Putting it All Together

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Full Title: Putting it All Together: Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Problem Solving, Communicating, Mastering Content (Judge)
Video Series: How to Teach Video Series
Author: Richard W. Paul
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Length of tape: 58 minutes
Format: VHS or DVD

Price: $29.95 for this 1 hour tape/dvd or
$169.95 for the How to Teach Video Series of 9 tapes/dvds


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Putting it All Together (Judge DVD)

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Putting it All Together

When education is fragmented into parts that appear to students and teachers alike as dissociated, little of quality is done, few of the deep, long-term ends of education are well served. Reasoning, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, communication, mastering content — these are not unrelated dimensions of quality education. They are six deeply interwoven, deeply interdependent processes, fostered by the same modes of teaching. In this tape, Richard Paul demonstrates their intimate inter-connections, relating them to particular teaching processes and strategies.