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September 2008

Students and Professor Create Web Site to Analyze Political Language

New University Online, CA
Rather than identifying the most common metaphors in bodies of text, Baumer sought to promote critical thinking and reflection about these linguistic ... Read the Full Article

A Faustian Bargain for Academic Freedom

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
... reports that annual surveys of American attitudes reveal an incurious public, wed more to religious certainties than to critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Sessions focus on teaching AVID students

Stars and Stripes, DC
AVID class work focuses on organization, time management, analytical and critical thinking, and a note-taking system that helps students memorize and ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Peace

Media For Freedom, Nepal
Teach critical thinking. Young people have to learn how to ask questions and probe deeply, rather than just accepting the word of authority figures. ... Read the Full Article

Turns out I'm elitist instead of a regular guy

Arizona Daily Star, AZ
I'm sure I was fostering elitism in my students when I taught them about critical thinking — that opinions on important topics are not all equal because ... Read the Full Article

Dousing quackery, Canada
"We have the mandate of separating sense from nonsense in science, and we try to demystify it and foster critical thinking and look at scientific issues in ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking should guide us in voting

Cumberland Times-News, MD
... is in the shape it’s in, is because too many Americans do not want to take the responsibility to use critical thinking when choosing our leaders. ... Read the Full Article

Imprisonazation and the irony of free will, MA
Considering these systemic flaws, critical thinking necessitates a reexamination of the playbook, and its legitimate authority. ... Read the Full Article

Are YOU ready to Teach for America?

Yale Daily News, CT
Countering the idea that a Yale education might put a Corps member at a disadvantage, many said that the critical thinking taught at Yale is crucial to ... Read the Full Article

Women have the numbers but find college is still a struggle, VA
Specifically, time spent preparing for class has a greater impact on men's grades, academic confidence, critical-thinking skills and achievement motivation ... Read the Full Article

Identifying bad schools isn't enough; we have to help them

The Ann Arbor News -, MI
It is indeed those attributes of critical thinking, creativity and innovation that will lead this country out of its educational doldrums and into a new ... Read the Full Article

Video games start to shape classroom curriculum

Christian Science Monitor, MA
In classrooms across the country, electronic games have increasingly become tools for teaching problem solving and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

The week in higher education

times higher education, UK
The use of American SATs - which test the maths, critical thinking and writing skills of prospective students - was recommended by the Schwartz inquiry into ... Read the Full Article

Why Do Teachers Not Practice What They Believe Regarding ...

RedOrbit, TX
Another participant stressed that her instructional goal was to promote students' application of multiple viewpoints and of critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

21st century puts premium on creative, critical thinking

Pueblo Chieftain, CO
These skills not only include reading, writing and math, but should also include problem solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking to name a few. ... Read the Full Article

It's critical to learn how to be critical thinkers

El Paso Times, TX
We smother them with standardized tests that don't demand substantial critical thinking. Many of our students are taught to memorize and reiterate. teacher ... Read the Full Article

Oppositional and Defiant--Or Critical Thinker?

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
... argues that many of the so-called defiant “symptoms” are in many cases “part of establishing independence and developing critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article


Tri Valley Herald, CA
... requires schools to bend ever more to "teaching to the test" at the expense of teaching the arts, sports or other intangibles like critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

an art education

Wire, NH
Critical thinking starts not by looking within yourself, but by looking without,” he said. Also exhibiting sculpture and graphite drawings is Maryse Searls ... Read the Full Article

Response-to-Intervention: Separating the Rhetoric of Self ...

RedOrbit, TX
As Keogh (2005) suggested, cogent identification procedures "require careful and critical thinking and discussion, and a great deal of empirical work" (p. ... Read the Full Article

Christian texts don't make the grade. So sayeth the UC

Daily Breeze, CA
It would appear that critical thinking is only encouraged if the critical thinkers don't question academic fad-science. such theories as evolution and ... Read the Full Article

How to fight Googlephobia

PopMatters, IL
So naturally, “critical thinking” needs to be taught more effectively to teach us how to process all the information of varying levels of quality, ... Read the Full Article

A System That Does Neither Students nor Lecturers Any Good

RedOrbit, TX
There were workshops on critical thinking skills and statistical tools, but I never attended one on teaching skills. Lecturers were given a course title and ... Read the Full Article

You are what you think

San Antonio Current, tx
And I think of it in terms of those critical-thinking skills ... what do you do with students to put those critical-thinking skills in place? ... Read the Full Article

From Teaching to Learning

RedOrbit, TX
Evaluation events can be used to measure application and critical thinking skills, but they promote these skills more effectively if students have the ... Read the Full Article

Education provides path to good citizenship, Tilghman tells freshmen

Princeton University, NJ
"For the next four years you will be developing the knowledge and understanding, the mental agility coupled with the habits of critical thinking that will ... Read the Full Article

More schools adopt classes that are part of an international program

Sacramento Bee,  USA
A highlight of the diploma program is a course called the "Theory of Knowledge," which covers many disciplines and emphasizes critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

The Right Tools for School, TN
These critical thinking skills set the stage for learning in a classroom setting. Skill-builder Open-ended activities -- building with blocks or LEGOs, ... Read the Full Article

Why Environmental Education?

RedOrbit, TX
The curriculum emphasizes a "critical thinking approach to environmental issues" and requires students to gather information and data to evaluate ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking crucial to improvement

Pacific Daily News, GU
My column "Critical thinking can improve quality life" brought a posting from a reader on Guam who sees critical thinking on the island as "synonymous to an ... Read the Full Article

Preparing Teenagers for the Challenges of Life: A Critical ...

Nolan Chart LLC, VA
To effectively analyze potential solutions, critical thinking must be employed. This is done by asking the right questions, followed by intelligent ... Read the Full Article

New Programmes, Revised Curriculum

The Bahama Journal, Bahamas
... to the application of skills-to-student learning and development of critical thinking and problem solving abilities," Mr. Bethel said. ... Read the Full Article

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Paradox

RedOrbit, TX
The Agronomy 1101 team, for instance, examined a wide variety of measures of critical thinking and student engagement for use in the evaluation of their ... Read the Full Article

Using Discussion Pedagogy to Enhance Oral and Written ...

RedOrbit, TX
Advocated as an alternative to traditional lecture-based instruction, class discussion is active and linked to the development of critical- thinking and ... Read the Full Article

A Salute to NEPA's Outstanding Educators

RedOrbit, TX
Lee not only demands accountability from her students, but she also challenges them as well to help develop critical thinking skills and innovative ... Read the Full Article

Schooling In The 21st Century

Worcester Business Journal, MA
This catch-all phrase covers a spectrum of skills that today’s employers say will be required to be successful at tomorrow’s jobs: critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article