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June 2011

Raytown students sharpen skills at Smart Start?

Blue Springs Examiner

... for sports and other activities where the use of both hands is important, and competing in chess matches, to encourage critical thinking and logic...Read the Full Article

Hip-hop education in the heartland

University of Wisconsin-Madison

... where participants interact with the lesson planning process and build their own curricula that engage literacy, critical thinking and creative writing. ...Read the Full Article

HIgh Test Scores?


Changes we're made to the format of the test, the school curriculum and a push was made towards more critical thinking in the classroom. ...Read the Full Article

Vt. teachers learn to turn trash into lesson plans?


She says the activities will teach critical thinking, personal finance, and problem solving skills to her students. "I think the key for students is that ...Read the Full Article

Present Yourself with Polish?

Memphis Daily News

I believe that when we write we show off our organizational skills, our critical thinking and our powers of persuasion, not to mention our attention to ...Read the Full Article

Higher purpose: new universities still key to social progress as ...?

Times Higher Education

... of HE - but that they are now ready and willing to acquire the skills of critical thinking, reading and writing that are key to University study. ...Read the Full Article

Lack of Sleep Leads to Unethical Behavior?


The areas of your brain responsible for processing and critical thinking lose 12 - 14 ... But in today's workplace, critical thinking and discrimination are ...Read the Full Article

Olympic athletes help charity for girls?

Calgary Herald

The not-for-profit foundation's fund supports programs for girls ages nine to 13 to build self-esteem, critical thinking and leadership skills. ...Read the Full Article

Innovative education partnership meets with federal officials?

Indiana State University

"It's significant in terms of becoming consumers and originators of research, developingcritical thinking and problem solving, and modeling continuous ...Read the Full Article

MTSU experimental vehicles program wins award?

The Daily News Journal

“MTSU's EVP uses classroom knowledge and applies it to hands-on projects that fostercritical thinking, initiate creative problem-solving and create an ...Read the Full Article

Are You Prepared for the 2020 Workplace??

The Atlantic

... to the changes and integrate curricula that puts the focus on developingcritical thinking skills, new-media literacy, and interdisciplinary training. ...Read the Full Article

Lack of understanding often produces unfounded criticism?

Eagle News

Before judging, educate yourself, observe the organization or task in action, use critical thinkingskills to assess the pros and cons of the operation, ...Read the Full Article

Intel Foundation Funding Brings STEM Infused Gateway Academy to ...?


Through an engaging, hands-on curriculum, PLTW encourages the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creative and innovative reasoning, ...Read the Full Article

Standardized Testing Pros and Cons: Latest Research Analyzed on ...?

Sacramento Bee

... with in-depth nonpartisan information on important and controversial social issues in order to stimulate critical thinking and educate without bias. ...Read the Full Article

PHCC campaign nears goal

Martinsville Bulletin

For instance, she added, they say they have seen young adults enter the work force lacking problem-solving and critical thinking skills and even the ability ...Read the Full Article

Education debate has taken many wrong turns? 

We need to focus on measuring the skills our children will need for the 21st century — critical thinking, reading comprehension and writing, and the ability ...Read the Full Article

A few things to think about before you ditch your day job:?


So, if art creates not just intangible benefits (cultural identity, urban revitalization, the development of creative and critical thinking) but also ...Read the Full Article

Bay Area Companies Invest $1 Million to Produce More Engineers?

San Francisco Bay Area Today

... engineering and biomedical professionals, and school administrators to promote critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real-world problem solving ...Read the Full Article

In praise of the Fibonacci method?

Times Educational Supplement

This develops the children's critical thinking skills and gives them the confidence to challenge and ask questions. It also encourages collaboration and ...Read the Full Article

The Jewish High School Of Connecticut Graduating Class Sets The ...?

... program of Jewish and General Studies, athletics and the arts in an environment that encourages spirited discussion and cultivates critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Disc golf a hit at Bayside?

Community Press

"The project fostered collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills among the students involved." One of them, Grade 11 student ...Read the Full Article

New Tech Network Announces Nearly 50 Percent Growth in Number of ...?

Gamut News

... is matched with a dedication to developing skills the business community values:critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. ...Read the Full Article

Students in danger of losing teachers - and so much more ...?

Philadelphia Daily News

"Kids really develop their critical-thinking skills," she said. "They take charge of their own learning." Students who participate in the programs have seen ...Read the Full Article

Jobs, jobs, jobs Boomers are retiring and replacements are needed ...?

