are the five steps on how to examine ideas and implement critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Medical School changes stress critical thinking

Minnesota Daily
The new model will replace this with “critical thinking cases” — specific patient scenarios that run throughout the first two years of medical education. ... Read the Full Article

If Michelle Obama Taught Biology, It Would Look Like This

Huffington Post (blog)
The value of these critical thinking skills cannot be underestimated. Even though American students rank far below the Chinese on some international tests, ...
Read the Full Article