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April 2011

Brooklyn Heights' Caroline Hellman Wins Fulbright Award ?

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Hellman encourages students to assess, question and draw their own conclusions, as these critical thinking skills “will aid them far beyond their college ...Read the Full Article

10 Things We Should Be Talking About Instead of Celebrity Rehab ?

Huffington Post

Whether English, math, or science, the test requires long-form answers and essays where the test-takers prove their critical thinking skills rather than ...Read the Full Article

Fixing the education pipeline ?

Education News Colorado

The first five years of a child's life are crucial in building a strong foundation for lifelong learning skills like critical thinking, language development ...Read the Full Article

Howland team heads to globals ?

Warren Tribune Chronicle - 1 day ago
The program aims to help students build lifelong skills such as problem-solving through teamwork and creative and critical thinking. ...Read the Full Article

Economic Mobility Remains Out of Reach For as Much as 42% of ...

Hispanically Speaking News

Foundational skills, or effective communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and critical-thinking abilities, are necessary to healthy social ...Read the Full Article

AVID preps students for college, life ?

Roseville Press Tribune

During Socratic Seminars, students engage in higher-level questioning and critical thinking. The goal is to get students to move beyond the “'duh' level of ...Read the Full Article

National Teacher of Year to speak at Perkins Student Center ?

University of Delaware - 2 days ago

... of teaching that marries content to skill,” that problem solving and critical thinking are useless without the facts, but that the reverse is also true. ...Read the Full Article

How Education Reform Traps Poor Children ?

Education Week News
Not critical thinking. Not creativity. It's about how to correctly eliminate three out of four bubbles.” Those who demand that we close the achievement gap ...Read the Full Article

New Research Looks at School Missions ?

Wesleyan Argus

“If they talk about critical thinking, they're really talking about cognitive development,” Stemler said. “If they talk about global or effective citizens, ...Read the Full Article

University business students experiencing fuller, more rounded ... ?

Oregon Daily Emerald

... degree may not even guarantee — as national surveys indicate — that employers favor writing and critical thinking skills over a background in business. ...Read the Full Article

Constitutional mandate: Promote the general welfare

Winston-Salem Journal

Rather, the complex synaptic connections allowing critical thinking multiply rapidly after birth in response to repeated stimulation, experience and loving ...Read the Full Article

Disappearing Youth ?

Nor are they offered the help, guidance, and modes of education that cultivate the capacities for critical thinking and engaged citizenship. ...Read the Full Article

Another Renaissance on Library Square with The Leonardo museum move

Salt Lake Tribune
The Leonardo's mission of critical thinking and innovation is crucial to generating “the deep rather than shallow discussions” necessary to solving the ...Read the Full Article

Children's Museum of Tacoma celebrates $5M construction kick-off

Tacoma Daily News

... areas of creativity, social and emotional skills, cognitive and critical thinking skills, gross and fine motor development, and early literacy learning. ...Read the Full Article

Applying Intermittent Pneumatic Compression in Surgery Centers

Becker's ASC Review
That's where your critical thinking skills come into play. The key is correct placement of the IPCs and documentation that they were used...Read the Full Article

Portland's school levy is the last line of defense for music education
Of course, the larger payoff is students learning critical thinking skills, self-discipline, and most other things that schools are supposed to teach them ...Read the Full Article

Pitts explores race relations in lecture at Cal Poly

San Luis Obispo Tribune

He also emphasized the role of educators to provide historical context and teach critical thinking skills in a world where ideological lines are becoming ...Read the Full Article

Boca Raton teachers slam 'No Child Left Behind' ?


There is no critical thinking," one said. "My son has a 3.5 GPA and has been held back twice for no reason, other than the FCAT," said another. Rep. ...Read the Full Article

The Guise Of Critical Thinking: How Anti-Evolution Bills Mar ... ?


Isn't critical thinking good? Well, as it turns out, all 50 State Science Standards are replete — some might say saturated — with units on critical analysis ...Read the Full Article

Local students chosen for leadership seminar

South Charlotte Weekly

... panelists and speakers will discuss leadership topics aimed at giving students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. ...Read the Full Article

Budget cuts would decimate our county's nationally recognized ...?

Las Vegas Weekly

... as part of the tentative state budget cut—despite studies showing the positive impact of arts on brain development, critical thinking and discipline. ...Read the Full Article

Poll: Finances dictating college, career choices?

Boston Herald

... percent say an education that focuses on success in the working world is more valuable than one focused on general knowledge and critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Edison State College trustee observes FGCU board meeting?

The News-Press

The program will focus on clear writing, factual accuracy, critical thinking, ethical and legal principles, social consciousness, technological skill and ...Read the Full Article

The Black Eyed Peas’ Peapod Foundation and Adobe Foundation Launch Youth Academy in New York

Centre Daily Times

An emphasis on inquiry-based pedagogy challenges young people to become active learners, eager to exercise critical thinking, leadership and creative skills ...Read the Full Article

Public's Ignorance About the 'Submerged State'?

Cincinnati CityBeat

Because it's the latest entry in my “You Can't Make This Stuff Up” file, I will quote Bennett's exercise in critical thinking a couple weeks ago: “This ...Read the Full Article

Declaration of American Values!?

