CT700: How to Infuse Critical Thinking Into Your Instruction - Spring 2024

This course is for educators or trainers who are actively instructing students or trainees during the semester.

This course introduces a substantive conception of critical thinking and how to infuse this conception into your instruction. It fosters understanding of how to teach critical thinking skills to students through any subject or discipline, and at any level of instruction.

In this course, you will be introduced to the Elements of Reasoning, Universal Intellectual Standards, and Intellectual Traits through readings, discussions, and practical application activities. You will redesign lessons and strategies using the concepts and principles of critical thinking. You will practice strategies for Socratic discussions. You will help students learn to consciously use critical thinking concepts and strategies in learning and in their lives. You will redesign and teach lessons you develop for your own classes and receive credit for doing so!

While applying your mind in this course, you can expect to successfully:

  • deepen your understanding of the foundations of critical thinking;

  • demonstrate comprehension of the relationship between critical thinking and the learning of content in your discipline;

  • develop skills and abilities in placing fairminded critical thinking at the heart of teaching and learning, including explicitly emphasizing the development of Intellectual Virtues among your students;

  • design instruction that fosters explicit critical thinking throughout your course(s);

  • help your students learn the tools they need for developing as ethical critical thinkers;

  • come to understand the role that native pathologies of human thought play in impeding intellectual development;

  • explicitly use the Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standards to create critical thinking lessons in your subject area(s);

  • help students cultivate their ability to think within key concepts in your subject(s) and discipline(s); and

  • create lessons and assessment processes that dovetail with fostering critical thinking at every moment of teaching and learning.