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June 2010

Voice of the People, Jun. 30

Chicago Tribune
Mathematics (especially the word problems) and physics (and science in general) are excellent vehicles for teaching logical and critical thinking skills, ...Read the Full Article

Are You Criticizing, Evaluating Or Judging?

Huffington Post (blog)
In my opinion, we have lost the ability to discern between the two. . . criticism is an essential aspect of critical thinking... critical thinking is sorely ...Read the Full Article

Nurturing critical thinkers

Straits Times (blog)
It is feared that many countries across the region are unlikely to swallow the idea of teaching critical thinking without regard to their sense of identity ... Read the Full Article

Tech Talk Podcast: 'Star Trek' and Critical Thinking

New York Times (blog)
Ms. Hill's course for incoming freshmen – “Thinking Boldly With Star Trek” – aims to teach critical thinking, while exploring classic themes of science ...Read the Full Article

Goannatree: Being a Good thinker: Critical Thinking

By Anna M Blanch
I am not convinced about the place of truth or the development of moral virtues in Paul's critical thinking model even as the final stage suggests that one should make their beliefs the object of your thinking. ...Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking and Mastery of Child Development Concepts: Introduction

Psychology Today (blog)
Each post is part of a paper entitled "Critical Thinking and Mastery of Child Development Concepts." This post is the introduction to the paper. how ... Read the Full Article

Savvy Web 2.0 Teens Forge Critical Thinking Skills

School Library Journal
"How teenagers use Web 2.0 tools has huge implications for teaching critical thinking skills," says Ronda, citing Wikipedia as one example. ...Read the Full Article

You Can't Solve Global Warming With Spell Check

CBS News
We need to do away with the educationally meaningless activities going on in the schools and turn out graduates that are capable of critical thinking. by ... Read the Full Article

Teaching the humanities: Vital to society?

Globe and Mail
As the critical thinking taught by the humanities is replaced by the unexamined life of the job-seekers, our ability to argue rights and wrongs is silenced. ...Read the Full Article

Quality education fosters critical thinking
If politicians and media personalities took care to apply logical and critical thinking and expression in this fashion, illogical comparisons between Ms. ...Read the Full Article

Eunomia » Bad Arguments and Bad Friends

American Conservative Magazine
Perhaps it would be best to scrap all of this friendship language and try to use more critical thinking and less sentimentality when discussing these ... Read the Full Article

Sharing the importance of astronomy and critical thinking to the ...

By Tiare Rivera is back with an exclusive interview to the prominent astronomer Phil Plait (aka The Bad Astronomer). He is the author of the website. Read the Full Article

The cognitive effects are measurable: We're turning into shallow thinkers ...

Wall Street Journal
... cognitive processes," including "abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, reflection, inductive problem solving, critical thinking, and imagination. ... Read the Full Article

The "What Great Bosses Know" Collection Coaching bosses encourage critical thinking -- about values, reasoning and "what is the best path among the alternatives we've considered? ... Read the Full Article