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Contributions to the Foundation for Critical Thinking

Most students today leave school without the intellectual tools and traits of mind necessary to reason fair-mindedly through the problems they will inevitably face in their lives. Until the skills and values of critical thinking become common skills and values in our society, we will not achieve a democratic or just society. We will never make a significant contribution to creating a more just world. We will continue to use prejudice, stereotype, distortion, rationalization and self deception in our thinking.

The result of our action in the world will continue to be unnecessary waste, suffering, and injustice. The Foundation for Critical Thinking is committed to working for fundamental changes in our educational systems and in all institutions that affect the nature of our thinking. Each year, for example, we send free miniature guides on critical thinking to tens of thousands of teachers and university faculty across the country. These guides document how every subject can be taught so as to foster critical thinking.

However, the work of the Foundation for Critical Thinking is limited in its resources. It is not supported by any governmental, religious, or other special interest groups. All of its funds have been self-developed through its events and publications during the past 28 years. Yet there are hundreds of thousands more educators we have not reached and cannot reach given our small financial base.

With your help we can more broadly and more effectively serve the educational community. We can supplement schools unable to afford professional development in critical thinking. We can provide scholarships to our conferences and workshops. In short, we can reach more teachers and faculty who in turn can reach more students.

You may make a tax deductible contribution by calling us at (800) 833-3645.

You may also plan a gift, including bequests and gifts from trusts, life insurance policies, and retirement planned gifts. Call us for information on how to contribute a planned gift.

Please click here to send us a contribution.

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