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May 2008

Educator likes seeing her results

Community Press & Recorder, KY
In addition to her current position at Woodward, Moyo teaches Saturdays at Sankofa, a private school in Roselawn that strives to develop critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

For English Language Learners Everything is an Uphill Battle

New America Media, CA
“Talk to your kids about serious issues, help them build critical thinking skills,” says Avila “To learn English with good critical thinking is a lot easier ... Read the Full Article

Religious Viewpoint

Tulsa World, OK
... actions done by human beings... god & satan are given "credit" to discourage critical thinking and learning of real history and other subjects. ... Read the Full Article

Whatever Happened To Flash Cards?

The Chattanoogan, TN
Critical thinking skills? Like, dude, what are those? We have a level of discipline in our schools that could probably best be described by those such as ... Read the Full Article

Local Commentary -- Can College In High School produce college ...

Morris Sun Tribune, MN
... to succeed in upper-division courses in all disciplines nor the critical thinking skills that only come by the third and fourth stage of revision. ... Read the Full Article

Students suffer from poor curriculum

Pocono Record, PA
They lack critical thinking skills. The public school system is not designed to accommodate the needs of a select few students at the top of their class; ... Read the Full Article

teacher uses movement to sharpen minds

Seattle Times, United States
As does any good teacher, she urges critical thinking over rote learning, a lesson she relays in the workshops she puts on across the country. ... Read the Full Article

10 years of Collaborative effort

Boston Globe, United States
For five months this past fall and winter, she ran a weekly Media and Critical Thinking program at the BPL's Dudley branch, which drew a substantial ... Read the Full Article

Education in Mexico Testing the teachers

Economist, UK
On the reading part of the test, less than 1% of Mexican 15-year olds scored as “capable of sophisticated, critical thinking” (compared with 22% in South ... Read the Full Article

Wake-Up Call for American Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed, DC
“It’s not a wish list of things, like ‘graduates will have critical thinking skills,’ but a warranty statement — it means that if you can’t do those things, ... Read the Full Article

Educating the digital native

Malaysia Star, Malaysia
... creativity and innovation in problem solving; effective oral, written and visual communications skills, critical thinking and collaboration. ... Read the Full Article

analysis: Death of academia —Rasul Bakhsh Rais

Daily Times, Pakistan
One of the essential features of learning is the development of critical thinking among students. In Pakistan, however, it is largely about brainwashing or ... Read the Full Article

Education department improving high school skilled trades ...

Miramichi Leader, Canada
The new program contains 10 initiatives designed to provide opportunities for students to practise critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and ... Read the Full Article

Kids need parent role models

Detroit Free Press, United States
These parents don't even ask their children what they learned or challenge them for critical thinking. Some students have reading, medical, ... Read the Full Article

New teaching tools inspire learning in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines
“Our Grade 1 pupils have developed a critical thinking. At the same time, our teachers discovered better ways to improve their approaches,” Usman said. ... Read the Full Article

The Purpose Of Public Schooling

American Chronicle, CA
The people, who are smart people, who know that sex ed, drug ed, decision making, alcohol education, bullying education, critical thinking, everything that ... Read the Full Article

Better education has to start long before kindergarten

Anchorage Daily News (subscription), AK
They are more likely to develop critical thinking skills, pay higher taxes and raise healthy families. They are less likely to go on welfare or be ... Read the Full Article

High school teachers unhappy with curriculum material, survey shows

Kathimerini, Greece
According to respondents, many of the books do not cover the material pupils need to learn for examinations and they fail to stimulate critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking is best map on road to effective learning

Arizona Republic, AZ
... of what you believe and why you believe it. This more insightful comprehension is a function of what we call higher-order critical-thinking skills. Read the Full Article

Turn teen texting toward better writing

Yahoo! News
... use text and instant messaging, so if the far shore turns out to be a chat room, then we should start teaching critical thinking skills in chat rooms. ... Read the Full Article

American Muslim, MO
The need for critical thinking applies to education, politics, religion, finance, and any other facet of human life; critical thinking is the thing that ... Read the Full Article

Stillwater schools look to synchronize studies

Stillwater Gazette, MN
Critical thinking skills; problem-solving skills. We look at college preparation. We look at what kind of training do teachers need to deliver the ... Read the Full Article

Katherine Brodaski of Richardson: Critical thinking

Dallas Morning News, TX
When David Bradley, State Board of Education member from Beaumont, says, "This critical thinking stuff is gobbledygook," we have to wonder if he has our ... Read the Full Article

iCue Combines Gaming, Multimedia, Collaboration for Education

T.H.E. Journal, CA
MIT's Education Arcade group is also conducting a study on iCue to "find out how iCue can help students learn and build critical thinking and 21st century ... Read the Full Article

Are You Better Off?

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
What is not taught in public school is everyday critical thinking — possibly because some human brains are not wired to test the validity of basic ... Read the Full Article

Joined at the Hip: Teaching and Testing

Inside Higher Ed, DC
I leave to another forum the question of whether any single examination can properly assess critical thinking, creativity, motivation, and other valued ... Read the Full Article

Professors Fight 'Academic Freedom' Bills That Question Science in 4 States

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The bills, along with similar ones that failed to win passage last week in Florida, ask teachers to promote “critical thinking,” ... Read the Full Article

Cooperative Classrooms for Adolescents

Advance for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, PA
... were more accurate on academic tests and achieved higher scores on problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking tasks compared to adolescents who ... Read the Full Article

Warwick native, liberal arts advocate directs new college program

Warwick Beacon, RI
“Employers don’t teach the soft skills such as critical thinking, working collaboratively in groups and global awareness – they expect you’ll already know ... Read the Full Article

Ready, Willing and Unable

California Job Journal, CA
... lacked written communication skills they will need in the workplace, while 69.6 percent were deficient in critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. ... Read the Full Article

A Rising Tide of Ignorance

Creators Syndicate, CA
... but literature and history have been moved to the margins, preserving ignorance and shorting subjects that emphasize creative and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

What does constitute academic freedom?, NC
Instead, we teach critical thinking. If faculty were to offer alternate assignments, they would violate academic freedom. Allowing students to avoid topics ... Read the Full Article

Static on the Air

Southsider Magazine, KY
... does not represent balance, and I worry that "hold the cat and call the dog" radio personalities are diminishing our ability for critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Agriscience: Sustaining the Future of Our Profession

RedOrbit, TX
Agriscience education has a unique ability to develop this critical thinking type of student. This requires curricula adapted to the needs (current and ... Read the Full Article

Is Text Messaging Destroying Kids Writing

Tri State Observer, PA
“What’s not taught today,” says Ream, “Is critical thinking skills. Teachers are forced to use what little classroom time they have to teach to the ... Read the Full Article

Rising scores may not mean students are learning more

San Jose Mercury News,  USA
... a sense of accomplishment, allowing them to delve into a subject in depth, and developing their abilities in art, speaking and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article