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March 2010

Critical thinking skills boost philosophy students

Web Devil
Though sometimes questioned about its practicality, researchers say majoring in philosophy prepares students for ... Read the Full Article

EYE ON THE PIE: Education, not graduation, is the goal
Individual courses can be irrigated, watered-down, requiring less sophisticated readings, less critical thinking, easier term projects and lower standards ... Read the Full Article

Bringing energy, critical thinking to school board

Iowa City Press Citizen
She said her studies in science helped her develop critical thinking skills she is using today in her position on the school board. ... Read the Full Article

Is it possible to teach non-partisan, non-ideological history?

The critical thinking promoted by this model would far surpass anything that's going on in most schools right now. When thinking of this model, ... Read the Full Article

On Pop Clarity: Public Intellectuals and the Crisis of Language

[27] If the greatest obstacle to critical thinking and social agency is the enforced insistence on a kind of general ignorance in the name of clarity, ... Read the Full Article

Education suffers from so much 'test-based accountability'

The business model of standardization and competition does not work in schools — not if we want the creativity, critical thinking, innovation and teamwork ... Read the Full Article

Environmental Literacy: No Child Left Indoors
... education have higher standardized test scores, better grades in reading, writing and math, and improved behavior and critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Voice of Reason: Archaic educational system thriving in the new world-economy!

Joy Online
Undoubtedly, our colleges and schools should dedicate to nurturing critical thinking, effective communication skills coupled with practical community ... Read the Full Article

Summit schools coming up with goals for improvement

Summit Daily News
It's focused on “critical thinking, research and communication skills that enables (students) to solve complex problems and create valuable new paradigms. ... Read the Full Article

National teaching standards could spark dramatic changes in schools
This gap in critical thinking skills is why US students lag behind their peers in many European and Asian countries on tests that require them to apply ... Read the Full Article

Cultural Studies is for everybody

But there's indoctrination, and there's developing critical thinking skills. The beauty of the latter is that everyone gets to decide for themselves– for ... Read the Full Article

Barber: What should students learn?

They are all well known advocates of points of view on important issues that students should learn in the pursuit of critical thinking. As for Ted Kennedy, ... Read the Full Article

Interview with CIS Chair of Wilbur Wright College: Critical Thinking Skills ...

City Town Info Education Channel
Educators wouldn't teach students critical thinking skills if we didn't think it will be important to students' lives, but often, students don't see it. ... Read the Full Article

Content learning and scientific reasoning

Philippine Star
... in high school did not score any better in critical thinking evaluation than their US counterparts who had only a year (at most) of physics instruction. ... Read the Full Article

To Strengthen Education, Strengthen Teacher Education Programs

Huffington Post
... No Child Left Behind for its focus on testing and standards-based education, which hinders a student's abilities to develop critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

The hard truth about soft skills

... 'global awareness and cross-cultural skills, civic literacy, and critical thinking, information and communication skills'. To someone as decidedly of ... Read the Full Article

Iowa teachers face little testing
... School English teacher, said most standardized teacher tests fall short because they call for "recall and regurgitation" instead of critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

How do we teach students to question what we say?

I've reproduced it here because I think the notion of teaching things like critical thinking & the nature of science are just as relevant here as they are ... Read the Full Article

Charting a New Course

Tico Times
... students are taught to memorize information only to regurgitate it in the same form on an exam, he said, adding that there are no critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Animal rights and academic freedom

As part of an institution of critical thinking, they should hold industry at an arm's length and work independently from it, even if only occasionally. ... Read the Full Article

Students put critical-thinking skills to work

SW Iowa News
Problem solving, critical thinking and decision making are getting increased emphasis in schools these days, through extracurricular activities such as ... Read the Full Article

South Bend's future: 'We have to change ... our thinking'

South Bend Tribune
Communication skills, critical thinking, the ability to collaborate and work in teams — we treat these as if they are somehow innate, but they're not. ... Read the Full Article

Program seeks to 'rewire students' brains'

ENC Today - Laura Oleniacz
“When they come into school not exposed to that kind of critical thinking at a very early age, it's hard to play catch-up. That's what we're trying to do ... Read the Full Article

Teachers share their views on how to improve education

eSchool News (subscription)
“It also comes down to: Are you teaching children vital skills, like critical thinking, that they can take with them throughout life, or are you teaching ... Read the Full Article

Students, put away your books

Watertown Daily Times
Teachers participating in today's program are given a guide called “Critical Thinking through Core Curriculum: Using Print and Digital Newspapers. ... Read the Full Article

Innovative program provides lessons in problem solving

Montreal Gazette
"We need goodwill at the base, and then we need strategy, critical thinking, communication - it's all part of the problem-solving process. ... Read the Full Article

The Fall of America's Universities

The Borneo Post
... problems as their primary and secondary schools in that they rely heavily on rote learning, with negative effects on critical thinking and innovation. ... Read the Full Article

To Test or Not to Test? That is the Multiple-choice Question

The New American - Raven Clabough
Critical thinking and higher order skills will be measured by more difficult exams like Advanced Placement tests and the SATs. All students should know ... Read the Full Article

To WEPT or not to WEPT

University News (subscription)
“It was designed to test critical thinking skills and reading-comprehension skills.” Students are encouraged to take the WEPT rather than English 299 to ... Read the Full Article