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Critical Thinking Channel on YouTube

Announcing the opening of the Critical Thinking Channel on YouTube

In an effort to supply the mainstream internet media with substantial content on critical thinking, Socratic questioning, ethical reasoning, egocentric and socio-centric barriers to critical societies and other relevant topics, the Foundation for Critical Thinking has opened a YouTube Channel with excerpts from our various video collections.  Click Here to visit the YouTube Channel.

Note the player below lists the videos most recently added first. If you are watching a multi-part series, view the playlist for that series to ensure the videos play in the proper order.

28th Annual International Conference - Keynote Address

Elements and Standards Playlist

Dr. Paul presents and explains the basic elements and standards involved in critical thinking.

Children's Guide Video Companion

The video companion to The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking for Children explains deep concepts in a clear and engaging manner to children (and adults). This video is also available on DVD in the Critical Thinking Bookstore.