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Foundation for Critical Thinking
Media Kit 2020

We offer many options for your institution or organization to advertise your events or products on CriticalThinking.Org


The Foundation for Critical Thinking is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to promote essential change in education and society through the cultivation of fairminded critical thinking.

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  • Foundation for Critical Thinking Media Kit - Downloadable Copy

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    Our website offers an excellent introductory package for your advertising needs.  You will find we offer generous and reasonable pricing compared to other websites, and we are flexible and willing to work with you and your organization to help create and customize the best advertising package to fit your goals.


    Our website averages 730,000 visitors per year.


    We are now offering ad space at our most frequently visited page:

    ‘Defining Critical Thinking’


    This page receives nearly 20,000 views per month.


    Who Visits Our Website?

    Although we have a wide range of types of people who visit our website, our visitors mainly consist of:

    • Educators and Institutional Administrators
    • Government and Military Personnel
    • Researchers and Other Scholars
    • Business Owners and Other Professionals


    The types of ads that can be expected to do well on our site consist of advertising for:

    • K-12 and Higher-Education Events
    • Educational Institutions
    • Military Events
    • Conferences, Seminars, & Workshops
    • Webinars & Online Courses
    • Professional Development
    • Educational Materials
    • Virtual Teaching Websites
    • Educational Publications
    • Military Publications


    Included in Our Advertising Packages

    • A mention in our monthly newsletter.
    • A mention in our weekly E-blasts.
    • An ad on our most frequently visited webpage. (See below.)


    Website Advertising Options

    Banner Ad - Top Spot (Up to 3 Ads in a Carousel)

    • Located at the top of our most visited page.
    • Rotates with up to two other ads (yours or another advertiser’s).
    • Slides change every 3.5 seconds.
    • Ad runs for 30 days (unless otherwise specified).


    Contact Lisa@CriticalThinking.Org

    Size = 645 x 315
    Format = JPEG, PNG, HTML code

    Side Blocks (Up to 6 Blocks)

    • In the right-hand column of our most visited page.
    • Steady ad - always shows.
    • Ad runs for 30 days (unless otherwise specified).

    Contact Lisa@CriticalThinking.Org

    Specs                                                                                                                 Examples of Ad Placement
    Size = 138 x 315
    Format = JPEG, PNG, HTML code


    Ads in Our Newsletter & Eblasts

    Also included in our advertising package is a mention in our monthly newsletters, as well as a mention in our weekly e-blasts which are sent to nearly 70,000 subscribers with an average open rate of 13%.


    **If you need help creating your ad, please inquire, as we can offer help in creating ads for an additional fee.**


    **All ads must be pre-approved by The Foundation for Critical Thinking. We have the right to refuse advertising space if we feel any advertisement is inappropriate for our website.**


    Contact Information for All Inquiries

    Lisa Sabend

    Coordinator for Community Outreach


    The Foundation for Critical Thinking

    800.833.3645 (Toll Free)