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Critical Thinking in the News (Monthly Archives)

Critical thinking will become a dominant force in the world only when, and to the extent that, critical societies emerge.
Critical societies are those for whom fair-minded critical thinking is a social value and thus routinely cultivated in all citizens and respected in all social practices. One contributes to the emergence of critical thought as a social value by making changes consistent with the integral concepts, standards and best practices of critical thinking across all domains and disciplines in one’s daily life. Intellectual integrity arrived at through open, accurate, clear, precise, fair and independent thought processes is at the very core of a well tempered mind. It is also at the core of the values and character in a critical society. As media are reflections of our collective values and character, they are also potentially significant in helping us shape and alter our individual views. Thus, a running index to some of the news, discourse and critique that contextualizes critical thinking in media as they alter and illuminate our times follows. Articles are of mixed quality and significance and we leave it to the reader to assess them.

The following are archives of the monthly selections of articles (see menu at left). The original source of the articles may or may not still be active.