Tucson Citizen

We do this knowing full well that if every parent in America did this, we would soon have a scientifically illiterate generation without critical thinking ...Read the Full Article

Why I'm Not Giving a Dime to the Wesleyan Fund: Not Now, Not Ever?

Wesleyan Argus

And as for the hypocrisy of a university that champions critical thinking while shamelessly repressing the speech of its students—well, that remains an open ...Read the Full Article

Business mentality to blame for college students' lack of learning?

Flagler College Gargoyle

In it, the authors found 45 percent of current college students show no gains in critical thinking during their first two years at college. ...Read the Full Article

Students recognized during Leadership & Service Awards Banquet?


The purpose of the speaker series is to help build a culture of leadership at the College that espouses service, ethics and critical-thinking...Read the Full Article

How MBA programmes are changing globally?

Economic Times

... develop critical thinking and integrative thinking skills, and deepen their understanding of phenomena such as globalization, leadership, and innovation ...Read the Full Article

Youth Fights Back: Higher Ed Under Siege in the Age of Casino ...?

GC Advocate

Moreover, critical thinking has been devalued as a result of the growing corporatization of higher education. Under the influence of corporate values, ...Read the Full Article

Professor Kevin Howley?

DePauw University

Regardless of their career goals and aspirations, Howley believes Project Censored helps students develop the analytical and critical thinking skills they...Read the Full Article

What Will Employers Want in Ten Years??

Business 2 Community

An emphasis is being placed on critical-thinking, problem-solving, and other skills that are essential for surviving in a world where adaptability is more ...Read the Full Article

Two Architecture Students Nab Honorable Mention at CoARQ ...?


... "CCA has gone far beyond a generic college education and armed me with critical-thinking skills that allow an elevated level of learning and discourse. ...Read the Full Article

Failing Smart Drives Innovation?

Financial Post

These firms also create an innovation culture based on trust, open communication and critical thinking. They do not penalize failure but expects individuals ...Read the Full Article

Creative School Earns National Accreditation?

University of Central Florida

... to reach their highest potentials, while providing them with meaningful experiences that help them develop critical thinking and communication skills. ...Read the Full Article

Why faith in standardized testing industry is misplaced?

Washington Post

... the current education reform agenda instead seems to be aimed at tests that address critical thinking skills, including “students' ability to read ...Read the Full Article

Why Advance Skepticism??

Tucson Citizen

Needless to say, there are many, many examples of people being harmed when they don't applycritical thinking skills, or as we like to call it Skepticism, ...Read the Full Article

Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System?


It prizes test scores above critical thinking and literacy. It celebrates rote vocational training and the singular, amoral skill of making money. ...Read the Full Article

Denver-area teachers get up-close look at judicial system?

Denver Post

Court trials are perfect for teaching research, writing and critical-thinking skills, one instructor said. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post ) "The ...Read the Full Article

Standardized Testing: A Decade in Review?

Huffington Post

... the current education reform agenda instead seems to be aimed at tests that address critical thinking skills, including "students' ability to read ...Read the Full Article

Journalism program wins top national first amendment award?

Paly Voice

Austin believes that the award essentially represents the manifestation of the critical thinking skills that Paly highly encourages, which gave the school ...Read the Full Article

Physics: 'A Waste of Time'??

Huffington Post

... learning pre-college science and mathematics, if only to learn how to balance a checkbook and to appreciate the value of logic and critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Dancing for School Credit??

ABC 4 - 3 hours ago

... Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts exists to enhance and develop technique, creativity,critical thinking and discipline in each of its students. ...Read the Full Article

Clemson Creative Inquiry forum to showcase student research?

Clemson University

“Students hone their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and they learn to work as a team. Many of them present their work at national and ...Read the Full Article

Boys & Girls Club of Craig receives $15K grant?

Craig Daily Press

“I think teaching them skills to be better people, to have good critical thinking and problem solving skills, that's what I want to do through this program ...Read the Full Article

Student's career aspirations change?

Blue Springs Examiner

Some of the activities included physical challenges such as high and low ropes courses; simulating space shuttle missions; critical thinking assignments; ...Read the Full Article

News in Brief: Humans?

Science News

... they research and debate different sides of controversial public issues develop reasoning skills central to critical thinking and effective arguing, ...Read the Full Article

Stanford boasts largest number of Truman Scholars for 2011?

Stanford University News

As a Summer Fellow with the Haas Center for Public Service, Seldon designed and developed a program that added critical thinking and public speaking to the...Read the Full Article

Bellevue’s Interlake High School students raise over $10,000 for arts education

Bellevue Reporter

They nurture critical thinking and complex problem solving skills, as well as providing a foundation for creativity and innovation." success. ...Read the Full Article

Writing assignments boost critical thinking skills for landscape design students


AMES, IA—Dr. Ann Marie VanDerZanden is preparing students in her horticulture classes for challenging careers by boosting their critical thinking capacity. ...Read the Full Article

Administration awards tenure to four faculty members


"It is an essential part of a system of education based on the free exchange of ideas, critical thinking, careful analysis and support for knowledge and ...Read the Full Article

Get out! Kids should play outdoors

Columbia Daily Tribune

Children may benefit in critical thinking skills, as studies show that exposure to environment-based education increases student performance in ...Read the Full Article