Online Critical Thinking Basic Concepts Test

How Is the Test Packaged and Licensed?
This test is sold on a per-student basis, not per test. Each student may take the test up to 8 times over 4 years. We believe that this test is a valuable assessment, learning, and development tool when taken multiple times. Online test results are analyzed and compared over time to show one's progress in understanding core concepts of critical thinking, and to assist in the development of that understanding.  We suggest a testing schedule of 2 to 4 times per year in a pre/post test format.

How to Purchase the Test
The test is licensed for Groups and Institutions starting with a minimum of 10 licenses per purchase. There is no setup fee for this test. An administrative account is automatically created upon purchase. Please note the total number of licenses purchased should include one license for the Administrator (e.g. if you have 50 students, you need to purchase 51 licenses in total - one for the Administrator, and 50 for the students.)

  • Purchase Outright (TEST001): Choose this option if you know the exact number of licenses you need. Volume discounts apply.

  • Open Billing (TEST001OB): Choose this option for larger groups where you do not know the exact number of licenses you need. The test may be licensed for up to the maximum number of students you specify. When you select 'Open Billing,' your account is created and you are immediately billed for 25% of the total number of licenses purchased. After these licenses have been distributed, we begin to bill monthly for the number of licenses used beyond the initial 25% (if any).

    With Open Billing, volume discounts apply, but must be qualfied for within six months of the initial purchase. If after six months, fewer licenses have been distributed than the volume discount threshold, the purchaser will be billed for the difference on the number of licenses already distributed.

    For example: If you purchase 80 licenses at a rate of $8.00 each, you will pay for 20 of them initially (25% of the total). You then have six months to distribute at least 25 licenses, which is the minimum number required for securing the $8.00-per-license rate. If you have distributed only 20 licenses at the end of six months, you will be billed $80.00 - the difference between buying 20 licenses at $8.00 each and buying them at the normal rate of $12.00.

License orders paid by credit card are activated immediately. Payment by other methods, such as purchase order or check,  will delay activation of the test account until payment is received by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.


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