Certification Course: Spring 2024

This course is for those who have completed the prerequisites to Certification in the Paul-Elder Approach and are ready to complete their certification training.


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Certification Course: Spring 2024

The Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking is the most integrated approach to critical thinking in the world, and is based in the natural languages we speak every day. Our approach – also referred to as the Paulian Approach to Critical Thinking – offers a developed language for critical thinking and a conceptual framework that can be incorporated into the core of teaching and learning at all levels; it is directly relevant to skilled reasoning in every domain of human life. We advance a fairminded, robust conception of critical thinking across education and society

Internalization of critical thinking concepts and principles occurs over many years of study, but through this intensive training program in critical thinking, facilitators can learn the foundations at a level that enables them to reliably teach the foundational tools, concepts, and principles to those who are new to a disciplined, explicit, robust approach to critical thinking.