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Certification in the Paul-Elder Approach to Critical Thinking

The Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking – also referred to as the Paulian Approach to Critical Thinking – is the most integrated conception of critical thinking in the world, and is based in the natural languages we speak every day. Our framework provides an internationally recognized, comprehensive approach to analyzing, assessing. and advancing human reasoning in all disciplines, professions, and domains of human life. It also highlights the barriers to critical thinking, as well as the importance of cultivating fairmindedness and other intellectual virtues in human life.

Those certified in the Paul-Elder Framework are well-versed in the foundations of critical thinking and embrace substantive, fairminded critical thinking as essential to the cultivation of the educated mind and to the creation of rational, compassionate societies across the world.

Please read our White Paper on Certification to learn about the process and costs associated with becoming certified in our approach to critical thinking.

If you have completed facilitators' training, you may complete and submit a copy of our Application for Certification in the Paul-Elder Approach to Critical Thinking.