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October 2008

Educating for a Cause

Colgate University The Colgate Maroon News, NY
"You get a great liberal education here; it encourages critical thinking from many different standpoints, and you are very socially aware. ... Read the Full Article

Editorial: General Education options are too narrow

UM Maneater, MO
Everyone should learn the basic composition skills of English 1000 and the critical thinking skills of College Algebra. But it might not be necessary to ... Read the Full Article

‘Gen Ed’ connects students to outside world

Harvard University Gazette, MA
The syllabus, which focuses on both theory and practice, is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills as well as improve their writing and ... Read the Full Article

Sizing up the personal costs of revolution

Toronto Star,  Canada
It takes a look at the critical thinking behind what he calls "that flower power nonsense" and the eventual ideological end that it leads to, ... Read the Full Article

Educator writes the book on teaching

Connecticut Post, CT
If used correctly, they can also encourage critical thinking, socialization and physical development. In the book, each rhyme is accompanied by activities ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking about personal beliefs

Discover Magazine, NY
I try to think carefully about my own feelings, my own "beliefs" if you will. I hesitate to call them that, because I associate belief with faith, ... Read the Full Article

Is college still worth the cost?

The Wenatchee World Online, WA
“There’s value added when it comes to critical thinking and moral reasoning,” said Ernest Pascarella, a University of Iowa professor who has studied the ... Read the Full Article

The Mysterious Change

Huffington Post, NY
... "permissiveness," liberalism and critical thinking, denied women equal rights, children any at all, and cowed the media into submission. ... Read the Full Article

Much to learn from History

Malaysia Star, Malaysia
Students must prove that they know something after having spent years in school and knowledge is not tested by critical thinking but by stating the facts. ... Read the Full Article

Developing an Educated Mind: A perspective on Schooling

MorungExpress, India
This is a welcome step as it not only tests the child on memory-based questions but also his or her critical thinking skills, understanding and ability to ... Read the Full Article

'Bring back happy schools'

Times of India, India
Parents need to impart critical thinking skills instead of expecting the child to be a computer engineer.' Mumbai sheriff and academician Indu Shahani said ... Read the Full Article

World needs realistic optimism

Jackson Sun, TN
Institutions of higher education, therefore, are not doing students a disservice when they help them, through the development of critical thinking, ... Read the Full Article

The American anti-intellectual threat

Economic Times, India
We need scientifically literate politicians adept at evidence-based critical thinking to translate these findings and recommendations into policy and ... Read the Full Article

Making a habit of critical reading

AsiaOne, Singapore
Critical thinking and reading skills will allow you to do this." This writer believes that reading is just like eating. You don't simply devour everything. Read the Full Article

Promoting the Culture of Teaching

Inside Higher Ed, DC
... we devote more concern to ensuring that students read certain authors ... or to developing their skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing? ... Read the Full Article

LENA MITCHELL:Critical thinking always trumps ignorance

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, MS
The most important value of critical thinking, I believe, is that it helps you focus and understand one's false beliefs, assumptions and biases. ... Read the Full Article

Television May Be Doing Your Thinking

Natural, AZ
What we switch off is the left side used for critical thinking. While hypnosis may be considered an extreme or unusual solution to certain conditions, ... Read the Full Article

Where's Higher Education?

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun, NY
... creativity under a market economy, people must have access to the education that will allow them to develop their skills and critical thinking ability. ... Read the Full Article

Students make game of mapping candidates' errors in logic

Baltimore Sun, United States
Bradley has always shown presidential debates in his critical thinking classes, but he saw the bingo game as a way to further engage students. ... Read the Full Article

Spotlight on Education : Children and adults should aim to be life ...

Rogers Hometown News, AR
... because a significant number of these students continue to show evidence of high-level processing while using their critical thinking skills. ... Read the Full Article

"From Crayons to Condoms" editors: innovative new schools spark a ...

