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January 2009

Area school officials fret about all-day kindergarten

Dayton Daily News, OH
... that shift more costs to the state and teaching methods that foster creative and critical thinking skills, problem solving and "real world" lessons. ... Read the Full Article

Teaching methods often constricted

The Tennessean, TN
If those students are the "lucky' ones, they participate in cookbook laboratory exercises that poorly mimic true critical thinking, problem solving, ... Read the Full Article

Does a Good Consumer Make a Good Citizen?

Motley Fool
Unfortunately, many people should have applied a heck of a lot more critical thinking -- not to mention personal responsibility -- when this behavior was ... Read the Full Article

Is Technology Producing A Decline In Critical Thinking And Analysis?

Science Daily (press release)
As technology has played a bigger role in our lives, our skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined, while our visual skills have ... Read the Full Article

Comment: Are we fed the right kind of information?

Zimbabwe Guardian, UK
We have sacrificed our own personal critical thinking skills to them so that they will protect us from things that go bump in the night, and even ourselves ... Read the Full Article

A Vision for History at Community Colleges

Inside Higher Ed, DC
Tim McMannon, professor of history at Highline Community College, said that he tries to combine critical thinking and research skills with “an emphasis on ... Read the Full Article

Only atheists think rationally?
Conversely, many atheists feel that religious people are religious because they lack critical thinking skills. Generally, atheists do not believe that ... Read the Full Article

Collier schools to answer to changes in gifted programs

Naples Daily News, FL
The district is also adopting a shared inquiry model, which requires students to use critical thinking to answer fundamental questions. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thought beats blind faith in models

The Australian, Australia
When blind faith and dogma substitute for critical thinking in the social sciences, we are all in deep trouble. "Let's face it: use of probabilistic methods ... Read the Full Article

Education Activist Explains How We Win The Education Wars

The Open Press (press release)
I mean Whole Word, Cooperative Learning, Critical Thinking, Constructivism, Self-Esteem, No-Memorization, Reform Math, Fuzzy Anything, et al. ... Read the Full Article

Improve comprehension with simple questioning techniques

Las Vegas Sun, NV
These levels of questions are on an increasing level of difficulty, and it requires practice to develop these critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Some solutions to our problems

West Liberty Index, IA
The reason it I’mproves your mental skills is because you use your critical thinking in order to solve a problem. Remember I said that we are creative ... Read the Full Article

Ashley Takacs | Crafting an arts curriculum

Daily Pennsylvanian, PA
The critical thinking and technical rigor of this process provide students with invaluable lessons that they can apply to their other studies. ... Read the Full Article

Wisconsin Teacher’s Anti-Homophobia Class Horrifies Christian Right

EDGE Boston, MA
by Kilian Melloy A high school teacher is Wisconsin gave students assignments designed to encourage critical thinking about homophobia and diversity. ... Read the Full Article

Bush didn't just happen

Concord Monitor, NH
11, 2001, the public overwhelmingly applauded every measure Bush proposed, putting their critical thinking abilities in storage. ... Read the Full Article

Choose your weapon, UK
It's about critical thinking." Salmon agrees. "The more academics and students work together online, the more effectively we limit plagiarism. ... Read the Full Article

A primer on education, not incarceration

Socialist Worker Online, IL
Critical Thinking Questions: Why, when the people of our country, state and city so clearly titled this new political era "Hope for Change," are Seattle's ... Read the Full Article

Parents can help engage students by asking questions

Las Vegas Sun, NV
The reasoning behind Socratic methods is to help students develop critical thinking skills. The method has been highly successful on the middle and high ... Read the Full Article

Personal Point of View: Free speech is being silently restricted ...

EKU The Eastern Progress Online (subscription), KY
Being committed to teaching students critical thinking skills, this seems like something that Eastern would embrace. This begs the question, "Why not change ... Read the Full Article

School Committee: Show us the numbers

Newton TAB, MA
The goal is to create lessons that span across classes and encourage critical thinking and real-life problem solving. Assistant Superintendent Brenda Keegan ... Read the Full Article

It’s Time to End ‘Courseocentrism’

Inside Higher Ed, DC
... analysis, and argument, of summarizing others and using them to define our own ideas, that comprise what we now call “critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Book banning in Round Rock

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
Good writing allows readers to build critical thinking skills. Fortunately, my daughters can discuss the quality of the books they read because they have ... Read the Full Article

Rethink our educational goals

Hillsboro Times Gazette, OH
Would it not be better to teach critical thinking skills so that the next generation will have problem solving abilities rather than the ability to recite ... Read the Full Article

• The constant math problem: How do students learn best?

The Oregonian -, OR
Advocates said students would develop better critical thinking skills through group discussions and analyzing how they arrived at answers rather than ... Read the Full Article

Critically Think Your Beliefs

Black Voice News, CA
If not, corrections are needed since faulty Critical Thinking necessarily means your choices, decisions, and solutions will be faulty. ... Read the Full Article

An all-embracing education

The News Journal, DE
His educational philosophy centered on developing critical thinking skills and a sense of creativity for young men to cope with a dynamic world. ... Read the Full Article

Walker Mill Middle students sharpen negotiation skills

Business Gazette, MD
"These help to foster children's critical thinking skills and problem solving skills," Brown said. "I really appreciate what's occurring here. ... Read the Full Article

Under review: 4-year-old kindergarten

River Falls Journal, WI
Wing said studies show that early childhood education has a lasting effect that boosts critical thinking. She said this could someday improve the school ... Read the Full Article

Anis Haffar: The Key Roles of an Effective Teacher

Joy Online, Ghana
All that, by the way, is summarized in the GES syllabus as the Profile Dimensions for Critical Thinking. All planning requires reflecting on the objectives ... Read the Full Article

Elevating Higher Education

Egypt Today, Egypt
Why don’t subjects such as critical thinking seem to carry any importance in university curricula? Such courses do not belong to the higher education domain ... Read the Full Article

Suzanne Fields: These times demand critical thinking

Tallahassee Democrat, FL
The old guy with a scythe steps aside for the new babe in a diaper, and our usual reflection for ... Read the Full Article

Some examples of the American propensity for denial, arrogance and ...

Democratic Underground, DC
Their signature features were said to include “a new framework for critical thinking and active learning” and “repeated references to primary documents that ... Read the Full Article

Starting early with bilingual education

West County Journal, MO
Guilliams said he thinks local parents aren't as aware that foreign language immersion could help their children to develop critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

5 resolutions to guarantee you'll raise a reader -- start with a ...
Reading together also helps create an atmosphere of sharing ideas and critical thinking. If you can discuss why Marilla treated Anne so coldly in Anne of ... Read the Full Article

Using virtual worlds and video games to teach the lessons of reality

Scientific American
... the real-world situations in the classroom to help students develop critical-thinking skills and enhance their understanding of science and math and, ... Read the Full Article