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February 2010

Teachers: No merit to merit pay arguments

Atlanta Journal Constitution
If schools are to emphasize 21st century skills like innovation, creativity, technical skills, and critical thinking—standardized testing actually ... Read the Full Article

Questions of science don't lend themselves to "balance"

Minnesota Public Radio
Some Americans seem to have a growing distrust of science, and critical thinking in general, and I find this disappointing and worrying -- even scary. ... Read the Full Article

Indoctrination versus education: “Time that we remind teachers of their job ...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Critical thinking” is critical only toward the United States and Western values, and is usually conducted under the cover of exploring feelings in groups. ... Read the Full Article

Issues: Government spin in the classroom

VUE Weekly
... in this area the government will actually be stunting critical thinking by encouraging students to blindly absorb government PR and spin. ... Read the Full Article

Decision Making: Factors that Influence Decision Making, Heuristics Used, and ...

Student Pulse
Together, heuristics and factors influencing decision making are a significant aspect of critical thinking (West, Toplak, & Stanovich, 2008). ... Read the Full Article

GENDER POINT: Fighting stereotypes

This contradicts the trademark of the concept of critical thinking, which, in the words of Elder & Paul “is the disposition to change one's mind when given ... Read the Full Article

Issues In Education

Mmegi Online 
Through art disciplines, learners could develop critical thinking skills freely, determining the truth for themselves and learn more about their environment ... Read the Full Article

Merit pay can work for state and for teachers

Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
If schools are to emphasize 21st century skills like innovation, creativity, and critical thinking—standardized testing actually discourages those skills. ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Statements Are Bunk

Chronicle of Higher Education
They ritualistically invoke a desire to teach "critical thinking," but offer little concrete guidance as to how that might be accomplished. ... Read the Full Article

Education as Etch-A-Sketch: Toward a Future of Promise and Possibility

Dissident Voice
... without which a livable society ceases to exist: it also ingrains in them a resistance to critical thinking—an abandonment of independent reasoning. ... Read the Full Article

Media literacy crucial to understanding news

Ithaca College The Ithacan 
Media literacy is about sharpening one's ability to use their critical thinking skills to decipher messages within all media. We must cultivate our brains ... Read the Full Article

Keyed in to teaching

The Commercial Dispatch
“Physics lends itself to problem-solving and critical thinking and the ability to work with other people in collaboration. How to fix things when something ... Read the Full Article

Let's Save Public Education: A Five-Point Plan

The Open Press
... New Math, Constructivism, Self Esteem, Critical Thinking, Multiculturalism, 21st Century Skills, etc. This pattern of failure is not an accident. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking cures partisanship

Gilroy Dispatch
Critical thinking is hard work. It requires evaluating claims, asking difficult questions, insisting upon clear, truthful answers, identifying and rejecting ... Read the Full Article

Promoting more meaningful learning and critical thinking

Times of Malta
For too many years, many local students have been conditioned to become passive learners and to view learning as very superficial. ... Read the Full Article

Educating for Democracy: Why Tests "Fail"

Huffington Post (blog)
... that is, if they have understood and retained the material they were supposedly taught, can they employ what is known as "critical thinking? ... Read the Full Article

A Bad Year for Teachers, a Bad Year for Public Education

Gapers Block (blog)
An equal education for every kid--standardizing the critical thinking skills that make democracy possible--is critical for having a real participatory ... Read the Full Article

Teaching People How to Think

Newswire (press release)
Analysis is the application of logic and critical thinking processes to produce workable results. This can be done on-the-fly while in persona, ... Read the Full Article

Social sciences prepare students to become world citizens

Redwood Times
However, whenever we get a chance, we also include critical thinking activities. Critical thinking is a blanket phrase for a whole host of skills that take ... Read the Full Article

Look Inside Part II: Taking Apart Your Practice

EMS Magazine
Last month in BTB we looked at a critical thinking/decision-making model that allows you to "take apart" a call. This month we follow up with a look at how ... Read the Full Article

Big ideas for Michigan schools

Detroit Free Press
"They saw that the successful schools are teaching skills and critical thinking." He also said there should be an exit exam for every grade, and teachers ... Read the Full Article

Environmental future depends on education

Daily Cardinal
Rather, environmental education teaches individuals how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking and it enhances their own ... Read the Full Article

How Social Gaming is Improving Education

Mashable (blog)
will bolster critical thinking skills. Many experts contend that so-called “Scaffolded Problem-based learning” is known to improve academic skills and ... Read the Full Article

English classes important for all students

Red and Black
Duck Harris, I'm the science professor who you think would get defensive at the suggestion that English is valuable because it teaches critical thinking and ... Read the Full Article

Editorial: President Barack Obama trying to transform education in America

San Jose Mercury News
That should be welcomed. areas, like science and critical thinking. This is crucial because of the outsize influence of standardized tests on curriculum ... Read the Full Article

Setting table for learning
... collaboration amongst the students who have to work together to solve many of the games, as well as using problem solving and critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

Universities must be made to measure

The Australian
... Learning Assessment, a US test of students' ability and learning in critical thinking, writing, and synthesising quantitative and qualitative data. ... Read the Full Article

A Critical Thinker!

The Freeport News
At some point in the life of even an average, no named, insignificant Bahamian; a critical thinking process begins. That which is on the rise from the ... Read the Full Article

Education Week News (subscription)
It is only on a base of such “shared, specific, and sequenced” knowledge, the foundation argues, that skills such as critical thinking and reading ... Read the Full Article