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September 2010

Prayer Really Does Shut Down Skepticism, Critical Thinking in the ...

Austin Cline
One criticism leveled by atheists against religion is that it works against the basic sorts of skepticism and critical thinking which people know are important and already use in other areas of life. What is it about religion that would ...Read the Full Article

Thinking like a nurse

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Critical thinking is at the heart of being a good nurse. “You start with the guidelines and theory that you know, and you build on that through your ...Read the Full Article

Critical thinking: not a “quick fix,” but broadly applicable :The ...

By Jeffrey Ellis
Check out the latest “critical thinking” courses. Many come up on a Google search. Many promise better grades and higher test scores. Without much effort, you can create your own course and tap into this hot topic. ...Read the Full Article

Why do We Believe What We Believe?

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
In our developed countries, however, the scientific method, critical thinking, and the notion of the theory of everything are our leading paradigms of ...Read the Full Article

Schools, Businesses Focus on Critical Thinking

Wall Street Journal
Other companies make it a point for managers to spend extra time developing independent and critical thinking skills in their new hires. ...Read the Full Article

HORNER: College requires a fundamental shift in critical thinking

Colorado Springs Gazette
It is that time of year when our students return to campus. I'm always glad to see those returning from their summer hiatus tanned, rested and ready for the ...Read the Full Article

Crocodile sanctuary destroyed by mob inflamed by psychic
People who have the tools of critical thinking have a weapon against ignorance and superstition. They are not as easy to manipulate as these Belizean ...Read the Full Article

Anti-Muslim Hysteria Fueled by Rejection of Critical Thinking as "Elitist"

When higher education is given a bad name, the critical thinking involved in assessing political and policy arguments gets lost in the shuffle. ...Read the Full Article