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January 2011

GED gives inmates a career boost

The Daily News Journal

The 7-1/2 hour test measures skills in communication, information processing, problem solving and critical thinking. Deal quoted Booker T. Washington: ...Read the Full Article

History Left Behind in Education?

History News Network

... students would gain understanding of the fundamental structure of the disciplines and gradually transfer habits of critical thinking to other areas. ...Read the Full Article

Dist. 54 strives to challenge students to excellence

Morris Daily Herald 

Twenty-first century skills include critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity. Schools are measured by one test during ...Read the Full Article

Dist. 54 strives to challenge students to excellence

Morris Daily Herald 

Twenty-first century skills include critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity. Schools are measured by one test during ...Read the Full Article

Education roundup: East High hall of fame, Academic Decathlon and more?

Bakersfield Californian

Students and school officials say the competition teaches students their rights as citizens,critical thinking skills and teamwork plus builds confidence. ...Read the Full Article

Team approach for young minds?

News Sentinel

Rigorous projects help students learn key academic content and practice 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Professors Disagree With Study?

The Heights

"Typically the first couple years are large courses, and there may be less of a focus on critical thinking," said Sara Cordes, a professor in the psychology ...Read the Full Article

The Oracle Education Foundation Partners with Mathematics ...?


“The Oracle Education Foundation's mission is to help students develop the critical thinking, communication, and technology skills needed for life and work ...Read the Full Article

Small Business Owner Thanks Government, Gains Fame?

In our inaugural class, Critical Thinking for Business Redesign, we discussed the value of mindfulness, gratitude and right livelihood in business, ...Read the Full Article

Censoring Twain is a ****** shame?

The Daily Evergreen 

Simply removing the intensity from lesson plans for the purpose of safeguarding sensitivities prohibits critical thinking and knowledge. ...Read the Full Article

High school library to get e-readers

Gateway News

The effort focuses on teaching students critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, according to the ...Read the Full Article

Idaho Adopts Higher Standards For Education

The goal is to help students compete in the global economy through more focus on critical thinking and real world problems. "Third-grade students will not ...Read the Full Article

CMU receives $6 million less in grants than other universities ...?

Central Michigan Life

... with the faculty and to develop skills in investigation, data analysis, critical thinking, writing and speaking — crucial skills in any career setting. ...Read the Full Article

Techniques for teaching the art of critical thought?

Knoxville News Sentinel

"Critical thinking is problem solving," says Dennis Brock, a teacher at Copper Ridge ... In terms of tips for parents eager to promote critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Teaching Huckleberry Finn in Historical Context

History News Network

Huck exemplifies the type of critical thinking which educators want to see their students demonstrate in the classroom and life. There are certainly issues ...Read the Full Article

Nurses will get 'competency assessment'?

New Zealand Herald

These would cover, depending on each nurse's lapses, patient service, chest drain management, critical thinking skills and pain management. ...Read the Full Article

Jardon: Young minds need homework to develop?

Alexandria Town Talk

Today, many children bring home very little homework, and most of that requires little critical thinking. I am familiar with the arguments for limiting ...Read the Full Article

New minor degrees now offered at SC?

Winfield Daily Courier Online

The political science curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and written and oral communication skills. Classes are typically discussion-based, ...Read the Full Article

FSU's Risk Management/Insurance Program Honored?


Not only in general business knowledge, risk and insurance knowledge, but the core competancy skills, and critical thinking skills that employers are ...Read the Full Article

Academically Adrift: A Must-Read?

Chronicle of Higher Education 

“students…majoring in traditional liberal-arts fields…demonstrated significantly higher gains in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing skills ...Read the Full Article

Viewpoints: Brown sours on rigid reforms for schools?

Sacramento Bee

It was too obsessed with the abstractions of "critical thinking" and too little with the facts that the thinking was supposed to be about. ...Read the Full Article

English instructor stirs conspiracies into conversation?

