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December 2008

News for the kids, by the kids

Melrose Free Press, MA
“So there’s some neat things happening here … there’s a lot of critical thinking, decision making and problem solving right on the spot. ... Read the Full Article

Ode to Vimto: How food companies are teaching schoolchildren to ...

Independent, UK
"The role of schools in promoting critical thinking about the world and helping children to come to their own decisions, informed by balanced information, ... Read the Full Article

Education needs to keep up with the times, FL
It's time to analyze, synthesize and evaluate — time to use those same critical thinking skills that we encourage in the young minds before us. ... Read the Full Article

Afrocentric Critical Thinking

Black Voice News, CA
Critical Thinking is an “Umbrella” term for a group of skilled mental faculty activities which discern the hidden; attend to detail, order, accuracy, ... Read the Full Article

Schools, League teaming up to help stop bullying

Ventura County Star, CA
This training allows us to do that and develops leadership, social action skills, communication and critical thinking, as well as developing a sense of ... Read the Full Article

Stop Using Rhetoric to Teach Writing

Inside Higher Ed, DC
From the middle of the last century until fairly recently, the idea that the purpose of undergraduate education is to foster “critical thinking” has had a ... Read the Full Article

The Place of Blogs in Journalism Education

The value of blogging in a journalism course is as a tool for reflection and critical thinking about events in the headlines. ... Read the Full Article

Giving education a failing grade

Enter Stage Right, Canada
He believes that America's schools are failing to instill critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, curiosity and initiative, among other traits, ... Read the Full Article

Teacher Workshop Focuses On Newspapers As A Tool

Greeneville Sun, TN
Editorials and cartoons can be used for critical thinking. Students can be encouraged to draw their own cartoons, political or otherwise, and Baldwin can ... Read the Full Article

Standardized Tests in Israel are the Problem, Not Teachers or Students

Alternative Information Center (AIC), Israel
There is an open desire to teach the students to “think” (of course, not critical thinking), ie, instead of swallowing the material and vomiting it back out ... Read the Full Article

Barbara Kay: Raelians, witches and Christians -- in Quebec there ...

National Post, Canada
But encouraging real critical thinking is precisely what the ERC course employs duplicity to avoid. On the surface, the ERC curricula present an innocent, ... Read the Full Article

Rethinking Computers in the Classroom

... is a 21st-century curriculum that harnesses PCs and the Internet to equip kids with skills needed in the modern workplace, like critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article, FL
They found that strong arts programs are linked to improving communication and critical-thinking skills, school climate and student motivation for learning. ... Read the Full Article

Fostering thinking skills in early years

Teaching Expertise, UK
‘A classroom where questions are celebrated and modelled will create an ethos of creative and critical thinking.’ Language and thinking are intricately ... Read the Full Article

We’re teaching the wrong lessons at school, Canada
We say that we value creativity, innovation and critical thinking. Educator and author Alfie Kohn reminds us that pressure to win actually stifles ... Read the Full Article

Education left to chance?, SD
Its citizens need to possess at least the rudimentary skills of self-analysis, critical thinking and good listening, as well as the ability to control one's ... Read the Full Article

Introduction To Critical Thinking

Black Voice News, CA
This illustrates the first lesson of Critical Thinking—search thoroughly and deeply where the issue lies, no matter how poor the light. ... Read the Full Article

Education is the Most Important Issue

Claremont Port Side, CA
The knowledge, confidence, and critical-thinking skills offered by activity-based educational programs are valuable; they must be developed further rather ... Read the Full Article

Reappropriate the Imagination!

ZNet, MA
Creative work and/or processes of collective art-making without an explicit politics that integrally and forever vigilantly incorporates critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Solar Schools Initiative

eTalkinghead, CA
With a little bit of critical thinking, the Obama team could come up with an innovative plan for using school rooftops for solar collection while reducing ... Read the Full Article

JACQUELINE S. McLAUGHLIN To really learn science, let students do ...

Allentown Morning Call, PA
Teaching tools that bring the critical thinking, rigor, creativity, and spirit of experimentation that defines research itself to the classroom. ... Read the Full Article

Already outside the box? Try the unthinkable!

Times and Transcript, Canada
What's this got to do with critical thinking? This: we should always keep in mind that those who observe a situation, or those controlling a situation, ... Read the Full Article

Another forgettable semester

Minnesota Daily, MN
Some may argue that these superfluous classes serve to hone our critical thinking capacity, providing a more expansive intellectual range. ... Read the Full Article

Outrage on Right Over ’Straight Questionnaire’ Given to High Schoolers

EDGE Boston, MA
The questionnaire is now part of a kit designed for use in classrooms as a tool to stimulate discussion and critical thinking around societal prejudices. ... Read the Full Article

50 reasons people give for believing in a god

EurekAlert (press release), DC
It's a gentle nudge toward critical thinking for believers as well as road map to productive interaction between believers and nonbelievers. ... Read the Full Article

Building a Non-Prophet Organization

City on a Hill Press, CA
... fall behind in science classrooms because they omitted important topics in scientific and historical discussion and fail to teach critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Initiative sets educational standards . . . the Berkeley way

Berkeleyan Online, CA
Take, for instance, the notion of critical thinking, a key goal of undergraduate learning. "What is critical thinking and how is it demonstrated and ... Read the Full Article

P21 offers free guidance for English teachers

eSchool News (subscription), MD
This new resource--a framework that provides teacher-created models for how 21st-century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication, ... Read the Full Article

Good quality thinking in child protection work, UK
Or are conflicts of opinion repressed, perhaps out of a culture of politeness, so inhibiting good critical thinking about the management of a case? ... Read the Full Article

Learning by heart is 'pointless for Google generation', United Kingdom
... multi tasking with digital devices, such as using the internet while listening to their MP3 players, can help them to develop critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Students fashion their own education, UK
This makes the need for critical-thinking skills even more important. Academics will have to take greater care in assessing students' work, which is more ... Read the Full Article