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March 2009

President Obama Urges Education Reform

Obama wants to overhaul education system from 'cradle to career' - CNN

President Obama began to flesh out the details of one of his signature campaign promises Tuesday, outlining his plan for a major overhaul of the country's education system "from the cradle up through a career."

..."The solution to low test scores is not lower standards; it's tougher, clearer standards," he argued. At the same time, however, he urged states to develop standards "that don't simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test but whether they possess 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity."
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Obama urges education reform
USA Today‎ - Obama called for "world class standards" in math and science, as well as "21st Century skills" such as "problem-solving and critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article
Presses For Education Reform Including More Time In Classrooms ...
CBS News - Read the Full Article
Obama to push for merit pay for teachers in education speech.
Chicago Sun-Times - Read the Full Article
Obama Supports Merit Pay For Teachers, Charter School Expansion
Trading Markets (press release) - Read the Full Article
Obama Unveils Part of Education Plan
Voice of America - Read the Full Article


Are you a critical thinker?

Quality thought is vital. So why don’t schools foster it?
Christian Science Monitor - Boston, MA

"How can we hope to thoughtfully address the economic issues, conflicts, world poverty, and many other pressing concerns that trouble our planet, if we don't take the way we think seriously?"

Linda Elder is the president of the Foundation for Critical Thinking, an education nonprofit organization concerned with fostering fair-minded critical thinking...Read More

Program focuses on African American music, history from a hip-hop ...

Minnesota Spokesman Recorder
“It’s also for people who want to get a jumpstart in college,” Wright continues, “getting that basic understanding, critical-thinking skills, and getting ... Read the Full Article

'Media literacy' expands learning through technology in Summit schools

Independent Press
The mastery of those technologies must be coupled with critical thinking and ethical considerations, Mr. Walsh said. Emphasis is placed on: how to use the ... Read the Full Article

Hillary Clinton’s Drug-War Insanities

MWC News
Critical thinking and challenging the system at a fundamental level bring Ritalan injections. So, you end up with a nation of sheep-like adults with ... Read the Full Article

Advocating critical thought

But this, in my mind, only further distances students from the use of their own critical thinking skills, strengthening instead their dependency on his ... Read the Full Article

Students need real civics lessons: educator

Ottawa Citizen
While North American schools talk about good citizenship, they have done little to kindle critical thinking, he says. “The kinds of goals and practices ... Read the Full Article

Educator's ideas rate discussion

Guelph Mercury
It also tended to ignore specifically attending to developing a learner's self-concept, their critical thinking skills and their social skills --things that ... Read the Full Article

US Must Learn From International Peers, Report Says

Education Week News (subscription)
But the new policy brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education said PISA's emphasis on measuring critical-thinking skills are "just the sort of skills ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Children To Be Environmentally Conscious

North American Press Syndicate
... America's largest high school environmental education competitions-a program designed to enhance students' problem solving and critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

RESISTANCE!, AUSTRALIA Rudd’s education revolution… not

Green Left Weekly
... Left Weekly: “The changes mean a further shift towards higher education as degree factories, focused on graduate outcomes rather than critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Bad Homework is a Symptom of a Bad School

They are certainly not developing critical thinking skills. Another incorrect supposition that has permeated schools in this country is that "more is better ... Read the Full Article

The Humanities Have No Purpose

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
The value of an education in humanities for critical thinking and writing-skills and of course the value of the degree itself as a comparative credential ... Read the Full Article

Education Reform Subject of Two New Books

Voice of America
Two authors offer differing approaches to meeting the challenge of creating an educational system that encourages imagination and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

We Have Seen The Enemy…
Critical thinking is frowned upon in our schools and in our boardrooms. Thinking “outside the box” has become a metaphor for saying the same thing in a ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking has become the latest educational buzzword, but ...

Cyprus Mail
DESPITE the overwhelming consensus about the importance of critical thinking in educational programmes and curricula, learning in most cases still remains a ... Read the Full Article

Get outside and learn

Boston Globe
Research backs up their Network's effort: Studies shows that students involved in environmental education demonstrated improved critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Blue Man Group Sets Sights on Global Education Transformation

PR Newswire (press release)
We want to create an education system that develops the part of the brain that gives you self-confidence, the capacity for compassion, critical thinking and ... Read the Full Article

Keene State Speaker to Discuss the International Food Crisis

Keene State College
The program furthers the College's mission of building relationships that emphasize creative and critical thinking and a passion for learning, ... Read the Full Article

What Was I Thinking?