Houston Chronicle

Strong critical-thinking and decision-making skills have become more important as technology and the operations themselves have evolved. ...Read the Full Article

Columbus schools to make IB the curriculum standard?

The Commercial Dispatch 

The basic tenets of the curriculum encourage critical thinking skills, cultural awareness and lifelong learning. IB trainers from across the globe will ...Read the Full Article

Entering the door to college? - Melissa Lewis - 3 hours ago

I would strongly recommend a critical thinking class such as sociology to any new college student because it takes some fear away. ...Read the Full Article

Higher education: Quality not quantity?

Aliran Monthly

Such criticism includes a lack of critical thinking, a lack of skills and a lack of knowledge. How did this situation come about? Are some of the reasons to ...Read the Full Article

Making Ourselves Smarter With Mental Exercise?


Typically, researchers and scientists have considered intelligence an inherited trait, especially critical thinking and problem solving, however, ...Read the Full Article

Climate change education can still be part of a slimmed-down ...?

The Guardian

Personally, I think what is most needed in second level education is a course on Critical Thinking. Times have changed; people are now awash with ...Read the Full Article

ARAB WORLD: Democracy uprisings should herald a new dawn of ...?

Los Angeles Times

Curriculum in most Arab states tends to be didactic, teacher-directed, and does little to foster critical thinking skills and creativity. ...Read the Full Article

Gilbert technology academy offers teachers new tools?

Ames Tribune

“They must use critical thinking to separate fact from opinion and even manipulation. And teachers must empower them to navigate an abundance of information ...Read the Full Article

People on the Move for June 10, 2011?

... which encourages high school students to develop personal strategies through team-building exercises, problem solving and critical thinking...Read the Full Article

Monsters and Critics

It is aimed at equipping children with critical thinking skills and knowledge of important issues that affect society. Human rights such as freedom of ...Read the Full Article

High schoolers complete VU science program?

The Tennessean

The main goal of the program is to develop students' critical thinking skills, thought processes and problem solving abilities. Ideally, the students will ...Read the Full Article

Teacher workshop debuts two new 'R's'?

Cleveland Daily Banner

Quadrant D requires students to use critical thinking along with gathered information in order to answer questions. As part of the rigor element of the ...Read the Full Article

New Point of Inquiry is Up: Michael Shermer–The Believing Brain?

Discover Magazine

... of Skeptic magazine and head of the Skeptics Society, and a longtime commentator on issues relating to science, critical thinking, and the paranormal. ...Read the Full Article

Sperm Apocalypse Called Off?

Reason Online

... “was problematic and raised alarms in society without critical thinking about the caveats and weaknesses inherent in the data and its analysis. ...Read the Full Article

New role for outgoing RISD dean?

Providence Journal

Critical thinking applied to a hands-on approach to solving problems make an education in the arts invaluable, particularly in today's era of innovation, ...Read the Full Article

Dawkins urges constitutional reform to remove church role?

Irish Times

Children should also “be educated in critical thinking and the distinction between faith and reason as a guide to knowledge. Science should be taught free ...Read the Full Article

College students eager to learn but need help negotiating information overload

The Seattle Times

Even worse: Today's college students lack critical-thinking skills, ... learn,but many are afraid of getting lost in a thicket of information overload they...Read the Full Article

Meritor Pledges $100000 to The Henry Ford Education Pilot Program?

Sacramento Bee

"The tools that the IEI offers will help provide students with the critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills that are needed to ...Read the Full Article

Harvard Law School and Sciences Po Launch Student/Faculty Exchange ...?

Harvard Law School News

In 2009, SPLS was created in order to train lawyers with an emphasis oncritical thinking and creativity, as well as to equip them to play leadership roles ...Read the Full Article

Other Departments' Business?

Inside Higher Ed

... as business on the Collegiate Learning Assessment, a test designed to measurecritical thinking, analytic reasoning, and other "higher level" skills. ...Read the Full Article

Standardized tests and common sense?

Los Angeles Times

They are filled with multiple-choice questions, and rarely with questions that entail critical thinking or writing skills. Test results should be meaningful ...Read the Full Article

Physics meets cancer: The disruptor?

Just lots of critical thinking: 'what does this mean?'," says a frequent participant, oncologist Donald Coffey of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, ...Read the Full Article

Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning?

Education Week News

Such deep exposure to subject matter, he argues, is the necessary basis for developing students' critical-thinking skills. In outlining his approach to ...Read the Full Article