Press Media Wire (Press Release), VA
As Crayons editors Baldwin and Holgate observe, “Compare this emphasis on classics and critical thinking to our public schools’ obsession with explicit and ... Read the Full Article

School officials studying how to update instruction

Northwest Arkansas Times, AR
Some of the skills the book emphasizes that children will need to have in the future include critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, the ability to ... Read the Full Article

Column: Look past fallacies when voting

UNM Daily Lobo (subscription), NM
As an instructor for Philosophy 156: Reasoning and Critical Thinking, election seasons are both exciting teaching opportunities and depressing referendums ... Read the Full Article

The Politics of Academia

Daily Nexus, CA
On the other ticket, Barack Obama has proven his aptitude for academia and critical thinking. He earned his BA from Columbia and later graduated with honors ... Read the Full Article

Diversity, Diversity

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
It all sounds like a dynamic enterprise underway, with lots of thought and energy and innovation and critical thinking (about disappointments) in play. ... Read the Full Article

On the Other Hand

Delphos Herald, OH
Most importantly, we absolutely must apply critical thinking. The propaganda warriors are everywhere, using information as a weapon. ... Read the Full Article

Redefining the Gender Gap

Inside Higher Ed, DC
Women are more likely to report growth in critical thinking during college if they attend private colleges than public universities. ... Read the Full Article

How to boost child's brain power

Red Bluff Daily News, CA
Such make-believe activities promote emotional growth and help develop a child's critical thinking skills. When children picture an art project in their ... Read the Full Article


American Chronicle, CA
"Philosophy aides in the development of critical thinking skills, but also raising emotional maturity, heightening a child´s sense of security in the world. ... Read the Full Article

A Higher Education

RedOrbit, TX
Explaining why he spends his time reading old books with young students, he spares us the usual bromides about the value of "critical thinking," and offers ... Read the Full Article

Most educators agree No Child Left Behind needs reform

San Antonio Express, TX
Despite the brisk classroom pace, Zarazua attempts to include hands-on learning techniques in lessons that promote critical thinking. One day last month, ... Read the Full Article

Homework tips for parents

Nassau Guardian, Bahamas
It also assists in the development of critical thinking and original thought. More importantly, it develops accountability and responsibility. ... Read the Full Article

Using the Socratic Method

Bangkok Post, Thailand
We were not trained to apply critical thinking skills. When Khun Somchai had worked here with Thai bosses for the past 10 years, his bosses never asked his ... Read the Full Article

Distance Learning: the Future of Continuing Professional Development

RedOrbit, TX
In developing critical thinking skills, online learning offers some significant advantages over traditional, classroom- based courses,18 giving students ... Read the Full Article

Schools try new way of teaching, learning

Macon Telegraph, GA
I teach them critical thinking, and they're very responsive. They like working together. It's hands-on activities for the most part. ... Read the Full Article

Tolerance in an age of religious extremism

Concordian, MN
No, religion itself is not the main cause of violence in history, but the abandonment of critical thinking is. Today, we see that blind faith is still alive ... Read the Full Article

Parental Influence and Teens' Attitude Toward Online Privacy ...

RedOrbit, TX
Disagreement or debate through open discussion is welcome for furthering children's critical thinking about an issue. This communication style allows ... Read the Full Article

‘No child left inside’ for a day

Colorado Springs Gazette, CO
"What we find is that the experiential learning, or hands-on learning, benefits all critical thinking skills," he said. "And nature has such a healing ... Read the Full Article

Maher touts belief in disbelief in ‘Religulous’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
It means suspending critical thinking. Why is that good? Especially in politicians? "I have faith in doubt. Doubt is my product. Doubt suits human nature, ... Read the Full Article

Liberal bastions lack diversity

Washington Times, DC
A college spokesman defended Mr. Hallam, arguing that it was his job to "provide opportunity for critical thinking and civic engagement. ... Read the Full Article

Being plugged in

PSU Daily Vanguard, OR
If only these schools would spend as much time figuring out ways to provide better methods of actively engaging students in critical thinking, learning and ... Read the Full Article