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May 2009

Teacher seeks out new ways to present lessons

Tuscaloosa News (subscription)
This program offers a unique curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, original research and the opportunity for community service. ... Read the Full Article

Denying AIDS - A book by Seth Kalichman

To sum up, this is a well-written engaging book that should serve as a resource for anyone interested in critical thinking, and just as a fascinating story ... Read the Full Article

The reality of higher education subsidies

Jakarta Post
... participation in secondary education. The writer is the Executive Director of the Association for Critical Thinking. This article is his personal opinion. Read the Full Article

"Our Schools Suck": A Book Review

The Daily Voice
107] Standardized tests are deemed "important," but the pursuit of intellectual freedom, critical thinking, and independent reasoning can be grounds for ... Read the Full Article

POINT OF VIEW/ Joel Assogba: We must teach our kids to welcome ...

Asahi Shimbun
Critical thinking is when we strive to understand issues through examining and questioning. Young children can begin to develop these skills, to know when a ... Read the Full Article

Making war on multiple-choice

Daily Tar Heel
They don't encourage creative problem solving and critical thinking. For an education to be worth the money, students need to receive a product they can't ... Read the Full Article

The high cost of high stakes testing

Denver Post
For starters, critical thinking skills aren't accurately measured by paper and pencil tests alone. We need to reconsider the consequences of squeezing out ... Read the Full Article

Bigotry: Our take on Rex Annan's “The Paradox Of Civilisation”

Ghana News
... to depend on toiling the land to make a living; where opportunities, freedom of movement and thought, critical thinking and such, are cherished ideals. ... Read the Full Article

55 Years Later, Media Reflect Failure of Brown v. Board of Ed ...
Educators bemoaned students' lack of critical thinking skills, poor command of basic grammar and ignorance about current events. ... Read the Full Article

Renewing General Education

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
Pieties about critical thinking are not sufficient. We owe it to ourselves, to our students, and to the parents, to be clear about our teaching and learning ... Read the Full Article

Teachers also educate about the real world

Clovis News Journal
Which of your educators taught you critical thinking skills? I remember something said to me by Doug Cook, the science teacher with whom I worked at ... Read the Full Article

Education is key to humanist view

Express & Echo
Encouraging curiosity and critical thinking could be hampered in a faith school. Devon Humanists are affiliated to the British Humanist Association which ... Read the Full Article

The school system is not broken

Ottawa Citizen
... Pseudoscience, and Critical Thinking, Create Your Own Company and Conquer the World and a timely course on Obamamania and many more. ... Read the Full Article

Some Words on Method

People are taught to separate critical thinking and spiritual experiences as a matter of principle. And this is detrimental to a genuine understanding of ... Read the Full Article

Not Enough Time in the Library

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
Would professors assume that students possess the critical-thinking skills necessary to make sense of an early-17th-century document related to the Plymouth ... Read the Full Article

In Defense of the English Major

Bi-College News
... that reduces the English major to the accruement of “problem-solving skills” and “analytical abilities” and “critical thinking and writing techniques. ... Read the Full Article

Teacher quality focus of spending

Knoxville News Sentinel
... AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) that would teach them critical thinking strategies, note-taking and provide tutorials twice a week. ... Read the Full Article

Looking to Entrepreneurship Education During the Economic Crisis

Huffington Post
... fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity. ... Read the Full Article

Commentary | Don't get mad — get educated

Kansas City Star
These people had the intellect, training and education to adjust to constantly changing circumstances through problem solving, critical thinking and ... Read the Full Article

Teaching Teachers

Forget about learning and understanding, creativity, ingenuity or critical thinking. Get the paper to get the money. So those who are rewarded for their ... Read the Full Article

Social problems rooted in education

Centre Daily Times
... of inquiry into our schooling history is perhaps a measure of the power of schooling, itself, to expunge curiosity, critical thinking and self respect. ... Read the Full Article

Alvin Singh: The importance of telling the story of public education

Georgia Straight
How does one quantify hard work, artistic ability, or critical thinking? How does one put a value on tolerance, respect for differences and equity? ... Read the Full Article

Yes, there is fraud in the academia world

DeSoto Times Today
Employers report that many college graduates lack the basic skills of critical thinking, writing and problem-solving. The bottom line: To approach truth in ... Read the Full Article

14 Education Entrepreneurs that Are Making a Difference

Center For American Progress
Beginning in the early grades, Ascend students steadily build a strong foundation of learning habits, critical thinking skills, and knowledge; ... Read the Full Article

Mind spa: This is your brain on exercise

Mail Tribune
... one room are computer stations with programs that call on a host of cognitive skills, like memory, computation, decision-making and critical thinking. ... Read the Full Article

Controversial education legislation draws further protests

Metro Canada - Calgary
The classroom is where many kids are exposed to new ideas, learn to listen respectfully and develop critical thinking skills. Dan Shapiro, a researcher with ... Read the Full Article

Birchwood School has earned a reputation as the best little ...

The Plain Dealer -
Eastern traditions contribute a strong emphasis on fundamentals, while the West favors critical thinking and creativity, he said. ... Read the Full Article

Mozah defends press freedom

Gulf Times
“We cannot be interested in achieving the principle of education for everyone, raising its quality and supporting critical thinking and analytical research ... Read the Full Article

Your views: All about education

Florida Today
I want them to be competent with subject matter and to improve their critical-thinking abilities. There is much useless testing done in the public schools, ... Read the Full Article

Critical thinking seeks tools to make sense of all that information

Lake Elmo Leader
So think the adherents to the Stillwater Critical Thinking Club, members of whom gather once a month in the FamilyMeans building on Northwestern Avenue in ... Read the Full Article