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November 2008

Growing Up on Digital Makes Healthy Sense (press release), OR
... they can develop their skills in understanding issues from the perspective of others as well as hone their critical thinking and argumentation skills. ... Read the Full Article

Asleep at the desk: Undergrad education gets a boost

Ars Technica, MA
Undergraduates suffer as a result, turning into parrots adept at recitation but inept at critical thinking. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of ... Read the Full Article

E Pluribus Unum: Of the Many, One

casavaria sentido, NJ
In recent years, we have been scolded and besieged with language designed to make us fearful of new ideas, or critical thinking or of outright opposition to ... Read the Full Article

What is quality education?

Times of Malta, Malta
Child-centred active pedagogy, cooperative learning and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills need to be present. 5. ... Read the Full Article

Science as a way of knowing, UK
Being able to apply logical critical thinking in a scientific way is essential in all aspects of life. It pains me ever to congratulate the Conservative ... Read the Full Article

Students, academics and employers debate the merit of general ...

Daily Kent Stater, OH
It's killing critical thinking. "Finding facts is easy," he said. "Interpreting them, putting them in a context and understanding what they mean doesn't ... Read the Full Article

Big business dominates educational planning

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
... numeracy and computer skills, thereby avoiding the sort of education that might encourage too much critical thinking in future employees. ... Read the Full Article

Think critically: question, question, question

Times and Transcript, Canada
Cherry-picking facts that are conveniently in line with your assumptions/prejudices is not critical thinking. To never question oneself is conceit. ... Read the Full Article

Brain exercises are 'waste of time', UK
'Some of the exercises are so simplistic you wonder whether we have lost our capacity for critical thinking when it comes to education. ... Read the Full Article

Real Issues - Education, Family Law, Violence (press release), New Zealand
In the name of 'learning to learn' and 'the real world,' Ministry documents often speak in buzzwords like 'relevance,' 'critical thinking,' 'participating' ... Read the Full Article

Viewpoints: Follow standards set by Bible, Constitution

San Angelo Standard Times, tx
Critical thinking would prevent their wasting efforts to prove what doesn't exist. Who wastes time trying to prove the non-existence of unicorns? ... Read the Full Article

4 concepts clarify teaching of critical thinking

Arizona Republic, AZ
19, 2008 12:40 PM With so much emphasis being put on critical thinking skills in classrooms all over the country, how do teacher go about instructing ... Read the Full Article

Professor tells conference to embrace history, reject 'mediocrity'

Bucknell University, PA

"He solidified the difference between bitterness and critical thinking and how to navigate that so that your judgment is not clouded." Read the Full Article

Critical thinking involves much questioning

Times and Transcript, Canada
Here in the column on words, language and all things related, part two of a series on critical thinking. First, critical thinking is not criticism, ... Read the Full Article

Opinion: It takes a community to raise civic-minded youths

San Jose Mercury News,  USA
In the classroom, my students learn essential facts and critical thinking skills to help them become discerning about the world. ... Read the Full Article

Do Schools Teach Critical Thinking?

Culture11, VA
In other words, ‘critical thinking’ is thinking that has a purpose. How do students become critical thinkers? How do they learn to conceptualize problems, ... Read the Full Article

Books to Consider Before You Reach Graduation or the Grave

PCC Courier, ca
It's a kind of crash course in critical thinking, and it forces the reader to think about a number of weird -- possibly even dangerous -- ideas floating ... Read the Full Article

• Film looks at disability perceptions, reality

The Oregonian -, OR
... editing software, industry-quality lighting and sound gear, and supervisors who, Beer says, "assist in moving their critical thinking skills along in ... Read the Full Article

Liberal arts need funds and focus

UW Badger Herald, WI
Some say a humanities degree demonstrates more “critical thinking skills” or writing skills for the job market than other majors, but this is elitist at ... Read the Full Article

Proof that schools think they teach well – but don’t

The National, United Arab Emirates
Critical thinking is thinking that has a purpose. How do students become critical thinkers? How do they learn to conceptualise problems, find solutions, ... Read the Full Article

Perspectives: Increasing Access and Relevance in Distance Education

Diverse, VA
Yet competencies should not be confused with simple work skills — the competencies employers and educators value most include critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

Humanities need a fighting chance

UW Badger Herald, WI
Sure, they can dazzle with Darwin’s theory and calculate quantum physics, but in the area of critical thinking, they seem to be lacking. ... Read the Full Article

A lesson plan on critical reading, Philippines
This lesson will focus on the use of editorial cartoons in developing critical thinking skills among students. The class will be made to interpret and ... Read the Full Article

Intervention: America, You are a Nation of Drug Addicts

OpEdNews, PA
Secondly, due to the one way receiver relationship of the television, your critical thinking skills are continually being destroyed as sound bites of ... Read the Full Article

Confused? Not the kids!

Malaysia Star, Malaysia
... plans to do during his retirement is to write “a children’s book on how to think about the world – critical thinking contrasted with mythical thinking”. ... Read the Full Article

Dumbed down, Canada
... essay is barely worth assigning anymore—even though the investigative skills and in-depth critical thinking skills it teaches are as relevant as ever. ... Read the Full Article

A Paradigm Shift in America’s Intellectual Community

Dissident Voice, CA
... strong choices must be made and a new generation of intellectuals must begin to drive critical thinking into a more serious and coherent direction, ... Read the Full Article

Not Just a Basic Skill

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
... should have some qualities in common: clear organization, detailed development, mechanical correctness, evidence of critical thinking, and so on. ... Read the Full Article

Brain Drain

I would quibble ever so slightly given the fact that critical thinking and problem solving skills, along with the ability to communicate effectively in oral ... Read the Full Article

Talk About Teaching and Learning

UPENN Almanac, PA
Developing critical-thinking skills is of course a goal throughout the curriculum, but many students are particularly wedded to memorization and recipes ... Read the Full Article

Power in their hands, UK
... which are all well and good – when used sensibly these methodologies can lead to the kind of critical thinking so vital in this era of development. ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Critical Thinking in Psychiatric Training: A Role for the ...

Am J Psychiatry (subscription)
In 1969, a psychiatric resident admitted a young woman who confessed to her doctor, "Twenty percent of the time I see reality, and the rest of the time I am ... Read the Full Article

Lessons for better schooling

Livemint, India
While tertiary and professional education are important, critical thinking skills are developed in the middle school years. Over the long term, ... Read the Full Article

Google helps redefine ‘smart’

St. Joseph News-Press, MO
“They have to be taught those critical thinking and evaluating skills,” she said. Emory University English professor/author Dr. Mark Bauerlein’s recent book ... Read the Full Article