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October 2010

Answering the Question: How Does Collaboration Foster Critical ...

Bright Hub
From our childhood, we have been taught about the process of critical thinking, but how does collaboration foster critical thinking? Find out here how the ...Read the Full Article

What the Rally for Sanity and Obama Have in Common. It's Not Politics

Huffington Post (blog)
It requires critical thinking. And critical thinking is beyond ordinary Americans, right? We would rather have our information spoon fed. ...Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking Tips from Philosophy

Here's some quick tips for developing critical thinking skills drawn from western philosophy...Read the Full Article

How to Solve Problems Using Critical Thinking Skills

lonad News
One of the most important life skills that is not taught in school is critical thinking. This is a very essential skill in life. Critical thinking is a ...Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking Toolkit

Sciblogs (blog)
to Mike Stone, for pointing me at The critical thinking toolkit on the University of British Columbia's website. I can see that I will have to include some ...Follow Link in Article

The teaching of critical thinking and creative environment

I just read a critical thinker Education Fashion Guide, published by the Foundation for Critical Thinking. In this paper, the authors discuss the essential idea...Read the Full Article

Guest column: Let ArtPrize promote critical thinking
How can up or down voting help us non-art critics deepen our critical thinking skills? I'm an English professor, and my vocation is improving the teaching ...Read the Full Article

Do Schools Allow Thinking?

Huffington Post
This is why so little critical thinking is taught in schools. Educators agree at the level of lip service that teaching critical thinking skills is ...Read the Full Article

Crisis in critical thinking skills

Calgary Herald
By Sean Myers, Calgary Herald October 13, 2010 A deterioration in critical thinking skills is being blamed for a continuing five-year decline in Grade 12 ...Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking Skills And Teacher Education

By rosaadams
Many educators have long advocated the teaching of critical thinking skills such as reasoning and problem solving. No action was generated, however, until 1980, when the Rockefeller Commission on the Humanities recommended that critical ...Read the Full Article

Can We Teach Creative and Critical Thinking?

By Zoe Burgess
When a teacher gives a test, he or she is trying to measure students' ability to recall and apply information learned over a particular period of time. The exams make it relatively straightforward: Did the student get an answer right or wrong? Was mastery of skills demonstrated...Read the Full Article