Inside Higher Ed
Perhaps the biggest insights I have had revolve around how to improve our students’ critical thinking skills. Many people, within our institution and ... Read the Full Article

Arts not just for arts' sake

Campus Review
“But don’t believe the hype about employers valuing the critical thinking and other skills that an arts degree imparts. It may be true in Britain, ... Read the Full Article

Critical thought is necessary

MetroWest Daily News
I generally find that people who lack critical thinking skills are stubborn and unwilling to assimilate data that does not fit their picture of the world. ... Read the Full Article

The trouble with customized public schools
“I really believe this school is about developing critical thinking skills, because I think that’s the most fundamental skill we all need in terms of being ... Read the Full Article

An Academic Tragedy

The clear goal of such courses is not to educate their students in the methods of critical thinking but to instill ideologies that are hostile to American ... Read the Full Article

Bias & Critical Thinking

Black Voice News
One approach is to access life-shaping words inside the tangled web of this vicious cycle by means of Critical Thinking. Just as these scales (plus and ... Read the Full Article

Learning and development: Creativity and critical thinking

Children & Young People Now
The commitment to Creativity and Critical Thinking (4.3) explores the importance of play and its link with thinking. 'When children have opportunities to ... Read the Full Article

To Educate or not, that is the questions: Is excellence a choice?
I cannot expect that the government or the best private or public schools will do the job alone to build character, develop critical thinking skills, ... Read the Full Article

Heretics and Humility

Arutz Sheva
If public schools aim to foster critical thinking, it is hard to imagine how ridiculing, much less banning, different points of view serves that goal. ... Read the Full Article

Indiana New Tech High Schools Become Model for National Expansion

Muncie Free Press
Students’ grades are then based on a multi-faceted combination of content, oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and work ethic. ... Read the Full Article

New Curriculum Becomes A SpringBoard For Teacher Criticism

The program uses engaging, fun activities to improve critical thinking skills and promises to prepare more students for Advanced Placement and college-level ... Read the Full Article

A 'Mission-Driven' Core

Inside Higher Ed
Critical thinking becomes real and important. Writing becomes something that you don’t just do for your professor but something you do for a wider audience ... Read the Full Article

Economy will not affect enrollment in humanities courses

UM Maneater
"They are integral to the process of teaching critical thinking, and they stretch peoples' abilities to see the world in new ways," he said. ... Read the Full Article

In tough times, think outside the box

Guelph Mercury
Managers should avoid curbing critical thinking, Campbell said. And they should encourage calculated risks and the breaking of new ground. ... Read the Full Article

Educators have different opinions about third, eighth grade ...

West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Manchin proposed the bill to make sure that all students that are moving on to fourth grade and to high school have the necessary critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

It's time for survival mode

Frederick News Post (subscription)
But, when money’s flowing as freely as it was a few short years ago, greed and selfishness tend to quickly replace logic and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

NAACP versus free speech
... Meyers explains, "help equip students with the critical thinking skills and information they need in order to challenge common stereotypes and myths ... Read the Full Article

Better Teachers, Not Tinier Classes, Should Be Goal

Washington Post
... of dazzling theatrics can substitute for learning how to analyze, write effective essays, and increase a student's overall critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Much ado about fairness

Manila Standard Today
It should become part of critical thinking skills to constantly ask what may have motivated a journalist to print what he did, or a commentator, ... Read the Full Article

Effects of technology in learning

Manila Bulletin
"Studies show that reading develops imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking, as well as vocabulary" Greenfield said. ... Read the Full Article

21 century skills, Or education without educators
People who promote critical thinking and problem solving should have at least learned some basic history of educational thought and educational reform, ... Read the Full Article

How to Raise Student Achievement, Leverage Existing Resources

PR Web (press release)
Learners develop their critical thinking skills and ability to craft expository and descriptive texts. Teachers have more time to help those who need ... Read the Full Article