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Critical Thinking Class: Student Understandings

Student Understandings

  1. I understand the standards in this course and that I am responsible for monitoring my own learning. _____

  2. I understand that the class will focus on practice not on lecture. _____

  3. I understand on a typical class day I will be working in a small group and that I will be responsible to take an active part in advancing the assigned work of the group._____

  4. I understand that I will be held regularly responsible for assessing my own work using criteria and standards discussed in class. _____

  5. I understand that if at any time in the semester I feel unsure about my "grade", I may request an assessment from the professor. _____

  6. I understand that for every class day I will have a written assignment due which must be computer generated. ____

  7. I understand that I must keep a journal, using a special format and including 20 entries in the course of the semester. ____

  8. I understand that there are 25 short written assignments, one due for every class day. _____

  9. I understand that if the assignment for the day is not completed, then I am not prepared to do the "in-class" work of the day and will be asked to leave. _____

  10. I understand that there is an oral exam that is a mastery exam. I understand that all entries must be passed to pass the course_____

  11. I understand that there is a final exam in the course_____

  12. I understand that I must do A Self-Evaluation, in which I "make a case" for receiving a particular grade using criteria provided in class and citing evidence from my work across the semester. _____

  13. I understand that the work of the course requires Consistent classroom attendance and active participation. _____

  14. I understand that the class will not be graded on a curve. I understand that it is theoretically possible for the whole class to get an A or an F. _____

  15. I understand the basis of the final grade as follows: _____

    • Final Exam: about 30%  
    • Out of class writing: about 30%  
    • Self-evaluation: about 20%
    • Active, Skilled Participation: about 10%
    • Penalty for Missed Classes: Every two unexcused absences after the first two results in a 1/3 of a grade penalty. (Hence, with four absences: if my final grade would have been C+, it would be reduced to a C; if C- it would be reduced to D+).

  16. I understand that the professor will periodically be absent on university business and that on those occasions there will be in-class practice sessions designed by the professor and facilitated by a teaching assistant. _____

  17. I understand that since the final grade is not based on points and is not mathematically calculated, the above percentages are approximations to suggest emphasis, not precise figures. In assigning my final grade the professor will lay all of my work out before him and match my work as a whole against the criteria passed out in class and using the weighting above. _____

  18. I understand that the book available to students is not required. _____

  19. I understand that the teaching assistants under no conditions assign grades or suggest grades. _____

  20. I understand that I am responsible to develop the ability to assess my own work using the criteria for grades passed out in class. I received a copy of those criteria. _____

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