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February 2008

The new three 'R's'

South Lyon Herald, MI
Each of these adults is a teacher in their own right, modeling critical thinking skills necessary for personal and professional success. ... Rad the Full Article

Study: Too few students ready to start college

The Courier News, IL
That's mainly because it "develops students' critical thinking skills," which are necessary for college readiness, according to Allensworth. ... Read the Full Article

Creative thinking in the classroom

Boston Globe, United States
In addition to creativity, these business leaders look for such skills as collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and oral communication. ... Read the Full Article

State seeks high school reform to address 21st century needs

Brookfield Journal,  United States
"We need to do more with critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration between students," Mr. McQuillan said. During a PowerPoint slide show, ... Read the Full Article

No Child Left Behind = More High School Dropouts, CA
Creativity and critical thinking suffer in the push for higher test scores. Science and social studies lessons are neglected. ... Read the Full Article

Why Do We Have a Knowledge Deficit?

Hawaii Reporter, HI
That approach, which assumes that students can apply all-purpose cognitive skills and critical thinking strategies to unfamiliar texts on any subject, ... Read the Full Article

A Nursing Faculty's TRANSITION to Teaching Online

RedOrbit, TX
Most participants felt that the web-based environment is supportive of critical thinking. In courses where the bulk of the content is theory, they thought ... Read the Full Article

Thinking is the basis to building a future

Pacific Daily News, GU
Earlier, I presented the philosophy, which I also espouse, from the Foundation of Critical Thinking ( "The quality of everything ... Read the Full Article

CRITICAL-THINKING SKILLS Relentless Questioning Paves a Deeper Path

Washington Post, United States
By Valerie Strauss Jessica Mattson said she hears a lot about "critical thinking" from her English teachers at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda. ... Read the Full Article

Indecisive? Well, yes and no (subscription), ME
But after being exposed to new ways of critical thinking, many of Vaught's students change their minds about a range of issues, from euthanasia to capital ... Read the Full Article

A Liberal Education Scorecard

RedOrbit, TX
And third, the LEAP skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving are represented as the core of integrative learning, ... Read the Full Article

A Different Take on Excellence

RedOrbit, TX
Recently, a colleague told me that one of the accrediting commissions had considered whether teams should look for evidence of students' critical thinking ... Read the Full Article

Impact of Media on Learning, Bulgaria
It also helps to develop critical thinking skills. The students can get a vast exposure to the pop-cultural references. They can get statistics and data ... Read the Full Article

Learn to think better, imagine for the future

Pacific Daily News, GU
Hurson's "productive thinking" comprises critical thinking -- probing, to understand; comparing, to determine options; and selecting the best; and creative ... Read the Full Article

Enabling 21st Century learning, United Arab Emirates
... in the classroom and promote 21st century learning, including such skills as digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. ... Read the Full Article

What do we do with our education?

MorungExpress, India
By emphasizing that the sole purpose of education is to earn one’s livelihood, critical thinking to evaluate the policies and plans of governments and other ... Read the Full Article

Improve critical skills through gaming

TechRepublic, KY
Besides being able to communicate, a manager/leader must have critical thinking skills. One way to improve these skills is through logic problems/puzzles. ... Read the Full Article

The Road Remains Ignored

Arab News, Saudi Arabia
“Education systems do not support adequately the development by girls and boys of analytical skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and ... Read the Full Article

Tanzania: Intellectual and Social Responsibility in Scholarship ..., Washington
He argues that "corporatisation of the university is part of the neoliberal ideological attack on critical thinking, on intellectuals who would 'Speak Truth ... Read the Full Article

Namibia: Let's Change How We Teach Writing, Washington
Sometimes the interaction between the writer and the emerging text leads to more idea-generation, creativity and critical thinking (Lunsford & Connor, ... Read the Full Article

Intellectuals fail in times of crisis

Business Daily Africa, Kenya
The history books used in our schools do not even pretend to invite critical thinking or to raise basic questions about historical memory, actions, ... Read the Full Article

Educators say getting children involved in the democratic process ...

 Salt Lake Tribune, United States
... but an important part of developing critical-thinking skills that will help them discern propaganda from fact, refine expression of their opinions and ... Read the Full Article

In the Classroom of the Critical Mind

The GC Advocate, NY 
“Only dialogue, which requires critical thinking, is capable of generating critical thinking. Without dialogue, there is no communication, ... Read the Full Article

Mission for Truth: Critical Thinking

American Chronicle, CA 
Critical thinking involves making decisions on facts and sound criteria, distinguishing between fact and opinion; asking questions; making detailed ... Read the Full Article

Duty. Honor. Country. Civic Responsibility.

Family Security Matters, NJ 
... only peppered with honesty is because our education system has failed on so many levels that critical thinking skills in the United States are abysmal. ... Read the Full Article