Daily Helmsman

In order to promote critical thinking, Canale said that she wanted to create ... She said she also used study groups to promote critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Independent Research Study Confirms Prentice Hall Algebra


This study validates our pedagogical approach that emphasizes visual learning and builds real-world critical thinking and problem solving skills. ...Read the Full Article

The Critical Thinking Club: 'It's not what you think, it's how you ...

St. Croix Valley Press

Civil discourse, adherence to reason and evidence, and equal participation are always on the agenda at meetings of the Critical Thinking Club, ...Read the Full Article

Local Colleges Say First Semester Most Important?


According to the study, many of the students graduated without critical thinking, complex reasoning and written communication skills. ...Read the Full Article

Learning More at Selective Colleges?

Chronicle of Higher Education

... including academic preparation, the authors find that students at selective colleges make stronger gains on the CLA—which measures critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Student tracking finds limited learning in college?


A study of more than 2300 undergraduates found 45 percent of students show no significant improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by ...Read the Full Article

Stop Defending the Liberal Arts?

Inside Higher Ed

I believe that liberal arts education confers skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking that will be useful for many non-academic careers, ...Read the Full Article

SUNY, CUNY systems at risk?

Albany Times Union

While their main mission is education -- honing critical thinking and exposing students to new areas of study and interest -- SUNY and CUNY for decades have ...Read the Full Article

Freedom requires education for self-governance?

Edmond Sun

Education in the skills that enable critical thinking is a duty for us to attain and for our community to provide at the basics level (through high school). ...Read the Full Article

Main Street Business: Resolutions for the upcoming year?

Kankakee Daily Journal

What is important, though, is not just an accumulation of data but the critical thinking skills that leads to true knowledge and wisdom. ...Read the Full Article

Neenah High School effort gains national certification?

Appleton Post Crescent

"Students are benefiting from an innovative curriculum that encourages creativity and critical thinking and on top of that, they can earn college credit for ...Read the Full Article

Chamber awards $66000 in education grants?

Chatham Star Tribune - 2 days ago

... which encourages innovative and creative programs that promote collaboration, communication skills, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

'Question everything':Visalia doctor forms group that promotes ...?

Visalia Times-Delta

His desire is to bring the process of critical thinking to both those who are interested in it and to the local school system. ...Read the Full Article

AT WORK: Clear thinking is key to 'executive intelligence'?

Pensacola Business Journal

Think of it as solid critical thinking. Clear thinking. This, he says, is the foundation for making good executive decisions. And if you possess this, ...Read the Full Article

Binghamton students tackle global problems?

Press & Sun-Bulletin

The IBCC curriculum requires students to work on a two-year project that includes their career-related vocational course, critical thinking and cultural and ...Read the Full Article

Many Recommendations Within Practice Guidelines Not Supported by ...?

Infection Control Today

In an accompanying editorial, “Guidelines No Substitute for Critical Thinking,” John H. Powers, MD, of Scientific Applications International Corporation, ...Read the Full Article

NASA Electronic Professional Development Network Courses?

Space Ref 

... or PBIL, to enhance conceptual understanding, critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving in standards-based classrooms. ...Read the Full Article

Asking questions more important than answering?

Daily News & Analysis

The key requirements of the 21st century learning skills are creative and critical thinking. In freedom of thought lies creativity and success of the ...Read the Full Article

Arts integrated into other subjects in Howard County schools?

Baltimore News Net

"This program brings back student excitement for learning and engagement, while deepening theircritical-thinking skills," said Susan Riley, ...Read the Full Article

College's Value Added?

New York Times

We tested them in areas like critical thinking, complex reasoning and written communication. These are the general skills that most people believe should be ...Read the Full Article

On Education


Critical thinking is a subversive action. For all aspiring intellectuals (lovers of ... At the very core of critical thinking lies the longing to know — to ...Read the Full Article

Ed reform shouldn't focus on bad teachers?

