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April 2010

Critical Thinking Skills A Must For Students

Bandar Seri Begawan Students must be equipped with critical thinking skills in thisage of intelligence and not technology as the overload of information meant that students cannot memorise everything said a Ministry of Education officer. Hj Shamsulbahri Hj Muhammad officer from the ... Read the Full Article

Three Steps to Thinking Critically in the Age of Distraction

Fast Company Blog
Reflect on the process If there is one area of critical thinking that is overlooked it is reflection No one seems to have time for it I ... One way to improve critical thinking skills is to keep a journal The act of writing imposes two disciplines organization and reflection You have ... Read the Full Article

No Child Left Behind: Ditch that testing?

Daily Breeze 

Teachers must teach to a test that proves nothing, sacrificing creativity and critical thinking. Some people will argue that this test ensures people will ...Read the Full Article

History and Ideology in Textbooks

American Thinker
It is the fostering of critical thinking to which the Texas State Board seems most opposed. Rather than encouraging students to investigate the role of ...Read the Full Article

Learning to think is as important as the three Rs

Sydney Morning Herald
Critical thinking skills will be of the utmost importance in the future, as they are today, yet there is no plan to include a compulsory philosophy cum ...Read the Full Article

Three Steps to Thinking Critically in the Age of Distraction

Fast Company‎‎
Critical thinking is left by the wayside. The problem affects not simply young people who are growing up with hyper-mobile technologies; it affects adults, ... Read the Full Article

POV: Critical Thinking Skills Are the Surest Pathway to True and Lasting Knowledge

Community College Week - Phillip Crenshaw
The term “critical thinking” is used by numerous community college instructors to suggest their pedagogy results in high-level instruction and learning. Read the Full Article

Now is the time for revolution in the classroom

Irish Times

The confidence to motivate critical thinking within the classroom has a profound impact on the relationship between education, civil society and democracy. ... Read the Full Article

Assembly-line schools from a bygone era

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
... reading, writing, speaking, interviewing and critical thinking, all of which serve them well in the workplace, college and broader life. ... Read the Full Article

Fifth Period: Life and Death Decision-making

... of teachers who taught bioethics believed their students' critical thinking skills had improved and that they had become more open-minded as a result. ... Read the Full Article

Targeting Academic And Speech Freedoms
The resultant suppression of free inquiry and critical thinking vitiates the First Amendment and undermines the foundation of higher learning in this ... Read the Full Article

Value of a liberal education

The Sentry 

The main reason for pursuing a liberal education is to develop critical thinking skills. A college education is more than job training. ... Read the Full Article

The Cranky Professor

The Journal

For that reason, it's unlikely that people schooled in critical thinking would choose not to think critically. That public discourse in our country and even ... Read the Full Article