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September 2009

Full Text of Obama's Speech to Schoolchildren

You'll need the insights and critical thinking skills you gain in history and social studies to fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination, ... Read the Full Article

Reading skills need to improve

Bismarck Tribune
These students may have basic reading skills but have not developed the critical thinking necessary for the higher level reading in college. ... Read the Full Article

Up for Debate: Should Kids Be Taught How to Argue?

Wall Street Journal (blog)
Without the critical thinking skills that underlie a good argument, “everything is all the same to you. It's equally credible and believable,” she says. ... Read the Full Article

Old school

Boston Globe
That's why it's a fallacy to assume that “critical thinking' - about photography, football, France, or photosynthesis - can be learned in the absence of ... Read the Full Article

Can you read this?
Consider: Young language students learn to read in their native language more quickly, and have better listening and critical thinking skills and longer ... Read the Full Article

Would more arts classes improve student achievement?

Arts learning is important in developing students' critical thinking, Ruppert argues. She outlines five strategies to improve arts education in America, ... Read the Full Article

Teacher: Literacy education must adapt to a changing world

Critical thinking can and should be taught through analyzing online media, and accurate assessments of literacy should start considering the multiple ... Read the Full Article

Use the power of critical thinking

optionMONSTER Research (registration)
There are several topics not taught in school (most schools, at least) that I believe are fundamental: logic, critical thinking, and basic finance. ... Read the Full Article

Confusing a Liberal Education With Public Education

American Spectator
Being able to make such a defense, moreover, is the first step toward critical thinking and not a sign that it's not developing. ... Read the Full Article

Why science belongs in the core curriculum

Dallas Morning News
... of governance that don't directly involve science, as science is an approach to critical thinking that can and should be applied to all walks of life. ... Read the Full Article

Why We Need To Dispense With The GRE

Deep-Sea News (blog)
... that are important for graduate study: reasoning skills, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively in writing in the General Test, ... Read the Full Article

Surviving your child's education: Active reading

Wicked Local Mattapoisett
In order to integrate these critical thinking skills into student consciousness, however, it is essential that our actions at first be deliberate and ... Read the Full Article

Education policy must consider promoting a holistic individual.

American Chronicle
This exposure can enrich their knowledge to analysis the problem, learning to think effectively, and promote ability to critical thinking in solving the ... Read the Full Article

Can Journalism Schools Be Relevant?

... the illusions of neutrality that have hampered their ability to monitor the centers of power for citizens and model real critical thinking for students. ... Read the Full Article

Instead of plagiarising, teach critical thinking

Malaysia Today
Critical thinking is also not about running in the streets screaming for this or that change; it is a process of intellectual embodiment and the ... Read the Full Article

Professor Hopes to Change Science Education

University Chronicle
She says the goal of her research is to "look at students' attitudes towards science, cooperative learning and critical thinking in a science course, ... Read the Full Article

Group denounces public education

UT The Daily Texan
“Democracy only works well when everyone has a basic education in literacy, history, government and a degree of critical thinking,” Pangle said. ... Read the Full Article

The power of education

CU Columbia Spectator
Columbia's Core Curriculum focuses on fostering critical thinking skills in classes such as Lit Hum and CC. I don't think the importance of the style of ... Read the Full Article

The To-Do List

Inside Higher Ed
... if asked, what exactly is expected of them when critiques and pundits push the importance of critical thinking, analytic reasoning, and problem solving. ... Read the Full Article

Reading Is Fundamental Launches "Read for Change"
... videos and other materials designed to strengthen literacy development, creativity and develop the critical thinking skills needed for success in the ... Read the Full Article

Breakthrough paradigms

Manila Bulletin
... be balanced by an equal focus on the acquisition of understanding and of real-life skills, as well as the development of creative and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Anomalistic psychology, Lesson One: Seeing is not believing
Image: Agliolo/Corbis Having taught anomalistic psychology now for 15 years, I can vouch that it provides a fantastic way to teach critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

The Corporate Stranglehold on Education

In the age of increasing specializations, pay for grades schemes, excessive instrumentalism, and an increasing contempt for critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Is the Internet Killing Critical Thinking?

Prior to the dawn of the Internet Age, anyone who wanted to keep up with current events could pretty much count on being exposed to a ... Read the Full Article

After decades of virtually no access to education, children with ...

Egypt Today
The current curriculum will be slightly modified so that students with varying memorization or critical thinking skills can adapt and be given an equal ... Read the Full Article

EWC grant helps develop students' critical thinking

The Torrington Telegram
The guided inquiry approach will help students develop critical thinking skills, Stickel added. “Many of the labs I've done have a 'cookbook method' with ... Read the Full Article

Changing the way we teach and learn
What remains vital though is balancing that with traditional assignments to encourage literacy, reading, communication and critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

How to advance scientific literacy

EurekAlert (press release)
He illustrates the challenges we face because students lack critical thinking skills, are generally uninformed about plants, and many are actually hostile ... Read the Full Article

Data isn't the only way to measure student and teacher achievement
The arts develop critical thinking, problem solving, communication and many other academic factors needed for global competitiveness. ... Read the Full Article

Column: Students Need 'Education for Work'

Great Falls Connection
... areas where potential workers most often require remedial training — among them creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. ... Read the Full Article