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October 2009

Review: The Mythology of Imperialism: A Revolutionary Critique of British Literature and Society in

Ideas do not change; contexts do. The expression of an idea may morph into different linguistic and semantic forms, but an idea continues unchanged. Contexts change, words change, but ideas don’t. If our understanding of an idea is shallow, then our application or engagement of that idea will tend to be shallow. If our understanding of an idea has depth, then our application and engagement of that idea will tend to reflect the complexities inherent within the issue. The second publication of The Mythology of Imperialism introduces us to such depth, while illuminating how various academic, social and political forces have hidden the complexities of imperialism and oppression from our public consciousness.

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    The Christian Science Monitor - by Linda Elder

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    I think critically, therefore I am

    Times Higher Education - by Linda Elder

    Teaching students to read and understand a text properly is essential to their intellectual survival in a complex world...

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    Expert trains GMC faculty

    Union Recorder

    Georgia Military College hosted a Critical Thinking Workshop August 27-28 in Milledgeville. The Critical Thinking Workshop was conducted by Dr. Richard Paul, an internationally recognized authority on critical thinking, with eight books and over 200 articles on the subject.

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  • Andy Shapiro, It Takes a Village: Students have good ideas about school reform

    Santa Cruz Sentinel
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    Family Security Matters
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    Arizona State University
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    Columbia Daily Tribune
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    Columbus Dispatch
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    Emily Young: Critical thinking is in critical condition

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    Times of India
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    The Limitations of Portfolios

    Inside Higher Ed
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    Daytona Beach News-Journal
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    A Minority View: Academic Dishonesty

    Town Hall
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    A fundamental review of business education is overdue

    Times Online
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    Teaching Our Children To Think Logically

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    Tufts Daily
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    Youth Must Bolster their Education

    New Era
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    Teaching Requires Testing

    Mackinac Center for Public Policy
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    Critical, creative and productive thinking skills

    Manila Bulletin
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    Diversity programs focus on mentoring, expanding viewpoints

    Bucknell University
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    Copper Development Association: Improved Science Education Key to a More ...

    PR Web (press release)
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    Times and Transcript
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