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College and University Faculty

The following articles on our website are directly relevant to higher education instruction in critical thinking and are offered complimentary.

Additional Complimentary Resources for Higher Education Faculty

The following articles go beyond instructional redesign and focus on a number of issues in critical thinking relevant to higher education instruction.

The Campanile at UC Berkeley

Ethics Without Indoctrination
Accelerating Change
Applied Disciplines: A Critical Thinking Model for Engineering
Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking, Moral Integrity and Citizenship
Diversity: Making Sense of It Through Critical Thinking
Global Change: Why C.T. is Essential To the Community College Mission
Natural Egocentric Dispositions

Newton, Darwin, & Einstein
The Role of Socratic Questioning in Thinking, Teaching, & Learning
The Critical Mind is A Questioning Mind
Three Categories of Questions: Crucial Distinctions
The Role of Questions in Teaching, Thinking and Learning
A History of Freedom of Thought

Effect of a Model for Critical Thinking on Student Achievement...
Study of 38 Public Universities and 28 Private Universities To Determine Faculty Emphasis on Critical Thinking In Instruction
Substantive Critical Thinking as Developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking Proves Effective in Raising SAT and ACT Test Scores...
Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Fourth Grade Students Identified as Gifted and Talented
The Effect of Richard Paul's Universal Elements and Standards of Reasoning on Twelfth Grade Composition

28th International Conference on Critical Thinking
Conference Theme: The Art of Teaching for Intellectual Engagement
Conference Sessions (28th Intl. Conference)
Preconference Sessions (28th Intl. Conference)
Academic Credit