"Throughout this past summer there has been one thing on the mind of school administrators at north Herndon-area Dranesville Elementary School: expansion of education and learning opportunities for its students ... 'Research shows that early childhood is such an important time to develop literacy, critical thinking skills and really to just encourage good learning habits,' said Dranesville Elementary School principal Lucinda Romberg. 'We want to have a chance to expose them to as much as possible in the classroom not just to prepare them for continuing education, but to become lifelong learners' ... This year, Dranesville Elementary School will welcome nearly 100 young students to its new full-day Kindergarten program while at the same time introducing the school’s approximately 650 students to a regular "strategic thinking skills" program. Both of the initiatives are designed to foster the learning skills seen as integral in future education endeavors and the real world, according to Romberg." -- Read the Full Article