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November 2010

Children’s Progress Begins Pilot Testing for New SBIR Grant Research Project


This innovative technology will infuse creative and critical thinking skills into early childhood curriculum to lay the foundation for future success...Read the Full Article

Says who??

Winnipeg Free Press 

... to provide a social and intellectual outlet for like-minded individuals who are passionate about science and the promotion of critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Shameless White House Spin Aside, WikiLeaks Doesn't Harm Cause of Human Rights

The Nation.

... like many others, outsource your critical thinking to others and defend their conclusions effortlessly by vomitting up outsourced talking points. when ...Read the Full Article

Profs allege donor influence


Hamel said he believes university administration is glad he and Valleau are looking into donor agreements, since universities are about critical thinking...Read the Full Article

What Tom Friedman got wrong about schools and why it matters

Washington Post

There are three basic skills that students need if they want to thrive in a knowledge economy: the ability to do critical thinking and problem-solving; ...Read the Full Article

U.S. Empire Built on a Foundation of Lies

The Market Oracle

If Americans were capable or willing to do some critical thinking, they would realize that those in power have created the illusion of a recovery by handing...Read the Full Article

Grinnell College Announces $300,000 Annual Social Justice Prize Program

PR Newswire (press release)

Judging criteria will also focus on how nominees embrace the values of a liberal arts education, including critical thinking, creative problem-solving, ...Read the Full Article

Junior Achievement receives $100000 grant?

The grant will provide students throughout Michigan and in metro Detroit with JA programming to help them to use their creativity and critical-thinking...Read the Full Article

Study focuses on jobs future?

San Angelo Standard Times

“We had some industries that found it difficult to find qualified workers, and many of them lacked occupational and critical thinking skills, too...Read the Full Article

Myths and monsters?

Window on Wake Forest

First-year students choose from a wide variety of seminars that use creative approaches to develop critical thinking skills. By the time the students finish...Read the Full Article

New headteacher will continue good work?

Rutland and Stamford Mercury

In addition to this, he teaches history, general studies and critical thinking and coaches rugby. He graduated from Royal Holloway College in London and...Read the Full Article

Neighborhood House is here to stay?

Auburn Citizen

... communications, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges, self-directed engaged learning, shaken baby syndrome and recognizing chil...Read the Full Article

Justice George charges UG graduates to create more just society?

Stabroek News

... the privilege and opportunity to obtain tertiary education it is important that you utilise your powers of analysis and critical thinking and the skills...Read the Full Article

The need for a creative economy?

Daily Gleaner

It was about fostering a culture where critical thinking and innovative problem-solving can help transition our economy from dependence on declining...Read the Full Article

All-male charter school a tough sell?

Wisconsin State Journal 

The school would offer an International Baccalaureate honors curriculum, with an emphasis oncritical thinking skills, community service and learning about...Read the Full Article

National School ICT Connectivity Project Inaugurated?

Modern Ghana

“The teacher needs to encourage critical thinking skills, promote information literacy, and nurture collaborative working practices to prepare children for...Read the Full Article

The View from Mudsock Heights: We're Beginning an Important ...?

Open for Business

Critical thinking is always required when one reads history. In any case, we're approaching what I hope will be several years of national attention paid to...Read the Full Article

Montgomery College's Deborah Stearns Named Maryland Professor of ...?

eCampus News

... thoroughly appreciate her ability to capture her students' interest, engage them in discussion and help them to develop their critical thinking skills....Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking in The News: Police vs. Bicyclists

Pearson's Critical Thinking (blog)

Have you ever read a story in the news and thought: “Wait, did that really happen? Really? ...Read the Full Article

Too much information??

NIU Today

That requires another layer of critical-thinking skills. “It involves reflecting on a whole set of factors associated with text, including who wrote it and...Read the Full Article

What's Your Story??

Huffington Post (blog)

The goal of dialogue in this context is critical thinking and action--voice and knowledge emerge from the continual interaction of reflection and action....Read the Full Article

Students step inside, think outside the box?

UNLV The Rebel Yell

“If we are able to provide an opportunity for someone to think more critically about the issues of hunger and homelessness, and if that critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Pakistan floods wake-up call to growing disasters?

Washington Post

"With some foresight and critical thinking, we can implement effective programs to prevent long-term displacement and get people back on their feet more...Read the Full Article

Verizon Awards $10000 for Youth Entrepreneurship Program? (press release)

... math, critical thinking and problem solving. NFTE's goal is to reengage young people in learning and keep them on a path towards high school graduation...Read the Full Article

The Downside of Traditions

Fast Company
Just blindly follow the past so you don't have to do the hard work of critical thinking in the present. If your business is over 12 months old...Read the Full Article

With Mock Trial sessions, students hone critical thinking, verbal acuity

Tri Valley Herald
By JM Brown What can aspiring teenage actors learn from a veteran personal injury attorney? Why, a flair for the dramatic, of course. Luke Ellis of Orinda, ...Read the Full Article

A 'Stealth Assessment' Turns to Video Games to Measure Thinking Skills

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
This computer game, ostensibly about ecology, can actually measure a variety of critical-thinking skills in students, says Valerie J. Shute, a professor at ...Read the Full Article

Cornell University Leads National Campaign To Support The Arts And Humanities

City Town Info Education Channel
Furthermore, he argued that critical thinking, which is taught in humanities, is essential when ethics problems arise in business and academic research...Read the Full Article

A Republican House Will Launch "Witch Hunt" on Science

Religion Dispatches
Those pro-science folks who celebrated the end of the Bush administration—thinking that at long last the attacks on critical thinking had ended—should be ...Read the Full Article