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November 2009

Education should evolve with job market

Emirates Business 24/7
Zeid said critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills are particularly important in a knowledge economy and in the context of a globalised ... Read the Full Article

Academy strives to teach students self sufficiency
... a rural area between Mountain City and Damascus, Va., combines farm work and outdoor expeditions with an academic program focused on critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking is not a mystery

Morgan Hill Times
"Critical thinking is a mystery to me. What is it?" - Fred Oliveri, letter to the Morgan Hill Times editor about one of my columns. I write frequently about ... Read the Full Article

Study abroad on the rise

Arizona Daily Wildcat
These critical thinking skills are acquired when students are immersed in the various cultures of the places they study. “It's hard to argue that you have ... Read the Full Article

Failing upward: a Journey in Teaching

UPENN Almanac
I teach by fostering critical thinking and true understanding through reason. I hold fast to my tenet that by knowing a few basic, core principles of a ... Read the Full Article

A 'Wide Open' Education

Food For Thought, A News Cafe
... achieved through a high student/teacher ratio and an approach that emphasizes hands-on experience, critical thinking, and advanced reading and writing. ... Read the Full Article

Use student achievement to measure teachers
Those tests don't measure how children develop creativity and critical thinking skills, for example, she said. And in a Des Moines Register survey of ... Read the Full Article

A Defense of the Lecture

Inside Higher Ed 
The goals of critical thinking are the only possible goals of a liberal arts education, and I support them without reservation. Yet you can't jump straight ... Read the Full Article

Students worried for interdisciplinary programs

“In the university's mandate, it talks about critical thinking and engaging with one another in ways that are challenging and novel. ... Read the Full Article

The digital age challenges teachers, teaching, books

Harvard University Gazette
Turkle said that what gets lost is a skill long associated with higher education: critical thinking. In the world of digital information, she said, ... Read the Full Article

Internet helps but also hinders learning, professors say

Daily Free Press (subscription)
Director of Technology for Google Craig Silverstein said the role of the university is to engage critical thinking and evaluate information in an ... Read the Full Article

Time for Teacher: Teaching students the write way

Advocate Weekly
Those workshops ranged the gamut, from "Video Gaming: Critical Thinking" to "Spoken Word Poetry" to "Comic Book Writing" to "Writing Historical Fiction" and ... Read the Full Article

Teachable Moments

The Dartmouth
... interaction in an exchange of ideas, dynamic learning and critical thinking skills that prepare students for a future of bold leadership and citizenship ... Read the Full Article

Editorial: Free flow of ideas critical in classrooms
For most people, critical thinking requires training. An important part of that training happens in our schools, where students are exposed to new ideas. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking more important than ever
Keeping one's mind attuned to critical thinking is, well, critical. The only sure thing one can trust is what one thinks and believes. ... Read the Full Article

Building 21st Century Skills

Blogging Innovation
Learning and Innovation Skills: Creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and collaboration. ... Read the Full Article

Weston parent symposium explores 21st Century learning

Weston Forum
The program seeks to engage parents in a discussion about critical thinking, problem solving, working collaboratively and other core competencies for ... Read the Full Article

Crisp: So what exactly is college for?

Scripps News
For example, students that spend too much time studying these disciplines may develop an enhanced capacity for critical thinking, even skepticism, ... Read the Full Article

New 'Sesame Street' star helps show mark 40 years

Fresno Bee (subscription)
The Abby Cadabby segment will focus on critical thinking. Barry says it'll be presented as computer-generated animation because children respond to that. ... Read the Full Article

Passionate educators believe, inspire our future

Alamogordo Daily News
They used critical thinking questions, used what was going on in the "real world." Their students needed to know "why" they were learning something. ... Read the Full Article

Independent Schools Adopted New Curricula and Teaching Methods Early in ...

AScribe (press release)
Students were more frequently asked to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information, accordingly, developed skills associated with critical thinking," she ... Read the Full Article

Assessing the Assessments

Inside Higher Ed
In other words, a college that ranked in the 95th percentile for critical thinking using one of the tests would rank in roughly the same place using the ... Read the Full Article

New conservative Douglas County school board to vote on GOP-backed charter ...

The Colorado Independent
... and to focus on “basic skills in reading, writing, communication, math and critical thinking as the tools to success in later learning, life and work. ... Read the Full Article

Segregation is back in America's public schools

RIC News and Events
Francesca, he said, is one of many teachers on the front line who has refused to teach test-prep lessons, who has engaged her students in critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Thomas M. Stephens commentary: Standards obstruct education

Columbus Dispatch
Ohio Department of Education personnel have obediently taken up this edict by promising standards that focus on reasoning and critical-thinking. ... Read the Full Article