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July 2008

Carey Carpenter: Teaching children to write

Dallas Morning News, TX
Why can students do well on the fill-in section of the tests, but fall short in the areas of critical thinking and putting their own thoughts and feelings ... Read the Full Article


Political Cortex, NY
By Leo Igwe Critical Thinking is the ability to examine, reason, and judge issues, claims and propositions, objectively, vigorously, thoroughly and ... Read the Full Article

Teaching to student's minds, not just to the test

The Virginian-Pilot, VA
Jim Merrill wants to overhaul teaching and focus on critical thinking instead of test preparation. For the past decade, the state's public schools have ... Read the Full Article

A School Abolishes the Humanities--And Our Culture Suffers

History News Network, WA
... education--and the study of humanities, enjoying study and critical thinking itself, provided that for so many at Queensland University of Technology. ... Read the Full Article

Looking beyond the median

Columbia Missourian, MO
She emphasized critical thinking and the importance of the students' independence in learning. This independence of learning takes on a new importance at ... Read the Full Article

Attack ad targets Polis for 'conservative ideas' on education

RealVail, CO
... scores in three areas, so you get a narrowing of the curriculum and a focus on the test taking rather than critical thinking and broad-based knowledge.” Read the Full Article

The Fate of History in a Hi-Tech Time

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
Traditionalists and “core knowledge” educators counter that without a sound acquaintance with selected facts, more advanced critical thinking on the past ... Read the Full Article

Think About It-History’s Lessons

Billerica Minuteman, MA
It requires investigation, discussion, and the application of critical thinking. More importantly, it requires factual information rather than propaganda. ... Read the Full Article

Two doctoral students design, teach, adapt courses that garner new ...

University of Chicago Chronicle
It can turn into the kind of generic statement about accommodating diverse learning styles and teaching students critical thinking, but it also can be—and ... Read the Full Article

Professor hopes to revolutionize education in Mexico

Concord Monitor, NH
... it can revolutionize education in Mexico, shifting the focus of state-run curriculums from rote learning to critical thinking and creative expression. ... Read the Full Article

Universal Code of Ethics for Teachers: When Teachers Cross the ...

American Chronicle, CA
What teachers need to be accountable for is not numbers on a form but rather the critical thinking that their students can do. ... Read the Full Article

Dartmouth joins Clinton Global Initiative on Latin American outreach

Media Newswire (press release), NY
... spoken English instruction in Mexican public schools is limited and current pedagogical practices emphasize rote learning over critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

A quest for education

Culpeper Star Exponent, VA
Critical thinking and questionning are expected and encouraged.” In McKenna’s class, his students will learn about “How the West was won” over the next two ... Read the Full Article

Schools Engineer Ingenuity

RedOrbit, TX
They require problem-solving and critical-thinking skills." Second grade's "Engineering Is Elementary" unit is called "A Sticky Situation. ... Read the Full Article

Our universities need more than money to succeed

The National, United Arab Emirates
In particular, problem-solving and critical thinking-based learning methods have been identified as being of major concern. The issue here is not about rote ... Read the Full Article

Education in the arts matters

In-Forum, ND
The arts develop 21st-century skills, fostering capacities for critical thinking, teamwork, flexibility, analysis, imagination and an appreciation of ... Read the Full Article

If we train teachers better and trust them more, students will soar

New York Daily News, NY
As a result, they emphasize critical thinking, analysis and creativity, not just memorizing facts. They teach at a sophisticated level - so that passing the ... Read the Full Article

Universal patterns within cultural diversity

MWC News, Canada
Institute Director Mumtaz Ahmad brought in me and my Canadian colleague Justin Podur, who is teaching a course on critical thinking, to bring new ... Read the Full Article

Unprepared or unchallenged?

Union Democrat, CA
If you want to test a student's critical-thinking and reasoning skills, a multiple-choice test is not the answer, she said. "High school is really test ... Read the Full Article

A blow for academic freedom

Bennington Banner, VT
One would think legislation which allows an environment that promotes "critical thinking" and "objective discussion" in the classroom would please everyone ... Read the Full Article


Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
The pressures for profit on corporations can crowd out critical thinking and block important information, said David M. LeVan, former chairman and chief ... Read the Full Article

A New Era in Learning-Community Work

RedOrbit, TX
And Augustana College has used the Collegiate Learning Assessment to assess students' critical thinking; they want to improve their already strong results ... Read the Full Article

Number of newspaper analysts dwindles

Reuters - Jul 3, 2008
Failure to replenish these ranks could wipe out decades of intelligence, and critical thinking about the business of newspapers could well disappear over ... Read the Full Article

Primary school children 'should be taught philosophy', United Kingdom
By Graeme Paton, Education Editor Children as young as eight should learn philosophy at school to develop critical thinking skills, according to academics. ... Read the Full Article

English Faculty Take Great Books, Learning to Three Prisons

Newswise (press release)
... who are incarcerated, and one of those ways is through education: specifically, teaching critical thinking through reading and discussing Great Books. ... Read the Full Article