Chicago Tribune

What types of knowledge, learning and teaching do such tests privilege - rote memorization of facts or critical thinking? Why focus exclusively on teachers ...Read the Full Article

Upgrade sought for Falls schools?

Buffalo News

“Experts tell us that employers will be looking for technical skills, content knowledge, collaborative tendencies and critical-thinking capacity,” Bianco ...Read the Full Article

RCC Faculty members refine assessment processes?

Richmond County Daily Journal

... Career Readiness programs at Richmond Community College spent Tuesday morning learning how to design student tests to develop critical thinking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Dwight Fryer named director of Memphis Urban Debate League?

Tri State Defender

“Nationwide data shows that urban debate students improve literacy, critical thinking, graduation rates and life skills from academic competition,” said ...Read the Full Article

Vaccine-Autism Scare: Researcher Who Started It All Falsified Data?

The AtlanticWire

... blogs at Boing Boing about the lack of critical thinking by science reporters. Using the publicity surrounding Wakefield's original study as an example, ...Read the Full Article

Middle-schoolers impress 'judges' in mock trials?

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 

"It's critical-thinking driven; there's no right answer," he said, adding that all the cases revolve around current themes. This year's case featured a...Read the Full Article

Parental Reality Check?

Inside Higher Ed

Robert Diamond documents these core competencies as communicating, problem solving, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, the appreciation of diversity ...Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking, Humanities Needed for Widespread Educational ...?

Cultivate critical thinking—Teach students to use their knowledge to apply their minds to creative problem solving and an understanding of what it is to ...Read the Full Article

Purdue Course Instructs Teachers on Elementary Grade Engineering ...?

Campus Technology

... foundation in engineering through standards-based science and math curriculum and to develop students' critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. ...Read the Full Article


Leadership Skills Will be the PM's Critical Success Factor Leadership skills, such as critical thinking, crucial communication and organizational change ...Read the Full Article

Tests are clouding our vision of what public education should be?

Stamford Advocate

And my wish is that we have an education leader who possesses those same critical thinkingskills we want our children to develop. ...Read the Full Article

The next big reform movement for education is about to begin?

Atlanta Journal Constitution

... what children know across the full range of college and career-ready standards, and measures other skills, such as critical-thinking abilities. ...Read the Full Article

District offers report on academic progress?

Vernal Express

Educators link language skills with critical thinking which is essential for a student's academic growth. Although the district is seeing problems in the ...Read the Full Article

School Officials Not Stressing Too Much Over Errors in History Texts?

Sun Gazette

“You want to teach students critical-thinking skills. Textbooks are just one source.” Even before the latest flap, Arlington school officials began thinking ...Read the Full Article

Alabama students will compete in international science, math test?

Anniston Star

"Students are going to need critical-thinking skills." In the past, Bice said, the goal of education was to know a lot of things. These days, he said, ...Read the Full Article

Education for Life: A Return to the Trades?

Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Employers love folks who combine technical skills with the writing, communication andcritical-thinking skills they learned in college," Ylinen says. ...Read the Full Article

We Don't Want Our Students to Become Like Chinese Students

Huffington Post

China's high test scores mask a serious problem facing Chinese education: the lack of independence, critical thinking and innovation. ...Read the Full Article

Are virtual classrooms a fad, a job-killer or the next wave ...?

The Grand Rapids Press

However, students, especially young students, lack critical thinkingskills and 'independent' learning on line can foster erroneous thinking... that all ...Read the Full Article

Schools Join National Effort?

Fort Smith Times Record

Curriculum emphasis is on critical thinking, problem solving and 21st-century themes, Byrd said. Through the adoption of common core standards, ...Read the Full Article

Jack O'Connell has faith in California schools?

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Going forward, California schools should emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills to help kids succeed, Jack O'Connell said. ...Read the Full Article

Universities Embrace GRI Sustainability Reporting?

Triple Pundit

Students also used critical thinking skills as they applied a set of abstract rules to organize a large set of data and assembled it into a coherent, ...Read the Full Article